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  1. Second!

    And if I got to get up sooner than 6:05 to be first…it isn’t worth it.

    Cheers to stuckbetween. 🙂

    1. I am not sure, but I’d believe if you told me one of the letters stood for “disturbing”

  2. I found this hilarious & heartwarming. Maybe not the greatest vocal stylings, but I’m sure was performing to a kids audience. I say bravo on what I think was good work by those kids who really went for it to make it fun for the kids audience.

    1. I don’t understand why the singers are all dressed as clowns, but if the song was part of a longer program, it may have been made clear elsewhere in the performance.

  3. First, 😀 I am happy, because these kids, at least some of them, clearly were enjoying themselves. Good for them.

    Second, 😡 I am furious, because I think how these poor kids will feel endless guilt over areas they still need “worked on,” that are actually just Pharisaical additions to God’s will imposed on them by others.

    1. Guilt? What guilt? After all: “For as our Lord said, by these list of rules shall all men known that ye are my disciples.”

      1. (Some day I’m going to write a list of as many of these I can remember. They must be from the Book Of George, New Assistant Pastor Edition.)

        1. I know there was a Friday Challenge on here sometime (or something like a Friday Challenge) to put a bunch of these together. IDK what it was titled to search for it.

        2. Shake that bush!

          Let ‘er rip!

          Oh me…..

          There always seemed to be two or three loudmouths in every crowd. These people were always yelling. I always found it amusing when the preacher got onto a sensitive subject and the loudmouths shut up. You knew they were guilty!

        3. “Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens!” – Wait, that was Wyatt Earp. My bad.

        4. Preach it brother. Amen. Don’t apologize. 😉

          These are the ones that stick out in my memory.

        5. Take all of these and post them in the Forum on the, “The Phrase that Pays” thread. Good Stuff

  4. I find the teens dressed as kids a tad on the weird side, but I must openly admit I’ve always found that little tune very catchy!

  5. Didn’t even look at the song. Saw dresses and jumpers and immediately started convulsing on the floor. Still twitching a little……

  6. Yeah, I guess there is a small chance they were singing to kids.

    On a side note I think I can taste vomit in my mouth…

  7. Everytime I see a YouTube post now, I find myself hoping Darrell has stumbled on an old video rid everyone’s favorite crazy 1st comment hyping, butt cushion moving patch the pirate star!

  8. AAAGGHHH!.. *twitch*… Darrell! …*twitch*…You went there! …*twitch, twitch, twitch*…

  9. Oh how it drips with irony!

    “Don’t judge him yet, there’s an unfinished part.”

    Is there any sect MORE judgmental than funnymentalists?? I trow not.

      1. I’m not sure the only difference is that in Saudi Arabia that have the legal right do execute their judgments. I’ve heard MANY IFB preachers talk about killing witches, gays, doctors who perform abortions, etc etc.

      2. Fundies around the world have a great deal in common. Christian fundamentalists, Muslim fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, Hindu fundamentalists, Animist fundamentalists– they differ on details, but they share most of the same obsessions.

      3. indeed

        Christianity wins int he comparisson compartment on any subject–even our worst look better than theirs

    1. Exactly! I remember our deacons up in arms about a man who started regularly attending our morning services whose hair reached his shoulders. They demanded my husband tell this guy to get a haircut. My husband refused.

      The point of the song is excellent; I wish fundies could do it.

      1. That man was more Biblical than your deacons:
        Leviticus 19:27
        “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.”

    1. How about SSD – supposedly spiritual ditty – for some of this music from our past?

      Then again, the thought behind the words isn’t bad – the idea of not judging someone because of progressive sanctification in his life – so maybe ASS for Acceptably Silly Songs? Oops – that probably wouldn’t work.

      I like that GOH is so ironic. Fundies insist that their hymns are holy, deep, and meaningful while CCM is shallow, repetitive, and worldly, not realizing that a whole lot of the songs they deem acceptable are pretty shallow, repetitious, and man-centered themselves!

      1. PW, you don’t have to keep defending your taste in music here. Your music is fine. Just enjoy the music you like, and have peace in your heart.

        1. You’re right! I’m still arguing with my parents (and BJU) in my head because I like praise and worship! I’ll try to tone it down! 🙂

        2. @pastorswife – while you certainly do not HAVE to defend your choice of music to anyone, I think your point was excellent and bears to be repeated often.

  10. How about learning the words before you sing it?

    SFL: Just get up there and wing it. God can use it to be a blessing!

    Not that this song is exactly worth spending extra time to learn the words, but it’s just a symptom of the fundy mindset. (Some, anyway. Others are so hung up on their idea of “excellence” that they drain any life or vitality out of all music.)

    1. I was about to give them the benefit of the doubt by saying that maybe they didn’t learn the words because they’re supposed to be young children.

      But, I don’t feel like it.


    2. Hmm… I’ve seen quite a bit of that in my day. Let’s organize the Holy Spirit right out of the service. Fundies are great at that!

  11. Let’s not forget, the actual MESSAGE of this song is very good. I’m growing in grace.

    If we all would “Don’t judge him yet”, we’d all be better off. Jus’ sayin’.

    1. It’s not really that good a message.
      I do agree with what I guess is supposed to be the main point– that nobody is perfect, and that we experience ongoing sanctification through God’s grace– but still, there are several logical and theological errors packed into a very short song here.

      “It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.”

      No, to the best of our current knowledge, it took Him billions of years. The idea that God has stopped creating is blocking many people from accepting the deep insights into Creation that science offers. This has become a crisis in my state (as in others), where a powerful juggernaut of Fundy zealots is trying to block the teaching of science, and even history, in our state schools. If you can’t believe that God continues to create, you are easy prey for the heresy that science and religion are in conflict.

      “Don’t judge him yet, there’s an unfinished part.”

      That’s not the reason the Bible tells us not to judge each other. The “yet” implies that at some future point, it will be time to judge my neighbor.

      “He’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be.”

      No, you are what you ought to be. God doesn’t make junk. You are imperfect, and you can be better, and with God’s help you will be better, but right now you are wholly acceptable in God’s sight. God does love who you can be and will be, but that in no way diminishes God’s love for you as you are now. God made you who you are, and loves the real you unconditionally.

      1. Whoa BG. Let’s keep it light. I know many would agree with some, or even all of your points, but it’s only a fun song, not a Bible or Life Study.

        By the way, I hope God isn’t going to leave me with all the sin in my flesh that I have to deal with. Not to mention the breakdown and pain. I look forward to a new body. 😀

        1. Doesn’t work that way.

          My mother can tell you… She has finally admitted that the fact I’m no longer a fundie doesn’t mean I’m going to start drinking and gambling, sex drugs and rock and roll. But she finds that in our daily calls, anything she brings up about her church life is a minefield… She never knows when a minor comment on her part is going to get my defenses up. (I’m just as surprised, after all, I left the fundie church before most of you were born (1970.)

      2. Uh … wow … I wasn’t going THAT in-depth in my analysis. I just mean … you know … don’t be quick to judge, consider what people have been through or are going through, grow in grace …

        Sorry; I’ll try to be more cynical in the future.

      3. I think the song is absolutely correct in espousing a literal seven, 24-hr day creation. In fact I think billions of years is completely devoid of any scientific merit whatsoever.

        A KJV phrase comes to mind “science falsely so-called.”

        1. Is this a Poe Effect? Or do you seriously believe there is no scientific evidence to an old universe?

        2. GEAH – We all have the same evidence, its how the evidence is interpreted that establishes whether or not you’re a young earther or not, and for the record, I am definitely a young earther, but I never realized the belief in a young earth made one a fundy.

        3. Although it’s probably more accurate to say that being Fundies makes people believe in a “young earth” than that believing in a “young earth” makes people into Fundies.

        4. GEAH – How much time ya got? Folks get very emotional about this topic. I’ll mention a few things here, and I don’t think for a moment that I am going to change your mind. I will re-state the obvious, we all have the same evidence, it’s how that evidence is interpreted that determines what you believe about the age of the earth.

          I am a bible believer, I believe every word of the scriptures, I believe the world was created exactly how it is recorded in Genesis. So based on that, I can say that the the bible gives us very time-specified genealogies from Adam to Noah and Noah to Abraham. There is much chronological informatiion to date Abraham pretty accurately. We can see clealy evidence of a global flood, just as the bible tells us. Based on the above, and I know it deserves vastly more info, I believe in a young earth, approximately 6000 years.

          Conversely, I believe the old-earth idea does not allow the physical facts to speak for themselves, but imposes anti-biblical assumptions onto the geological observations. Although you didn’t say that you believe in evolution, most old-earth folks do, and I completely reject that notion, in fact that’s easier for me to refute than the age of the earth. And finally, talk about blind faith, I think it takes waaaaay more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a God that created.

          But please take a breath before responding, its fine with me if you don’t believe as I do, many christian folks don’t, hey it’s complicated, but some of the finest minds in the world believe exactly as I do, and yes I know other great minds believe otherwise.

          Someone was talking about arrrogance and ignorance earlier, I would caution you not to belittle folks because they have different ideas than you, particularly if they are based on sound scientific principles. I see a very liberal bent on this blog to the idea that believing in millions of years is intelligent, and believing in a young earth not so much.

          I’m not at all anti-intellecual, but I don’t worship at the altar intellecutalism either. I’m a man of faith, and that is not at all imcompatible with science.

        5. I fully respect anyone looking at the facts and drawing conclusions.

          I also fully accept that people will look at the same facts and draw different conclusions.

          A question: Theoretically, could the facts lead you to a different conclusion than a young earth creation?

          Another question: Could the facts lead you to conclude that the Bible was incorrect? (At least as it is understood by literalists.)

          Here are 2 facts:

          Most Jewish theologians do not accept a literal 7 day creation. It is their testament, after all.

          Dendrochronology makes the Earth at least 11,500 years old.


      4. Big Gary, I like this post. Fundamentalists are ruining HS biology and are demonizing the sciences while not hesitating to vote for the politicians that support corrupt big pharma and they are the first inline for that cutting edge cancer treatment. The sad thing is, they are so ignorant that they can’t see the contradiction. There are large areas of this country that I won’t move my family to for this very reason. Fundamentalists are making us dumb.

        1. I think you may be giving fundies alittle too much credit. “Ruining HS biology” Please!

          News Flash for you – fundamentalism is on the way out.

        2. In the long term, fundamentalism may well be on the way out.
          But right now– just read the headlines from Texas (and, as I said, some other states).
          Dimwitted ultra-fundies have the majority on our state School Board and on a number of local school boards, and are well-represented in the state Legislature, and they are launching a full-blown attack on the teaching of science, health, social studies, and anything else they think is too intellectual or not “Christian” (by their off-kilter definition of what’s “Christian”) enough. Texas already ranks near the bottom in public education, but that’s not low enough for these activists.

        3. @Gary

          I am more skeptical. Willful ignorance and pride in that ignorance is an important cultural force in the US. Stupid is all the rage these days.

        4. So it seems.
          It’s absolutely a major force in U.S. politics.
          But is your point that it’s not just a Fundy trait?
          That’s also true, but, although the two groups are by no means identical, there’s a lot of overlap between the categories of “ignorant people” and “Fundies.”

          I’ve said for a long time that I can get along fine with ignorant people, and with arrogant people, but people who are both ignorant and arrogant are the ones I can’t abide. Worst of all is if they are ignorant about being arrogant. I’d like to name a few examples, but then someone would just post a comment talking about what great, saintly men and women my examples are.

        5. Well, ignorance is found everywhere. However, it seems to be a plank of fundy theology. They take a perverse pride in being hostile to all that book larnin’

          Whereas many others just have other pursuits. They are not proud when they don’t know stuff.

          This whole issue is one of my key reasons for rejecting fundamentalism and any kind of conservative Christianity. Learning is a passion of mine.

          To dismiss it and mock it as ungodly or a tool of the Devil is an intellectual slur, on the level of a racial or homophobic slur. (Being educated is not a bad thing out in the real world, so fundy intellectual slurs do not have the force that racist and homophobic ones do. I am not saying I am a maligned person. I am saying if they could they would make it so.)

      5. Big Gary

        Protest all you like, but that was an EXTREMELY fundy response!

        All fundies…aren’t “fundies”


        1. Careful Theo, you just may get run over out there on the highway by some of these brilliant people!

        2. I don’t really understand what you mean there, Theo, so against my better judgment, I’m asking: What about my comment made it an “extremely fundy response”?

        3. BG

          the blow by blow breakdown nitpicking and criticism …the whole tenor and tenant.

          ‘jus sayin’

        4. I think the most you could say is BG was overthinking it, which happens. He never said it made someone a sinner, never accused anyone of bitterness. I don’t think he declared himself to be morally superior. Those would be fundy, which is way different than over-analyzing.

  12. Actually, if this is done in a children’s church or in a service where children are the emphasis, it doesn’t bother me. However, if this is just some entertainment before the MoG gets up to preach, it’s pretty deplorable.

    1. I assume it’s the former, and I like it. Would be very odd for an intro to an MOG, but I could see fundies thinking the MOG is still working on them, but the kids voices & behavior sure looks like a kids event to me.

    1. Way to go, Bill. Change a catchy slogan into an overlong, unpronounceable, impossible-to-remember acronym.
      Maybe you should write advertising jingles, Bill.

    2. And the rest of the population of the planet (being about 99%) would look at the pin and go, “What the.. hell?”

    3. It should read PBPAFMFWAAP – Please Be Patient and Forgive Me for Wearing An Annoying Pin.

      I’m sure the goal was to get people to ask you about it so you could witness.

      1. Mmmm… makes me want to do the opposite. I see a pin like that and a BIG red flag goes off in my head that says, “WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE PIN!!!”.

        1. It’s sort of off-topic, but I’ve been reading “China Road,” a travel book by Rob Gifford, and there’s a wonderful chapter about his visit to an Amway (An Li in Chinese) sales meeting in a remot provincial city in the Gobi Desert.
          Gifford also has some interesting observations about Christian churches and religion (other religions, I mean, not just Amway) in China.

  13. one of them will be trying to be worked on his whole life (if he stays in fundamentalism). he is already clearly gay.

    1. There are plenty of flamboyant straight guys in the world and in&out of fundydom. Also there are as many gay lifestyles as there are straight lifestyles, and there’s just no way to know from behavior in a skit-oriented goofy song performance someone’s sexuality.

        1. Hopefully! Especially since I’m assuming it was the Asian man being referenced. It is true that people often confuse femininity in men and masculinity in women with same-sex orientation, and given that Asian men are portrayed as very feminized in US culture, calling that particular man in the film gay (for not standing more stoically and wearing a football jersey) could be referencing harmful stereotypes.

  14. I can’t handle this song anymore. When I was a kid of 11, my mom’s best friends daughters, ages 17 &19, who were like sisters to me died and their dad requested this song because they sang it together when they were little. I can’t even watch the video.

  15. Wow.

    Like I always say, “We all have a story. We all have dreams. We all have our issues. We all have a past”.

    In this case, your’s is such that pain is linked to this song.

    Blessings to you.

  16. If it’s for a kid audience, fine. But I suspect it may be for the PCC Talent show.

  17. Don’t knock HSWOM; that was always one of my dad’s favorite songs. Sang it to us when we were little; these guys don’t sing it a fraction as nicely as he did (nor do they accompany on guitar 😉 ) but still, it’s a fun reminder of my childhood.

  18. For me, the worst of the worst will always be “Jesus Savior Pilot Me” sung at the rate of about 1 beat for every 2 seconds by a group of old men and women who can’t sing for crap and an accompanied by a piano that misses 2 out of every 5 notes. I never did carry out my vow to paste construction paper over that song in every copy of the hymnal.

    1. I’ve never liked that song, either. The tune is dreary, and it’s really, really long.

    1. Yikes. I was curious just how fundy the place was, which I think is hard to tell from this video.

  19. What is so wrong with this? Better than singing about dope, drinking and running around with the neighbor’s wife. This is just a little skit for fun probably. You did not even explain the environment. IS this all you’ve got? Not much!

  20. I just figured out Jamie is Darrell’s pseudo ego so he can get another $6.66 this week…nice.

    1. You wound me. If I were creating an alter ego it would be vastly more creative and entertaining than this schmuck. 🙂

      1. “schmuck”?! I have never called you a name!! I thought you were going to stay on a “professional” level. It is obvious you have somehow, someway, have been “wounded”. Poor thing! Can’t imagine what kind of “college” you have started.

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