89 thoughts on “Fundy Christmas Day 9 Bonus: Reader Submitted Photo”

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s intentional. Small white building with a steeple, can hold about 65 tops. They put up other signs like this too

      1. Hope this is easily read by passing cars or else there will be rubber necking wrecks from all the “Huh? What’dat say?”‘s


        Can’t tell if it’s clever, creative or just plain combative.

        1. Oh, I LOVE those signs that decide to put a whole thesis on one sign. You have to stop and hold up traffic to read it.

        2. Yeah-almost a pre-planned road hazard!
          And such small print LOL

          If its more than three lines…I just look the other way.

  1. I’m reconsidering my PERVious position too. George is strong with Darrell today 😎

    I tell ya, if I was an unregenerate average joe, this sign would make me run to the “altar” in that church and “get saved” right then and there..

    1. just realized that Avg Joe submitted the photo.. sigh.. I wasn’t implying you were unregenerate 😳 :mrgreen:

  2. I guess they DO want the “mas” out of Christmas.
    (See last couple of day’s comments for background on the “Keep the Mass in Christmas” controversy.)

  3. I thought I knew where this was going but it left me scratching my head. Mocking the abbreviation Xmas? Slamming Catholics? Or both??? You win this time, Fundies.

    1. Both! Being able to slam catholics and pagans at the same time is like bonus points (although its like shooting fish in a barrel, I mean whats the difference!?) *No offense meant catholic friends, I was merely resembling the fundy viewpoint of the catholic “Faith”

    1. It kind of warns you, before you enter the doors, the kind of psychological warfare going on inside the building, doesn’t it?

      1. The sign just warns you: Beware, inside this building is a gathering of psychological misfits, including passive-aggressive, schizophrenic, bipolar, narcissistic, sociopathic,and leader dependent people.

        1. Having spent most of my life in small IFB churches, I totally know where you’re coming from, Dave. Since there are MANY Bible-preaching churches in our area, I think some people come to a small church because they are socially awkward and uncomfortable in large groups of people.

          Like the man who came up to me after our Sunday Christmas program and said, “You know it wasn’t really an inn, right?” “Mmmm. Oh.” “Campground. There was no room in the campground.” “OK.” This man never tries to get to know people; he just likes to tell them little obscure “truths” that he’s studied.

      2. And, thatÒ€ℒs totally non judgmental about being non judgmental, about being non judgmental..wait…now I’m getting dizzy

        1. Y’all are so judgmental about not being judgmental about not being judgmental about not being judgmental. Or something like that.

        2. Thanks for keeping me in check. I think of these places as offering a drug to a needy people. Many psychologists would agree that it is a dependency. Did not mean to sound more judgmental than factual.

        3. Dave, you’re so judgmental… or were you non-judgmental?… or were you judicial?…no, no… or were you jovial?… no, no… jocund?…no… jaded?… no… jazzy… THAT’S IT!

        4. @Dave: I can’t speak for Natalie and Theo, but I happen to agree with what you said. Personally, if I saw a sign like that I’d make a mental note to *never ever* step foot in that church! Speaking from experience, I’d actually kind of appreciate the warning, instead of finding out later the hard way.

        5. I couldn’t go to that church, because I’d be in traction after wrecking from trying to read the sign.

        6. @Amanda,

          You would really have to go through some experiences like I have to make broad brush statements like this. Many of us have, and like you said, you make a mental note of it.

        7. @Dave – Oh, gee.. I mean, golly… Well, gawrsh… I just…well, my… I mean… I’m speechless…

          (for once and only for a brief second)

        8. You would really have to go through some experiences like I have to make broad brush statements like this. Many of us have, and like you said, you make a mental note of it.

        9. @Amanda,

          I did not mean to minimize anyone else’s personal experiences here. I’m just saying to make a factual statement about something can often appear to be judgmental to others. I suppose I am trying to say when you know people well (you have lived among them) then you can make honest assessments about who they are and what they do. Usually, most of people at SFL are pretty keen to the nature of the IFB fundamental and religion masquerading in the form of Christian. What is perceived to be judgmental and harsh to others is just plain truth to the one who knows the essence of man made religion.

        1. I know I could Google this, but I’m feeling lazy and its my birthday tomorrow. *horribly transparent and shameless plug*

          But, was the first movie the one where Jason (which we never see) attacks a bunch of horny kids at a camp? Or am I thinking of another movie?

        2. @Natlie and Amilyn – Hope you guys both have a great birthday!!!! And a very merry ChristX!

        3. Amilyn, Happy Birthday to you!!!

          Isn’t it wonderful that the rest of the world is looking older and we’re not? πŸ˜‰

          Thanks, PW!

  4. Personally, I think we should get a SFL bus together and all go to this church… NIV’s in hand.

    Ladies, remember how you used to zip your jeans up in high school with a coat hanger?… yep, its time to do that again.

        1. I’ve seen these in a store! I took a doubletake.

          “They look like designer jeans.”

          Um, no.

          But, at least we can be harlots AND comfortable at the same time!

        2. They would only be cooler if they were stirrup pants. I actually saw someone wearing those the other day – and she completed the outfit with flip-flops. It’s the latest fashion.

        3. Flip flops? Really?

          No, to be circa 1992, you MUST wear those Sam and Libby-type ballet slippers with stirrup pants.

          Oh and don’t forget the big sweater.

          This was the wardrobe of choice for me, before I lost my mind for a while… oh, ahem, excuse me… before I became a fundy.

        4. Oh my..flash backs to the 80’s. My heathen days of jelly shoes, neon, friendship beads and leg warmers of every color…let’s not forget elephant pants and spiral perms…oh ya.
          Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    1. I just realized that that looked so much like spam. Trust me, its not and neither is this even though this probably looks like it, too… Okay, you don’t HAVE to go to the link… just put the address in the address bar if you’re worried… It is really cute to track and always puts me in the Christmas spirit… Okay, not the Spiritual spirit, but the secular Santa Claus, Christmas trees, presents wrapped with bows, eggnog, Charlie Brown, cookies and milk, spirit.

      1. Natalie, quit spamming us!! πŸ˜†

        I have tracked Santa for years. Can’t wait for X-mas eve with the grandkids. The looks on their faces are priceless when they think they are watching Santa get closer to us.


          HF has to work Christmas Eve. He’s giving Santa a police escort into the city. πŸ˜‰

  5. I guess that cross-country runners are trying to take the christianity out of cross-country by calling it X-country, and moto-X, don’t get me started!

  6. [delurk]

    Hang on, some Christians actually DO say “Christ-X”? I thought that was a joke made up by the Landover Baptist writers.


    1. Well, lurker, now I need to know – where abouts in Australia are you from? There aren’t a whole lot of fundies in Australia, so we tend to know of each other, if we don’t know each other. (That’s also a reason to remain anonymous).

      1. I’m not a fundie or ex-fundie or anything myself — my family’s Orthodox (mostly-non-practicing).

  7. Hey, the sign says, “whichever I prefer”. I can live with that. I prefer my big Methodist, all-inclusive, three-services on Christmas Eve, tree, Santa, AND wise men Xmas.

    1. Most Americans don’t know that the X in Xmas is a Greek letter, standing for the name XRISTOS. Shucks, I’ll bet most don’t know that the bible was written in Greek.

  8. One good benefit of us moving to a new state the week of Christmas is that we rode around town and immediately noted which churches we would *NOT* be visiting because of signs like this.

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