Answering Their Critics: Jack Schaap Responds to 20/20

Schapp responds to the 20/20 story with typical graciousness…

Note: since the original video was removed due to copyright claim, this is a re-upload by yours truly

Note2: Now Hammond has launched a copyright claim against my videos on two different hosts even though they are clearly fair use. Stand by…

(I know I just did a Schaap video today but this is hot off the press so I wanted to get it up now instead of waiting)

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  1. Darrell! Wow- my husband and I just stumbled into your website, and we were laughing and reading and laughing and reading, and then suddenly I saw this video clip and it hit me- this name “Darrell” is YOU!

    If you read this, (I know there are quite a lot of comments here) it’s great. And I’m thrilled you like tom in the box too. 😀

  2. Post the videos to the Torrent sites. They can’t be removed that way.

    Keep in mind that copyright originally came into existence as a way to censor what was being published.

  3. I am a Hyles anderson attendee…wife is a graduate….and we are mortified….cannot believe that people could behave this way, God is real, the Bible is real these shmucks…we are not so sure

  4. 👿 I am a Hyles anderson attendee…wife is a graduate….and we are mortified….cannot believe that people could behave this way, God is real, the Bible is real these shmucks…we are not so sure

  5. I think that u are taking what jack schaap is saying out of context… I have heard a bunch of his sermons… And I believe he is def a good fundamental preacher….alot of my good friends went to hyles Anderson and are great men of god…..

  6. I don’t need to hear what Jackoff Schaap said. I attended HAC for a mere 90 days during the spring quarter of 1992. I was a bus driver and, between Randy Tewell and the pukes at HAC, I don’t know who is worse. I felt sorry for the guys on the bus that were doing a good job, but according to those clowns, it wasn’t good enough. Anyone know where Tewell is, I’d like to deck him! He ain’t no “man of God” — just a sissy.

  7. Gosh, if he refuses to learn theology from a woman, I guess that means he’s never read the Magnificat. Even though it’s in the Bible.

    But then, it doesn’t count, because Mary was just the disposable wrapper Jesus came in.

    BTW, found this site via a link from another site. Am finding it endlessly fascinating and very funny. I am a Cradle Catholic, but I live in the Bible Belt, so I am *somewhat* familiar with the stuff y’all are talking about. I actually know a really great guy who went to BJU, but I get the impression he’s grown beyond BJU, if you know what I mean. 🙂 He even claims Catholics are Christians!

    1. Surley you can do better than that?! Why that is not even a good drive by insult. Fundie-typical but it lacks panache, verve, style!

    2. Someone thinks about the gays a little bit too much I think. Not sure where you came up with that on this post, unless there’s a little obsession going on?

  8. Nobody ever would ever confuse him with Moses, the meekest man who ever lived. It’s amazing how prescient the criticism of this clown was in hindsight. Anyone hear what Brother Doctor Schaap is doing currently? You know, other than time.

    1. About all I know is that he’s in prison. I don’t know what his daily routing is now, but it’s probably safe to say he won’t be slapping any Grandmas for a while.

      1. Technically, he’s not in prison. He’s in jail awaiting sentencing. Sentencing takes place in January, 2013. Ten years is the most common number I’ve heard thrown around.

  9. This sermon excerpt seems even more piquant now that Schaap is serving a 12-year federal prison term for (what amounts to) statutory rape.

    Two thoughts come to mind:

    Inside the penitentiary, do you think Schaap is still yelling at the top of his lungs about what a tough guy he is, and how he’s not afraid of anybody?

    Does it not seem a little, well, rich, that in this sermon Schaap kept yelling about how he doesn’t owe anything to any woman? The same Jack Schaap who got his position as head pastor by marrying Pope Hyles’ daughter?

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