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    1. Hey man,

      If you change the “mp3” to “m4a” in the file name it should play in iTunes fine. Sorry about the extra work. 🙁

      1. Worked fabulously, and it restores the metadata that I was wondering why they didn’t supply either. Odd problem & fix, but appreciate the tip!

      2. OK, I downloaded it, unzipped it, and changed the file extensions from mp3 to m4a, and it plays in iTunes. Next question: in the folder the files unzipped to, the chapters are in alphabetical order by title. Can someone post a link to the table of contents, so I can listen to the chapters in order?

        1. Got that myself out of the book last night. Leading 0’s for obv reasons.

          01 – prelude
          02 – God’s New Digs
          03 – The Fundamentals
          04 – Easy Like Sunday Morning
          05 – Haircut
          06 – Twelve Minutes
          07 – Jesus in Black and White
          08 – You’re a Big Boy Now
          09 – To Hell and Back
          10 – You Know Where Liars Go
          11 – Brought to You by the Letter D
          12 – Seven
          13 – Fertile Soil
          14 – Satan Rules!
          15 – Win a Soul, Win a Prize
          16 – Piano Boy
          17 – Benediction

  1. Matthew Paul Turner also wrote a book about how music played a role in his spiritual life. It’s called “Hear No Evil”. He tells some funny stories about his fundy upbringing in that book too. It’s great.

    1. Haven’t read that one, but several years ago, I read his “The Christian Culture Survival Guide”. When I discovered this blog, I found it very similar in tone and content. :mrgreen:

  2. You know, Darrell, you could find a script that mimics what Slashdot does to their “first”er crowd. They just replace any instance or variation of “first” (just the trolling variety) with a completely different word that I’m not entirely comfortable posting on a religiously-oriented blog. 😀 And if that word were randomized, rather than always replacing it with the same word…well, things could get *extremely* interesting around here.

  3. I’m the first Irish, Southern, Hair-dressing, Cop’s Wife, Dog-lover, NC-ian, Writing, Coca-cola-loving, Chocolate-addicted female to comment on this post!!!!


    (thanks for the idea, Singular)

  4. OK, so I downloaded, and I can play the mp3’s in real player (yeah I know, who uses that?), and in windows media player, but really just want it in iTunes, and it doesn’t even add let alone play in itunes. Suspect it’s a codec thing, that I’m missing. Anyone else have that prob, and know the issue/fix? I don’t feel like trying 10 diff codecs till I guess the right one.

    1. iTunes uses mp4’s… You can download a free converter off the web. I use Free Converter. Works perfect.

      1. mpt gave the secret away 4 *hours* before I even asked. Don’t even have to convert them, just rename the file extension to m4a instead of mp3. Also restores all the MP3 metadata that is missing & uneditable in the downloaded format.

  5. There’s also an autobiography about a guy who went to Bob Gray’s school, in Texas, saw it on Amazon. Anybody else see that?

  6. Please help me. I can’t figure out how to change the extensions for the files. When I look at them, I don’t see that they have an extension.

  7. Listening to this now and a lot of resonates with some of the wackiness that I experience in the extreme version of fundamentalism. Only thing, wonder why did the author change names, there was a spot on of the tracks where he does a reversal or change and was definitely referring to Hyles Anderson college, why use a fake name, just name all of them… so we can stay far far away from them! Looking forward to the rest of the story….

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