Ron Hamilton is one of the strange examples of someone who has managed to flit between fundy camps without having most folks take shots at him. He’s married to the daughter of the BJU Godfather of music…but still manages to be revered at PCC, show up to the Hyles Pastor’s School, and here is being lauded at West Coast Baptist. That’s a minor miracle.

The best part about this video is some of the comments on Youtube, including the following:

This is not a Christ centered ministry. It is making a mockery of the faith. Pirates have nothing to do with the Christian faith. What is wrong with you people?! Four Americans who were delivering Bibles to Africa were murdered by pirates not to long ago.

There’s just no pleasing some people!

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  1. We loved PTP growing up! I believe he’s one of the better and more sincere aspects of Fundyism. I definitely prefer his tapes and CDs over Adventures in Odyssey where all the characters sound like anime cartoons going through puberty. We broke out Harold the King this Christmas for some nostalgic groaning. 🙂 also I sat in a music seminar with Frank and Jean Garlock(yup I said the name.) and tho a bit stuffy I enjoyed it for what it was.

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