225 thoughts on “Cause and Effect”

  1. Suuuure! His mom’s friend “felt sorry” about him “not smoking”. My BS alarm is going off and it isn’t because of the Debil.

  2. I like a little flutter now and then and I don’t mind losing money. My vice is pull tabs. I have found that my maximum comfort zone for losing money is a dollar out of my week’s spending money. I usually buy two 10-cent pull tabs at a time. If they’re out of 10-cent tabs, I end up buying a dollar tab and waiting a few weeks to go back so that they’ll have restocked with the cheaper ones.

  3. Wait, so if you get breast cancer you’re a terrible sinner?

    …my dear aunt, someone I know is a true Christian who faithfully attends a (non-fundy) gathering and has seen all of her children saved as well, would be VERY interested in meeting this man, I’d imagine.

  4. It would be so fitting if the woman who ran out of there sobbing loudly, then, once safely out of earshot, would collapse into hysterical laughter over her performance, “I KNEW I couldn’t keep a straight face another minute!”; it was the perfect opportunity for dramatics. :mrgreen: 😆 😥 😳 😀
    Even better if the tramp was her friend who was in on this. 😈

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