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    1. My first reaction was “Really!?! speed dating??? Really????”
      Then I did an eye roll and face palm πŸ˜‰

    1. That was my first reaction. :mrgreen: My second reaction was that my kid’s very fundy friend who plans to attend would have a fit over this. OMG Buffy they used the word date.

    2. The one dude’s hair was way too long according to hair rules when i was there!!!

      1. If you’re referring to the last kid on the video, I can almost guarantee you it’s because of the society he’s in… take a guess. πŸ™„

  1. Good grief! “Something else on their mind” right as the chick bends over??????

    1. Oh, good. I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. I was a bit worried about me.

      1. I hadn’t noticed that….but now I ma going to go back and watch it to catch it. Is there soemthing wrong with ME? LOL 😯

    2. I just about HOWLED when they did that! Something else on their mind, indeed!

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m just baffled how stuff like this gets by the censors, when my George Winston piano music didn’t.

  2. Can I be a bit snarky? We know this isn’t HAC because if it were the girls would be grinning gamely in the background and the guys would be doing all the talking.

  3. The video has more outline than filler, more sentences talking ABOUT it than actual content, IMO. At the end, she says, “There’s plenty of opportunities to date on campus”, but I didn’t really see several. You can get set up for a dating outing, you can meet at work, you can do speed-dating (which doesn’t appear to be very common), or go to the coffee shop. I just don’t think she proved her topic.

    1. I felt exactly the same way as it ended. “Plenty of opportunities to date” with no mention of meals at the DC, or games, or the weird guy next to you in math 101 wanting to go on a date, or ‘reverse curse’ white glove weekend . . .

    2. Well, also it sort of sounded like the couple who worked together were being punished for wanting to date… What did the school think they would accomplish making them not communicate for two months anyway? That was something I couldn’t figure out about Baptist Bible college. The men and women couldn’t even TALK to each other all week, then come Friday, it was DATE NIGHT and people went all kinds of crazy.

        1. i know this guy personally. the reason they had to wait a couple months is due to a rule within their department (public safety). no one that works public safety is allowed to date within the department. his girlfriend (fiancΓ©e?) switched to the snack shop for the next semester, if i recall.

        2. So why could they not speak for 2 months? did they continue to work together?

        3. If they have that policy they need to be able to transfer people quicker. It sounded like socialed, but even if it’s not, that’s totally crazy to claim you can’t transfer someone till next semester, if you really can’t, then you shouldn’t be able to have that rule.

        1. Only certain departments. Public Safety is one of those because they have all-night duty occasionally. This isn’t the case for most departments. BTW, that guy in the video who was on public safety was expelled my last semester there…he must have returned, judging by the date of this video.

  4. Do they offer a degree in speed dating? It might be as useful as any of their other degrees.

    And really, shouldn’t it be called speed courting? And where are those girl’s fathers in this process?

    1. The whole courtship/patriarchy/wear-dowdy-clothes-to-be-holy group is usually seen to be as extreme by BJUers. After all, we have drama and an art gallery! We’re cultured at BJU! Compared to some of the groups out there, BJU doesn’t seem extreme at all – and then you realize their stand on music and fellowshipping with other Christians and suddenly BJU doesn’t look quite so normal! (I’m basing this on when I was there some time ago. Now I’ve heard over 40% of the student body were homeschooled so the courtship/patriarchy crowd may have become more common there.)

        1. haha my parents actually view bju as liberal. i think cuz they are not kjv only or somethin idk

    2. BJU actually looks down on the “courtship” thing. As strange as it may seem; most BJ people actually blend into society better than HAC and PCC people.

        1. I know a BJ grad, but she’s older than I am. She was more balanced that I expected when I met her.

      1. in some cases BJ people are taught to blend better…you dress “this way” for BJU casual events. “another way” for BJU formal events. Then there is the third way for non-BJU stuff. At BJ it is ok for women to play sports but just not ok for men to watch them. Also BJU tries harder to be “hip”, and you have to admit this video is much better than some of the stuff we have seen out of some other fundy u’s. I think the student editor knew exactly what he was doing with the shot of the girl bending over. Being a rebel at BJU can be loads of fun…and practical too!

      2. I know a PCC grad who was obviously so scarred by his experience that he had to start website ridiculing all the things about fundamentalism he doesn’t agree with.

        1. And I know another who was so incensed that someone might express an opinion differing from his own that he trolled commenters on that website with obnoxious quips and barbed statements that clearly reveal his love for Christ.

        2. @Mark Thomas, I really appreciate your assessment of my spiritual condition. How is that my comments are considered obnoxious and barbed when I express my view point, but the obnoxious and barbed comments about fundamentalism are okay? In fact, your comment was particularly barbed as well. Is this an example of your love for Jesus?

        3. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, Jonathan. Shouldn’t you be informing me that you’re praying for me about now?

        4. Again I’m accused of being a troll because my viewpoint doesn’t match up with the groupthink. I would think that such an open-minded group would be able to come up with something more original than constantly labeling dissenters as “trolls”. Maybe I’m expecting too much.

        5. @Scorpio, there were people taking shots at individuals who attended BJU, saying that they were unable to fit in in society. I made my comment to show that there are individuals (one in particular) who obviously had such a difficult time at his “Fundy U” that he has to create a website to deal with his “pain and suffering” and to help others recover as well.

          Now, your turn. How does calling me a troll add to the conversation and topic?

        6. @Jonathan, I’m really not sure where you’re reading what you think you’re reading. You said, “There were people taking shots at individuals who attended BJU, saying that they were unable to fit in in society”, but in the comment thread to which you responded, one person said, “Most BJ people actually blend into society better than HAC and PCC people.” Loren said, “Not the BJU people I know.”
          HoHo said he fit in and later on the thread said that most BJ students are normal. Susan said that the BJ grad she knew was more balanced than she expected. Sonofafundypreacher said that BJ tries to teach people to blend better.

          So with the exception of Loren (who was simply relating his personal experience) in the particular list of comments under which you responded, no one was taking pot shots at BJU grads.

        7. As I’ve said before, Jonathan hallucinates that other people have said things and then vehemently responds to his own imagination.

          It’s really not worth the time to engage someone who can’t even be honest about what people are saying.

        8. PW, don’t waste the effort to reason with the guy. He’s not *really* here for the discussion, he’s just got a bone to pick, and you’re all the targets.

          Pity I play his game better than he does. 😎

    3. Surely you don’t mean that. My son is a graduate, and then went on to do a Masters at Ohio State and will get his M.D. next year. My son-in-law is a graduate, and he has a MBA from Clemson and is a CPA. My daughter is a graduate, and she has a MSN and is a professor at a Nursing College. Another son-in-law is a graduate, and he has a MFA and teaches at a Technical Institute. Let’s be fair.

      1. Seriously? They all got an undergrad from BJ and were able to get in to those universities? Most of us can’t get other universities to admit us for higher education because of the crappy accreditation at BJ. I’m glad your kids were able to use there degrees and get in to those schools. I just wish that were the case with everyone…

  5. I think the cameraperson needs to have his fundy cred checked…the angles on some of these shots is sketchy at best! Case in point – the girl in melon colored skirt playing ping pong – did camera really need to be focused THERE? Also, the camera angle going up under the table @ the speed dating event – really, you need to shoot a pic of the couple from on the floor when a girl has a skirt on?? Pretty funny though – hope they don’t have a scene like the speed dating one in Hitch!

  6. I’m guessing it’s just a birthmark, but how many times do you suppose the guy at :40 has been questioned about his hicky?

  7. I wonder what the stats are on graduate jobs. Do the woman marry and have kids and become a home wife and the men go work in ministry? (I say this cause it’s what my sister in law did.)

    If so…. most expensive dating site ever.

    1. Of all the female BJU grads that I know (which is quite a few, including myself) I don’t know a single one that got married and then stayed home full time. Not. One.

        1. Well, some people aren’t that ambitious. I’m a guy, and I only plan to work as much as is necessary to support my family. My girlfriend plans to quit work once I graduate and we get married. Her idea to begin with. Family is more important than career. I have nothing to say against those who choose to pursue their ambitions, but there are some of us that pretty much have none apart from finding love and having a family πŸ™‚

  8. My favorite was by the girl and gjy on the bench.

    The girl – “Up, yep, gulp – that is the guy I am going to marry”

    The guy – “I thought she was a winner the first time I saw her”

    How can she admit this out loud and on camera only to have the guy say she is a winner….oh man πŸ˜€

    1. Is it just me, or did that guy look a bit surprised to find out he was getting married?

      1. My first thought is that if I date, the first girl I meet will want to marry me. Scary! Oh, and if I work with them and want to date them, I can’t talk to them. Uh, no thank you!

      2. It was freakin awkward, regardless of whether he “knew” before that moment or not.

    2. it’s amazing how all these 18-year-olds find their future spouse so early! couldn’t have anything to do with just wanting to have sex…

    3. I thought he was going to say “Untill she spoke…” or am I the only one who found her nausiatingly nasal?

  9. I know they are kind of using code to hide dating discipline, but did I hear them basically say they got socialed for dating someone at work, and telling their supervisors they were going to be dating?

    1. that was so odd. Why did it even make the cut of this video? I couldn’t tell if dating co workers is strictly forbidden or where they socialled for not saying something sooner. Should they individually come to the supervisor as soon as they noticed the other person was attractive?
      It seems like work is NOT a good place to meet the significant other. And isn’t isn’t significant other a worldly term to decribe unholy relationships?

    2. I was wondering if anyone else was going to mention that! It was my understanding that you couldn’t work on public safety with your boyfriend or girlfriend, because they felt there were too many opportunities to have sex, but why would you get socialed for being honest and telling your supervisors??? Even by Bob Jones logic that doesn’t make sense to me.

    3. There are plenty of places in the secular world where, if you start dating a coworker, they want you to tell your supervisor immediately and then they separate you so that you don’t work together, especially if one supervises the other. I think that’s where this may be coming from.

      1. Yes it sort of sounded like that but I know Fundy U, and when they said they couldn’t speak for months, they meant they were socialed, not that they couldn’t work together anymore.

      2. Yeah no, they were definitely socialed. They said they couldn’t talk at all. That’s what socialed is. And then they said it was “really hard.” The BJU campus is quite small. If you were only separated at work, it would hardly separate you as a couple.

        1. See comment above. They were not socialed. They just couldn’t date until one of them got a job elsewhere.

        2. Actually, this video was done this year (as evidenced by the newly-installed “Welcome Center” sign on the Student Center breezeway column). The students are unlikely to have been “socialed,” as the U got rid of that discipline a couple years ago. I’m guessing that they just couldn’t be seen dating/socializing without one of them having to quit their jobs, and for whatever reason that wasn’t an option (probably because it’s hard/difficult to get a new student work position mid-year).

    4. they work for public safety, which didn’t used to allow dating within the department.

  10. Wow. Considering what dating looks like on non-Fundy college campuses, that’s pathetic.

  11. oh wow… I know some of those people…. =P The sad thing is that many, MANY students go to BJU specifically to find a mate… and most will settle for just about anyone. Which means that even the creepiest of dudes can find someone to marry right after graduation, as long as they believe CCM is bad. *gag*

  12. Thanks for the comic relief. I even recognized one of the kids who talked on camera….

  13. I’m not sure how the person missed how funny and disturbing the shot of people staring into the snack shop would be. I lost it when I saw that frame. I mean seriously you have a bunch of people doing a normal speed date and you have every inch of window covered with people in what amounts to voyeurism. Only at BJU would they completely miss how messed up that is.

    1. That weirded me out, too! There is NO WAY I would speed date under those circumstances!! Not that I would speed date anyways, but especially not with an audience!!!

    2. Yeah, when I saw that, I thought ‘ok, that’s just seriously creepy’. The people watching outside probably aren’t there to support everyone like she seems to think they are, they’re probably there just to have a good snigger. :mrgreen:

  14. everyone, girls and guys, are so incredibly dull looking. These people have the mojo of a beached sea mammal. Sameness…..everywhere…So young too, what a waste.

  15. I lived near Harding University growing up and, to the person who said that about attending BJU specifically to get married, I had friends that would make fun of people who didn’t get married while attending. Like they must be gay.

    1. It’s a student project. She’s not used to being in front of a camera. Look at the way she bounces her head to emphasize her syllables.

      1. It’s an “InFocus” story — a “human interest” segment on the campus news broadcast put together by the radio/television students.

  16. Why have all the BJU girls I’ve ever met sound like this girl? They’ve all got the same speech patterns and mannerisms. I’m not picking on any BJU grads here, but it’s something I’ve noticed.

    1. It just sounds like cliched “broadcaster” voice, the kind that The Daily Show makes fun of unmercilessly.

      1. Also, I think its a slightly more sophisticated version of “church voice.” I’m not even going to explain church voice, if you’ve been in the IFB you knw what I am talking about. The speech, even one on one, is velvety and artificial.

  17. So do BJU students believe that a date or spouse complete them? I’m not even sure how to respond to that. 😯

    1. That seems to have george all flusterpated. You can’t use the term “Whoopee” when you are talking about “dating.”

      Heaven knows that (whoopee) is all that goes on when people start dating. First, it’s visual fornication and we know the slippery slope that leads to. Then there is hand holding and it’s the fast track to hell on the Hedonism express from Pleasantville from there for sure!
      Next thing you know people start walking around in color and trees spontaneously burst into flame… 😯

  18. When I went there, there was actually quite a bit of pressure to be dating someone… Thankfully, I didn’t cave πŸ™‚

  19. Of all those commenting, I’m curious as to how many actually WENT to BJU? And lest you question by bona fides: A) yes, I graduated from there (in three years, thank you very much) and B) yes, I got 150 demerits one semester for doing something stupid (and sat in Tony Miller’s office and fed him the line about not be faithful in my devotions when he kept probing why I did what I did)

    For all of the seeming wierdos at BJU, the majority of students there are actually pretty normal, believe it or not (after all, stufffundieslike.com wouldn’t be nearly as interesting or fun if all we saw were the normal ones!). And like most college students at ANY institution, they still have some growing up to do (whether they fully realize it or not).

    1. I went; graduated in 4 years; had 8 demerits total in those 4 years. I would have to respectfully disagree with you. I didn’t find most people normal.

    2. I went there. I tried being a rebel and then I tried really hard to be a bojo and in both personas I thought that that place was crawling with weirdos.

    3. Was there for 3 very long semesters. Never got a single demerit except 2 that I got repealed. Yes, there are “normal” people there, but they are NOT the majority IMHO. And from my experience, the number of “normal” people dwindles very quickly because they either transfer, get kicked out, or slowly conform to the system. I had “normal” friends that fit into each category. πŸ˜• And this is all very recent. I was there in 08 and 09. 😐

    4. Been there, done that, got the degree in 7 semesters WITH the MRS degree complete in only 5! (Yep…got married with a year to go, but the MR and I both finished our “real” degrees before our first wedding anniversary.) Never got any demerits until I was a married town student, at which point I was almost socialled. (Bwahahahaha!) To add to the cred…I lived in Gaston. Mz. White was our dorm sup. I never made APC–CLEARLY wasn’t holy enough. Did I miss anything?

    5. 4 years as an undergrad, 2 years in grad school. I thought BJU was much more mainstream than my home (where my parents hadn’t allowed me to wear makeup). Most students seemed pretty sharp to me, and much more “normal” than I felt I was. I WANTED to be normal, but had been so sheltered that I felt pretty awkward socially.

      1. Same here, PW. My home life was about as restrictive as BJ, but I had also attended Gothard seminars and had a lot of those ideas when I first came. Cosmetology, for example, struck me as being borderline worldly. My mom was raised in an extremely strict, old New England home, and for her BJU was the first place where she actually felt some freedom. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    6. Yes, the students still have growing up to do. One of my biggest problems with BJU, is that the school doesn’t really let its students grow up. They are so concerned with keeping as many props as possible around each student and emphasizing that “no we don’t trust you: we don’t even trust ourselves” that students aren’t able to learn much real responsibility and aren’t able to make mistakes without being attacked. And yes, I received 2 degrees from BJU and was on faculty for several years. And there aren’t nearly as many normal people there as you want to imagine. They don’t have much of a chance to be normal.

    7. Went there four years, got my degree, got married that afternoon. I have had around 20 close and extended relatives attend the school/work on faculty or staff. Most of us are “normal”, if you want to use that term. None of us have had any problems working in the real world.

    8. For all those comments about “normal” normal is just a setting on your dryer.

    9. I went for 6 years (BA, MA). You are right, most students there are pretty normal. But, this video perpetuates the idea that a Christian _needs_ someone to complete them–this is what is disturbing. A Christian _needs_ Christ, not someone to date. This kind of attitude is what causes grief when the student is single and divorces after graduation *if* students do get married.

      1. That was so well said, Katherine!!! An unstated but still prevalent expectation that one NEEDS a spouse to be complete is another example of unbiblical teaching that creeps into churches/colleges that think they’re the most biblical of all. Thank you for the reminder that all we need is Christ!

      2. Thank you! As a believer who is single and works in a secular job (double whammy), I get really tired of the subtle and not so subtle suggestion by other believers that I am a sub par Christian. It’s Christ I need to be complete, not a spouse, thankyouverymuch.

    10. I went there for 4 years and graduated. I conformed outwardly while being totally rebellious inwardly. All the rules did was cause me to hide my real self. My future wife and I dated while there, but she was a towny, and therefore, we were able to have a almost normal dating relationship. However, when we got married, she still had no idea who I really was, and it took a lot of growing up, counseling, and marital problems before we got some of the baggage worked out.

    11. I was there for 4yrs. I’m not gonna say how many were normal, but you could find every type there is hiding out there. πŸ˜† I def haven’t had any problem working at non-fundy places and most people I meet are surprise that I went to BJU.

    12. Went for 3.5 years, but had to leave right before my last semester cuz I got pregnant. Thus, I was banned from the school for a year (note: I did not get expelled, left of my own volition) even though my brother was there. Even when my now husband, daughter and I went back to see my brother, we had to go through an extensive interview on our “spiritual condition” before we were allowed on campus. Absolutely ridiculous.

  20. I have an honest question here, as I know little about Fundy universities outside of what I learn from SFL. Why did the 2nd couple have to:

    1. Run it by their supervisors that they are choosing to date?

    2. Why was there a communication embargo put in place and by whom?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. I don’t know the *true* answer to either of your questions (like you, the “communication embargo” did seem a bit odd to me too).

      However, as far as your question #1, I didn’t gather that they had to “run it by their supervisors” in the sense of asking permission, but rather in the sense of informing them in general. And many companies (that have nothing to do with BJU or Fundy-ness!) have HR policies re dating – just google “workplace romance” or “workplace dating policy”.

    2. Any interaction between the sexes is considered a date. Work would be interaction, therefore a date. There were weekly time limits for dating. If you worked with someone you were dating you were getting free date time and being paid. At BJU that was very bad juju.

      1. Actually, there are no time limits for dating. That’s Ambassador. They were on Public Safety, which is a department on campus that doesn’t allow dating co-workers because of their all-night duties.

    3. When I was at the Bob, people who worked together on public safety were not allowed to date. I am not aware of this being a problem other places, like the snack shop, but if you were a public safety person you couldn’t be dating a coworker (they were afraid you’d have sex b/c the public safety people had access to keys and were working a lot late at night when most people were sleeping.) I am assuming they got socialed because of that … but ???

    4. As stated above, I think they had to tell their supervisor that they were dating so that they wouldn’t be working together. And I’m guessing that when they said they weren’t allowed to communicate, they meant with each other, on the job. I did not take it that they were socialed.

  21. There was a song to the tune of California Girls in the early 90’s making it’s rounds around PCC called “Pensacola Girls”. Can’t remember the lyrics now, but it was about how PCC girls are far superior to BJ Girls. I think it was mainly because of our tans.

    1. I wrote this last year for another SFL post. Not the version you were asking about, but thought you still might enjoy it.

      Well PCC girls are really nice
      I enjoy the culottes they wear..
      And the BoJo girls with all their hose,
      They impress me when I preach there.

      The man-o-gawd’s daughters really make you feel all right,
      I would’ve spent more time with them
      but they go on prison extensions at night.

      I wish they all could be fundamental
      I wish they all could be fundamental
      I wish they all could be fundamental girls….

      The bible college has the spirit
      and the girls all get so pure
      I like a gentle helpmeat,
      like clones lined up in the pews.

      I’ve seen all the knowledge in the world
      and I’ve seen all kinds of sin
      but I couldn’t wait to get back to Fundy U,
      Back to the most sheltered girls in the world.

      I wish they all could be fundamental
      I wish they all could be fundamental
      I wish they all could be fundamental girls….

      (Doesn’t rhyme exactly, but neither does the original song. :mrgreen: )

    1. “You complete me”. So does that imply that Christ and Paul were “incomplete”?

  22. Maybe I should have gone to BJU. In my entire time at WCBC I couldn’t find a wife, much less a girl to go out with me. πŸ˜₯

    1. I managed some dating at BJU but no wife. As I’ve mentioned before, was never asked out on a girl’s dating outing either. Glad not to have married there, as I’d probably still be stuck in fundyism, but still proudly bitter about not having been asked out. Haven’t been to a reunion yet, but am tempted to try to make the next one, just to show my female classmates what they missed out on. πŸ˜‰

    2. What about Trinity, Jason? Shoot, if you were a dorm student, like I was, everyone was trying to find someone to date.

      I had exactly… let’s see… one, two…three… four. Yep, four guys that I dated in just my freshman year, although not at the same time, mind you… ha ha πŸ˜‰ Now, I was a good girl and wasn’t shagging in the chapel like some of them.

      But, PLEASE PLEASE let me add, just in case it I sound like I’m bragging. I’m not, nor would I ever consider myself a looker.

      I’m just saying that dating was a really big sport at TBC. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  23. I really want to mock this on my wall, but I have Facebook friends who are in this video…

  24. Let’s keep in mind that this is just a quick class project for a class. It hardly merits the bevy of unitelligent posts above.

    1. “sex is not the reason or even a reason for any of these couples to want to get married”

      Well it certainly should be _one_ of the reasons! It’s awesome!

    2. Joln, you are right that there a bunch of really nit-picking, silly comments about this video. Saying that girls are chewing gum because of their sexual frustration–I mean really! But your reaction is not kind or Christ-like either.

      Darrell: ditto!!!! 😎

      Also, sometimes dating at Fundy U really *does* work. My hubby and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary today.

      1. Another happy married couple who found each other at Fundy U (and wouldn’t have found each other anywhere else). :mrgreen:

        Dating for us was strained in another way – as a GA and an undergrad, we could only date in the social parlor or to events we both had to attend (church, Artist Series, banquets, etc.) No snack shop, no sitting on the grass during Bible Conference. However, we could date off campus as much as we liked and without a chaperone. (Kept looking and looking for those undergrad men’s dating rules and couldn’t find them! Everything is centered around the girl at Fundy U!) πŸ˜•

    3. SFL: accusing others of being unbiblical while being rude and insulting themselves. Mote and beam, anyone?

  25. Ok, so while I don’t like what Joln said and I definitely don’t think his response was right, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. (I know some of the people in this video and I have my ideas as to who this was.) Most of the comments making fun of this video are pretty harsh. He is probably just speaking out of frustration. I mean think about it; if you were the brunt of these comments would you not be upset or very offended as well?

    Joln’s response was not kind indeed and I like your response, pastor’s wife. But Ephesians does say, “Be kind to one another forgiving one another.” While his comment was not nice, neither are any of your comments on here.

    I am no fundy. That is for sure! Not anywhere close to it! There is no way in this world I could put up with half the crap they give. I grew up in a fundy family and I could never grasp the concepts of some of the stuff they taught. It didn’t make sense to me. But being mean and making snide comments, poking fun at others is even something that I as a non-fundy still believe is wrong.

    On one last note, I want to repeat what the ellipses guy said above:

    “Let’s keep in mind that this is just a quick class project for a class. It hardly merits the bevy of unintelligent posts above.”

    1. “…But being mean and making snide comments, poking fun at others is even something that I as a non-fundy still believe is wrong.”

      You might want to stay away from the internet and blogs then. You will find a whole lot of “wrong”. :mrgreen:

  26. When I was at BJU I found that guy that I thought would complete me. He lived down the hall and was in the Marine reserves. Hot. Hot. Hot.

  27. um…this video almost made me barf in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!! thanks darrell! i feel sorry for those college kids…

  28. As a bju grad I have to say…. Totally hilarious! Makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure, just like when I was a student πŸ™‚

  29. “Glory be to the father,
    and to his son,
    and to Bob Jones the Third.
    As it was in the beginning,
    ’tis now and ever shall be.
    Rules without end, Amen, amen.”

    BJU survivor Class of ’94

  30. Man alive! BJU is the eharmony of Colleges and Universities. But what’s their success rate?

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