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  1. Dude you just brought me my childhood nightmares in color. Dude. Most scary thing ever dude. How many more times can I say dude,dude?

    1. Duke was the guy’s name. I’m beginning to wonder about your fundie cred. If you don’t have all the Chick Tracts memorized I seriously question if you were a Fundie’s Fundie or not. 😯 😉

      1. Yeah, but wasn’t he saying “Dude” over and over again?

        And, don’t make me tract bomb you!

    2. I concede that he is supposed to be saying Duke,but even listening for duke I still heard dude. Does this mean I am a reprobate doomed to hell? Well at least it appears I am in good company. 😉

      1. “I concede that he is supposed to be saying Duke,but even listening for duke I still heard dude. Does this mean I am a reprobate doomed to hell?”

        Only if you also can’t see the white piano

  2. Hey, let’s count how many times “dude” is said in that film.

    I love how the guys who get saved are complete morons who lack total intelligence. I used to think the rest of the world was like that, too, and just DYING for me to enlighten them. Wrong.

    But, seriously, I’m really more concerned about the big guy and his bee allergy.

      1. I’m hearing both of them. Either way, it’s really annoying.

        Though, I use “Yo, Dude!” when I want to yell at certain people.

  3. Gotta love how the sinners have the awful, fake southern accents and the Christian has the normal, white northern accent.

    3 souls won in 6 minutes! Is that a record or just another day in a fundy’s life?

    1. Or if the Christians are meanies, they’re Southern *and* stupid. 👿 Thank you, Hollywood.

  4. I actually found this about two days ago on YouTube. That’s kinda odd. Being raised as the son of a truck driver, I found it somewhat interesting.

    I wonder if more of these are to follow? I also found a poorly animated version of a Halloween Chick tract on YouTube (can’t remember the name). It was absolutely horrible. I’m glad this one was animated fairly well.

  5. The devil’s gotcha dude..thats right dude your going to fry in hell..dude

    I am embarrassed to say this but I think I am the only exfundie who has never been in contact with Jack Chick and his tracts… 😳

    1. Don’t be embarassed; be glad. :). I was never IFB (thank God) but I did go to a more traditional SBC church that had a few fundy-leaning characteristics, and one Halloween (I was 10) they put on a Judgment House and handed out copies of “This Was Your Life.” I had nightmares for months.

    2. There’s actually some kind of Church of God in Vincennes that has/uses them. I saw one on the desk of the lady @ the DMV (BMV in Indiana) stamped with a denomination that was far from Baptist, and it was totally just a cognitive dissonance moment. I wish I’d remembered which church it was. Not a chance I was gonna ask someone with a chick tract about it. Also noto sure if it was hers or someone had given it to her, but it was there 2 days in a row (yes that means I missed 1 too many questions the first time).

      1. Baptists aren’t the only fundies. I was raised Free Methodist (don’t forget the “Free”), later Church of the Nazarene, Assembly of God, and Charismatic. There are fundy enclaves in them all. And I came in contact with Chic in each.

    1. I’ve read 3 or 4 of the chick tracts as a teenager. If I ever handed a tract out in my life it was less than 5 times, and was due to some kind of pressure or something. I don’t recall ever handing one out. I could’ve sworn he was saying dude over & over. I love that it’s driving you nuts, like someone calling Clark Kent spiderman! LOL

    2. I was exposed to chick tracts during my moms door to door soulwinning phase. I was about five. They left an impression,but I guess not a big enough one to have memorized the guys name. So is this demonstrating how you make the gospel more personal by using your marks name over and over?

      1. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, It’s Duke, You wouldn’t sing “Dude of Earl!” Dude, Dude, Dude, Dude of Earl, Dude, Dude! (Bubba1 told me it’s not the Dude Blue Devils either. 😯 ) Nor is it Marmadude.
        Youse guys are driving me nuts. (yeah, I know it’s a short drive)
        Cf. Genesis 36:15-19 (KJV Embellished) “These were dudes of the sons of Esau: the sons of Eliphaz the firstborn son of Esau; dude Teman, dude Omar, dude Zepho, dude Kenaz…” 😈

        1. george! you apologize to IaHB right now!
          “george sorry, should be you’re not your.”
          That’s better, when I first saw that I thought “My What?!” 😯 Then I realized you did that to her.
          Our apologies IaHB. 😉

    1. Me too, reader mo! Almost did it again. But certainly I should be taking notes on how to effectively witness! Such a powerful tract series!!!! 🙄

  6. You know what scared me the most? The animation.

    Reminds me of the new Giego commercials they’re doing with the animation that took them 15 min.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Although the Geico commercials are better animated and the writing is 10x better.

  7. Duke/Dude or whatever his name is needs to lay off the needle.

    No one gets that big driving a truck or in a gym.

    1. My favorite is the comic book with the black and white guy who are really muscle bound. The white guy is 22 years old, is fluent in five languages, and is a former special forces team member. What an imagination this guy has! Muscle bound men with tight shirts are heroes in these comics, and women with tight fitting clothing are portrayed as trashy. I don’t get it.

    2. Yeah, it’s like the only reason the truck driver listened at all was because the Christian truck driver was big. So is the lesson of this track that the only people you can witness to are people smaller than you that you could beat up if you really had to?

  8. I used to have a box full of those tracts. Somehow this animation is more painful, though.

    1. Their arms were driving me crazy! They were just weird, especially the skinner guy in the blue shirt. The waitresses arms were strange too, especially in the last scene where she’s praying. Just scary looking shoulders and arms!

  9. This was just as fake as most of the people I knew in the IFB, including me! Once God opened my eyes to IFB I felt like a plastic person in a make believe world. 😕

      1. I listened to that song over and over……It is a sad state to be in. I was there and some days I still am. Thanks

    1. I’m right there with you. That’s when I knew it had to end. Now, I’m learning to live in God’s grace being the person He created, not a masked version of myself…dude.

  10. Their bodies were so disturbing. Weird. It defintely detracting from the message, I couldn’t get saved because I kept staring and skinnyman’s arms and truckerdude’s flab.

      1. They had some weird hands too–really scary looking to me. Kind of like a mixture RA and gigantism.

    1. bwahahaha and by the looks of things, sagging like that, and the way he is walking… they are full of it! 😯

  11. Yay!!! Faith in Jesus is fire insurance! Yay!!! Seriously, dude, or duke, or whoever, this is going to send me back into therapy. This really makes up for no new posting yesterday. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

    1. Is there a trucker in America that somehow would be shocked to hear the story of Jesus Saves? You’d have a hard time finding any individual that wasn’t at least peripherally aware, definitely not a demographic like truckers that isn’t going to be aware.

  12. i bet truck drivers are thinking:

    “pffft. i’m not gonna read a tract! what? it’s about truck drivers? hey, i’m a truck driver! That’s so relatable! ok, i’ll read it.”

  13. It’s interesting how Jesus isn’t allowed to be a “sissy”. Muscle-man had to turn that notion on its head by bringing up kick-arse end-times Jesus.

    Would it be fair to say that fundies don’t like the idea of Jesus being a “sissy”? Even if we don’t use such an insulting term, do fundies dislike the notion of a peaceful, “turn-the-other-cheek” -style character?

  14. Hey Darrell, is there any way you can change a video from YouTube into a normal vid? 😕 I think I remember someone being able to do that, once. Cuz we can’t watch YouTube at the Bob. 🙁 All these comments are making me want to see this video! 😆

      1. Vimeo is blocked @ BoJo too, I’m guessing? They block FB vidoes? Cause Youtube videos are easy to download, just a matter of uploading to somewhere that BoJo can see. That and Copyright I suppose.

      1. Thanks! 🙂
        As far as the video goes…oh my…wow. Just. Wow. On so many levels. 😯

  15. “The Sissy” is now on YouTube so just go to the search and type in: “The Sissy, the movie” and then click on “The Sissy” and watch the new Video Tract for saving souls.
    Jack Chick’s “The Sissy” tract is now in 3D animated short film and it’s free to have, copy and give out. The Word of God (KJV 1611) is free and so should the gospel so we have put this seven minute short film free to have.

    We have been given the permission from Jack Chick to create “The Sissy” in 3D form and it’s working great. Missionary from the State of Washington has taken Jack Chick’s “The Light of the World” DVD and “The Sissy” DVD to Africa for fifty days and he’s only been there for ten days has already lead 9,000 people to the Lord. Videos for entertainment is now what the fish want for bait since they love to be entertained.

    You can have a free copy but first look at the credits of “The Sissy” on YouTube. Go to http://www.youtube.com and type in: sissy credits 07 then enter. Watch the credits and hear Brother Lester Roloff sing as well as see the characters move.

    We have to raise more than $65,000 to start and finish the next two tracts; “Tiny Shoes” and “G.I. Joe”. We are doing our best to get churches and business men to give monies to fund this ministry so these films are free to hand out. Just a little over a week ago “The Sissy” was used in a jail service in Las Vegas and out of the ten in jail three got saved. After these two are made and finished we will have five more after that.

    Respectfully serving the Lord Jesus Christ

    Steve West
    LittleShots Productions, LLC
    Lakeland, FL
    email: business1212@msn.com


    1. He lead 9,000 people to the Lord in 10 days?!! I’m sure each one was carefully attended to.

      IF this were true, then this is the math: 9000 people, 10 days = 900 people per day = 37.5 per hour = a whopping 1.6 minutes spent with each = Praise the Lord for the faithful care of the gospel!!

  16. Why do all the tracts have to emphasis that Jesus was beaten to a pulp and show it? :S I know that’s what happened, but why all the obsession with it?

    Dr. Don Cyst came to our church one time, and spent a good five/ten minutes describing in detail. I started to feel really really weird and so tuned it out by writing the words to “The Day That True Love Died.” I’d say it’s a much better use of my time =/

  17. They lost me with Jesus riding back on a white horse while wearing sweatpants.

    Also, I never knew that when you get cast into hell you explode. 😯

  18. Chick Tracts : Because scaring people into Christianity is far easier than appealing to their intellect or reason.

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