22 thoughts on “RePost: The King James Turns 400”

  1. Wow. 400 and still going strong. Amazing.

    Seriously; You don’t have to be an AV1611-only person to appreciate this.

  2. Celebrating the birthday of a Bible Version? Shouldn’t we base the Bible’s birthday from its inception, not just a random version?

  3. For the KJV-only crowd, the original texts were just rough drafts. If was the Authorized Version that finally got it right.

    I know the above looks like a sarcastic exaggeration, but it’s not. That’s exactly what some of that camp are claiming.

    1. Don’t I know it. How many times have I heard it said that King James “threw out the extra Catholic crap”?

  4. I liked the post. This was my favorite paragraph:

    So… God’s Holy Word is 400 years old…Yes, you’d think it was at least 6000 years old. Or 2000 years old. Or at the very least 1800ish years old. But nope! It’s 400 years old! And you should celebrate!

  5. I know I’ve bashed KJV-onlyism here several times, but in all fairness, the King James Version was a remarkable achievement for its time, and it is truly amazing that so many people still read that version, after all this time.
    Of course, much of the KJV’s predominance was due to politics (it being the official translation of the British Empire and its state church) as much as to the virtues of the book. But there is a real elegance of phrasing in many KJV passages that I don’t discount.

    1. I don’t know about that… the Geneva Bible was the “people’s Bible” before the KJV, even though the official Bible was the Bishop’s Bible… the people just didn’t take to the Bishop’s Bible.

      Or so I understand it.

      1. Those Bibles were used (mostly) before most people knew how to read, and when the British Empire was much, much smaller than it became in the three centuries after 1611, so they never had the influence that the King James Version attained.

  6. A remarkable literary masterpiece!

    So unfortunate that “it” is being worshipped than the Saviour it point us to.

    1. Well said! Idolatry is idolatry no matter what the vehicle.

      Money, health, prestige, comfort… whatever we put ahead of Christ.(and we are all guilty of idolatry at one time or another.) It just seems to be more insidious when we exalt the good higher than the best. Even worse when folks use proof texts such as Psalm 138:2b as the authority to exalt the KJV over the Person of Christ himself. **for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.** To them word=KJV 🙁

  7. Happy b’day KJV.

    That said, I perused some of these articles and was amazed at the LIES spread about alternate translations. This quote by the alleged co-founder of NASB is a fraud. The surmising of intent to allegedly remove doctrine by using alternate wording (e.g. suggesting that not using an errant wording in KJV is somehow not wanting to use the word “blood”) is bearing false witness against your neighbor. This is just wickedness.

  8. Kudos to MPT for celebrating in spite of first hand knowledge of the damage the crazies have and continue to cause with it. I love that he knows it’s May 2 (I never in my life would’ve known the exact date), and probably wouldn’t ever have known 1611 if not for the glories of PCC.

  9. will there be an open bar and disco music? Or can I just expect the usual doughnut holes, percolator coffee with powered creamer and fold out tables and chairs?

  10. Weird that Fundys worship a Bible named after a man – especially King James. They’d call him a heretic if he were alive today.

  11. Someones fb status from today: “Only trust the the King James Bible. The Greek Text is corrupted, those responsible for it were occultists. If the King James was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for me.”

    1. Poe’s Law again. I think they’re poking fun, but some fundies say things like that seriously.

  12. King James was gay. Google king james gay and look at the first result. He should have been called Queen James.

  13. And I thought fundies were hard on Mormons. They killed Joseph Smith for saying the KJV had some problems. OK, that and the angels, gold plates, and talking to God and all…

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