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  1. πŸ˜€ Now that that is out of the way, I’ve never understood why preacher rail against women wearing pants but laugh it up when a guy dresses up as a fat woman, complete with boobs and an ugly dress.

    1. I agree! The IFB school at which I taught had a rule that teachers could never wear pants outside their house, even on their own time, but during spirit week, a couple of the skits had guys dressed as girls; one guy was in a cheerleading outfit.

      You’d think their concern with avoiding all appearance of evil would extend to transvestitism, but I’ve finally realized that most fundies are pragmatists at heart and for some of them, if something is funny to them, it’s OK. Never mind hypocrisy, never mind inconsistency.

      1. they deny that the verse they use to support the no pants philosophy is in context of transvestism that they actually don’t apply it correctly in addition to applying it incorrectly.

      2. “IÒ€ℒve finally realized that most fundies are pragmatists at heart and for some of them, if something is funny to them, itÒ€ℒs OK. Never mind hypocrisy, never mind inconsistency.”

        Definitely have seen this before. In our Christmas skits they usually have oldies type rock, or the actors dance and what not.

        I don’t care. Except they preach against it the other 51 weeks of the year.

  2. Did he call them “faggots”? And what was the point of this crap I wonder? And why are the dudes who simulate the ball flying through the air dressed as Muslim women?

    1. I pretty sure he said “maggots.” Though, I know quite a few fundamentalists who use the term faggot and think nothing of it.

      1. There was a guy at my ex-IFB church who referred to homosexuals as “sodomites”… he was in the minority, but he didn’t stop calling them that until I got after him for it.

    2. Unfortunately I saw a skit that used that term, nazi symbols, slandered a pastor, I could go on but you get the picture.

    3. They’re not. Muslim women don’t wear white–it’s not opaque enough.

      But I couldn’t figure out why the sheets, at least until they simulated the ball flying through the air. And I wonder if I’m supposed to conclude that those guys can’t throw or catch a football?

  3. Bunch of rowdy guys– check
    Everyone dressed up in semi nice clothes– check
    wet hair– check
    slight boy stink– unconfirmed, but it looked like it.
    skit– check
    various games and activities availaible– check

    So this was camp, the question is where?

  4. YES!!!! I was wondering when a post on here would be from my fundy u! These guys are from Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, OK. I think that camp was in florida.

  5. Backwards caps: πŸ™„

    Muslim angels: 😯

    Man in shorts in sanctuary: 😯

    Audio: πŸ™

  6. The clipping on the sound system was the worst ever. Ouch!

    I always wondered why a church that preaches so hard against women wearing men’s clothes, and men wearing women’s clothes would not allow these kind of skits. I guess that the excuse “it’s just in fun” makes anything OK. Or perhaps the only thing that they are really against is women wearing pants, not men’s apparel… think about it; many men will give their suit coat to their wives to keep warm; if that isn’t women wearing men’s apparel, what is?

    The slow-motion acting wasn’t too bad

    1. Except for the girl who got one of the guys number. That was spot on and you could tell it wasn’t part of the “Skit”. So ya know someone had to give that boy a talkin’ to.

  7. I watched the whole thing waiting for the spiritual point at the end. Isn’t someone supposed to get saved at the end?

  8. I thought it was actually kind of cute, considering the target audience. Not bad. But what’s up with the people in the white sheets??? I thought at first they were impersonating the goal posts.

  9. And you know the girlfriends of these guys were SO proud of their men.

    “Oh, look at him, he’s so cute. Makes me want to hold his hand… Wait, does that make me a harlot?… I better not tell him. It may offend him. I’m SURE he’s NEVER thought of any kind of physical contact with me… Quick! Say a prayer!”

  10. Ok, I couldn’t watch the whole thing…I tried, I really did. Idiots. All of them. Now that I have kids, I’m so sad for the kids being brought up in that ridiculous world. Newsflash: Jesus wasn’t a moron.

  11. So…did ANYONE get the point of the skit? I have to admit the coordinated “slow mo” was executed ok. I’m just not sure it had a point? Maybe if one puts one’s faith in God, God’s angels will help you succeed in anything you desire…especially sports? I don’t know.

    1. Is THAT what the things in white were?

      I was afraid to ask. They looked like Aghganistanian women.

        1. Maybe It’s the football version of angels in the outfield.

          If I encountered this in a church, I would get up and leave. This makes no sense to me. Skits? Maybe If I spend more time on this site i’ll “get it.” weird…..

  12. I have no idea what’s going on in this. I mean… they’re playing football. Okay. Why? What’s the point?

    I’m so lost.

  13. MINUS FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where to begin??

    Yes he did say “faggots” but only in an IFB church can you use homophobic slurs and not get reprimanded for it. (Jack Hyles use to advocate the death of homosexuals in the pulpit and called them “Queers”)

    Really? A slow motion football skit in slow motion set to the theme from “Chariots of Fire”. Wait there’s DRUMS in that song! A big no no in IFB world.

    I’m confused on the “Muslims” or are they suppose to be “Angels”. Is this skit trying to rectify that Muslims can help you make great catches on a football field?

    The guy in the cheerleader outfit getting pie faced was about the only good thing about this skit.

    One dude stops to give his phone number to the local hottie on the front row!!! Abstinence and a talk with Tony Hutson are in order there say “Hayy Men”.

    This was obviously from VBS and it looked like the “Bus kids” could care less with what they just saw.

    Overall I’d say this better than any of the skits that took place during Youth Conference during the days of Jack Hyles. Hyles had his HAC students doing ungodly skits that not even Howard Stern could come up with. Hyles had them doing 1920’s vaudeville thinking that’s what kids would want to see not realizing that may have been “cool” during Hyles’ day growing up in the 1930’s but not during the 1990’s era of cable television, MTV, video games etc.. Plus Hyles did a skit poking fun at homosexuals called “Hyles: Queere Eye for The Straight Guy”. One young man in attendance took it to heart and years after leaving IFB and admiting he was gay, created the show “Queere Eye For The Straight Guy”.

    Honestly this “Skit” from the boys of Heartland Baptist College in OKC ranks right up there with the skits from MAD TV. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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