150 thoughts on “Traveling Singing Families Redux”

  1. I started reading this blog recently enough I never would have seen this post had these comments not shown up in the “recent comments.”
    Yeah, it’s self-defeating to comment on an old post to try to tell people not to pay attention to it or comment on it.

    1. Hey beth, me and my brother both have one of these “real world” lives where we arent on the internet all the time and we both just found out so I’m sorry that you have to put up with this.

  2. You know what I hate about “Fundies” and everyone else on this blog is people that gossip and talk behind peoples back, (Im gonna keep this clean because of all the “christians” on this blog) it effing pisses me off.

    1. We aren’t talking behind anyone’s back. This is a public forum. We’re putting it right out there in the blogosphere for EVERYONE to see. :mrgreen:

  3. “blow yourself” and “effing”

    Such language! And you call yourself “Christian”… For shame! 😉 (I’m joking… you know, a joke… the ones where you go, “Ha Ha”)

    Anywho, Mr. and Mr. Blunkall, thank you for giving me something entertaining to read on a late Thursday night.

    Oh and fueling this site. Well done. :mrgreen:

  4. You’re quite welcome, natalie. 🙂 Never said I was a christian by the way…I am but I actually say what I think…

  5. I don’t sound a thing like Jesus, it’s not like he went around slamming pharisees for being hypocrites and cursing at trees for not bearing good fruit or anything, that doesn’t sound like Him at all…

    1. Jesus did call out the religious leaders who abused others and used their position for gain. He did curse that tree, but I don’t read anywhere where He used profanity.

  6. Another thing about fundies (and the like) you guys are always right. I dont know what my family did to anyone in this room but I’m not gonna say that darrells mom is a whore and (preacher wife) dresses like lady gaga and so on, its none of my business. I’m sorry if I get angry for people talking shit, I almost died a couple times in effort to keep you all where you have that freedom, John and his wife are about to go and do the same. Talk shit, kiss my ass and God bless.

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