53 thoughts on “Advertising: National Young Fundamentalists Conference”

    1. Sort of surreal to be reminded this actually exists in the world. I’m sure the teens won’t find this condescending at all.

  1. It is actually hysterical if you know the “real” story behind the video. You see, the three guys were acting out all of the stuff that they would rather do than attend the conference: get hit in the face with a pie, get their foot stomped on, smell each other’s socks, take a poke in the eye. They just dubbed the pastor’s promo and the music over the real narration.

    1. Now I know the real story, it’s still not hysterical.

      It’s one of those ads that makes me embarassed to watch it, even though nobody saw me. Australians will empathize with me here. Remember those ads where Ian Thorpe said that Sultana Bran was “fully sick”. And then the mum says “Thorpey says its fully sick”.

      I felt the same way watching this commercial, as I did watching that old ad.

  2. I think this promo video is truth in advertising. Anybody who finds it appealing would probably enjoy the conference. Everybody else is getting a heads-up to stay away.

  3. I commented this on JNNPR when he posted it too, but I find it hilarious that the literalists fundies will interpret everything said so incredibly literally through the stooges acting, EXCEPT the word music, because they ALL know that to interpret the word music literally they would have to dance or in some way move, so they just ignore it. Literalists to the very end except when it comes to having to do even a lame “dance”. 🙂

  4. I want my COOOL T-shirt.

    Far out.. they advertise “preaching” like it was entertainment or something… fancy that…

  5. nice to see that they’re keeping up with the comedy standards of the Vaudeville era!

  6. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the staff meeting when the pastor floated this idea. The minions told him how funny it would be and what a great idea it was. You know that is EXACTLY how it went down.

    1. Pastor:”Kids these days like TV right?”

      Pastor:”What’s the popular TV show that all the kids like?”
      Minion:”Little House on the Prairie!”
      Minion:”Andy Griffith Show!”
      Minion:”Leave it to Beaver”

      Pastor:”No No No.. the gut busting ones”
      Minion:”OH! The Three Stooges. The kids love that one”

      Pastor:”Yeah, so let’s make the three stooges hip and what’s that word kids use today. Shiny?”
      Minion:”No, that’s from some godless TV show that God cancelled because of it’s wickedness. I think they use ‘cool'”
      Pastor:”Cool. This conference is going to be so shiny. I mean, great. I only know that word because I had to watch that wicked show about spacewhores so that I know what is so bad about it”
      Pastor:Hey, do you think you can get a cheap copy of After Effects to do some titles?

    2. The 3 stooges have never been funny to me…but this “Minion” talk made me laugh… I have family that play the minion part with their pastor….so sad for them.

  7. I cannot believe that they had the nerve to blaspheme the Three Stooges. That alone would be enough reason for me to not be a fundamentalist. I have taken to watching the Stooges on Sunday morning instead of preachers before heading to church. They are MUCH more entertaining and not nearly as soul destroying.

  8. Just what every teen wants to do on his day off; listen to some ‘foot stomping, sin smashing, in your face’ preaching. Why, just the other day my teens were asking me, “Mom, can we go to a conference that insults our intelligence and stunts our spiritual growth?”

  9. Were they supposed to be *young* fundamentalists? If so, what do they call real young fundamentalists?
    I’ve always found The Three Stooges about as funny as open-heart surgery.

  10. If you like Stooges kinda comedy this is funny.

    If you do not, you will not find it funny.

    1. Gotta disagree. I love the Stooges but found these idiots revolting. They were poor imitations! 🙄

  11. Oh my…This ad is an insult to people who do BAD versions of the Stooges, not to mention to the Stooges themselves.

  12. “Mar. 2-4”

    Nuts. If I had known about that beforehand, it would have made last weekend more enjoyable to know I wasn’t there.

  13. How can a youth conference be scheduled for Mar 2-4th? Is it assumed that they are all homeschooled and can get off?

    $15 for 3 meals a tshirt and a CD. That’s a steal in anyone’s book. Amazing.

  14. I bet these men tell there kids not to run in “the house of God” but they smash pies and act like idiots in there.

  15. this is clearly humor on a totally new level. awe-inspiring. a new era of comedy has dawned, granting our undeserving generation the opportunity to adoringly witness new heights of hilarity and innovation. we are truly blessed.

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