271 thoughts on “Fundy Christmas Day 3: Christmas By the Book”

  1. This is the point at which I stop laughing. Yes, the exact topic is absurd, but this is an example of the worst spiritual poison of modern US fundamentalist Christianity. First chop away the roots of Christian thought, even unto literacy and organized thought itself. Then raise multiple generations in a spiritual atmosphere in which a flutter in the belly makes a truth and nobody has any other means whatsoever of analyzing things that they are told. Eventually you will get to the point where this–this!–can be not only printed in a Bible, but offered successfully for sale.

    Some people will believe it and live in needless fear all their lives–and spread that fear. Others will learn to see through it and assume that because it’s a load of worthless crap, the Bible must be worthless.


  2. Whew, I’m glad my fundy church sticks to the traditional “mainline” fundies (Hyles, Robertson, etc) instead of off in pure crazy land. They love Christmas, Halloween, all of that. Makes it a bit more tolerable.

  3. This is almost as much fun as when one of my kiddos at BJES found a misprint in a Bible from the bookstore. This was it, no kidding:

    I Timothy 6:6: “But godliness with contentment is great pain.”

    I told my astute little pupil that he was right, and that there was a mistake in the printing. I later took it to the Fundy U bookstore and pointed out the error. They were not amused. It was almost as much fun as when I noticed that those file-type record dividers in the music section with labels like “classical”, “hymns”, “Bach”, etc. had some really cool names on the back, like Little Richard and the Rolling Stones. I turned them all around when no one was looking. Good times.

  4. Ok. I haven’t read any comments and I am late to this posting but WTF? Really? I am unable to comprehend. I am about to get a nosebleed from trying to comprehend. Wow. Is this photoshopped? Is this from the Dumbass Reference Bible?

  5. Stuff like this is prime example of why many ifb churches are filled with morons in the pews and idiots in the pulpits. Nothing funny here just sad.

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