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        1. That’s likely because it’s still under copyright, as many older hymns are not. Majesty Music, though ubiquitous throughout Fundamental Baptist churches, probably isn’t as well known outside of it.

        2. If (as Tiquatoo suggests) the issue is because the song is still under copyright, then you ought to check Godtube instead. They don’t seem to care about copyright violation over there. 🙄

    1. Of course I thought more about it, good comedy does that.

      God removes our sin and puts it “as far as the East is from the West” and “in the depths of the sea.” Our sin is gone – GONE! But fundies can’t accept that gift. They want to keep remembering their sins when God has forgotten them. 🙁

  1. A definition of “Fundamentalism” from Jeff Lucas

    not much FUN
    drives you MENTAL
    full of “ISms” that should be “WASms”

    Having said that, I agree with a lot of what “fundies” believe. Where I would DISSAGREE STRONGLY are beliefs that I see as the distictive marks of a true fundie:-

    1. A belief that The King James Version of the Bible is the only TRUE version of God’s Word, all others are Satan-imspired deceptions

    2.A belief ithat fundamentalists are always right and all non-Fundamentalists are always wrong, and preaching Wrong Doctrine.

    3. A belief that True Christians (Fundamentalists) should be Separate from those that preach False Doctrine (anyone NOT Fundamentalist)

    4. A belief that the Pope is the AntiChrist and that anything that is accepted by the Roman Catholic Church should be regarded with suspicion as Not Of God.

    1. This is slightly off-topic, but is there any chance we could get the fundy t-shirts – the ones that say “More fun and less mental” or whatever that cool phrase is – in something not white? Or if I can be even pickier, something in long sleeves? I would totally buy that shirt if it was not white, and I might buy two if it was long sleeved. 😀

        1. Hang on, a REAL Christian would not have got tattoos in the first place (say’s so in the Bible, doesn’t it?) You better pray for my salvation….

        1. On the other hand, you might discover the secret to invisibility.
          “What woman in a white T-shirt? I don’t see anything.”
          This could have a lot of practical applications.

  2. “It is wonderful to be upset”

    Frustration, guilt, judgmentalism, ‘righteous’ anger, etc. Emotions are only acceptable in Fundy-land if they are negative ones.

    Thank God they’re not like those emotionally driven Charismatic Churches! Who ever heard of a godly person having joy? Bah-Humbug!


    1. Ah, ‘obsessed’ not ‘upset’. I couldn’t understand the chipmunks, and that lady sure looked upset. Everyone in the video did, very accurate.

    1. Another blog post of yours that I just love! Our church is still pretty reserved, but we have a few who sometimes raise their hands in worship. I hope all who come know that we want everyone to be focused on God and no one worried about watching other people and what they are and are not doing.

  3. Ok, so the picture of all the repenting people, is this…

    A. a funeral
    B.a really convicting fundy sermon
    C. a Kleenex add
    D. a strange religious ritual
    E. the affects of tear gas
    F. a staged picture
    G. people getting their hearts right after a business meeting
    H. the Mississippi Squirrel Revival

      1. Pavlov would be very interested in that. 😛

        It reminds me of the old Time Machine movie where everyone would march forward in zombie-like faction when the siren sounded.

        But yah, I used to do the same thing.

  4. What does it tell you about me and my experience in Fundyland that as a child I thought that Chick tracts were comic books and intended to be funny? There was serious concern over my eternal soul, let me tell you! Lol

    1. I can remember a point in my life when I thought that Jack Chick comics were hilarious, because they were so over-the-top paranoid. Now that I know they weren’t intended to be funny, they disturb me more than amuse me.

  5. Funny! Not quite enough “vibrato”, but funny!

    On that note, tonight I noticed a VERY FUNDY relative’s facebook status said “If you think you are alright w/ God, you’re probably not.” Nice. Of course, the comments below were “Amen.” “Great quote.” “Really makes you think.” 😉

    1. The more I think about that facebook status, the more it annoys me. Don’t they know Romans 5:1? “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Peace with God = all right with God. That’s why Jesus died. To make me all right with God.

        1. Peace with God is what you should never have (in Fundyland). It means you have become complacent. It means you aren’t being punished. It means you are lazy. It means you are not conscious of sin (Hebrews 10:2), but of forgiveness, which is a big no no in fundyland (apparently, you have to be so conscious of sin as to confess it every 5 minutes, or 5 seconds or whatever).

        2. It’s so yucky how they make artificial distinctions just to justify their legalism. They make a distinction between “peace with God” and the “peace of God;” and our “relationship” and “communion” with Christ. 😐

    2. One reason we left fundamentalism is because of thinking like that. In fundamentalism you’re always wondering if you’ve tithed enough, witnessed enough, gave out enough tracts, came forward enough, participated in enough ministries, gave enough, was in church enough, read your Bible enough, prayed enough, confessed enough, said “Amen” enough, etc. I call it “tape measure Christianity” because there was always some measuring stick out there to compare yourself against to determine if you were “right with God,” and more often than not you weren’t. Just try harder they would say. Just come down to the old fashioned altar. My motto could have been “saved my grace, living by works.” It took me a long time to realize as Pastor’s Wife said, that I am righteous through Christ. I am a joint-heir with him and that nothing shall separate me from the love of Christ. So simple, yet so freeing!

      1. To be fair, the person mentioned above is completely incapable of posting what would be considered a “normal” facebook status. 😆

        A few weeks ago, his status was: “One day every knee will bow. That’s why I get up early every morning and spend an hour or two in prayer. Oh, that we all would do this!”

        Glad to see he uses facebook as such a great ministry tool, Amen?? 😉

    3. Ah, Performance Christianity

      And the Fundie Cult claims they don’t dance. Yeah right, they are constantly doing the “Herky-Jerky” between Law and (their limited view) of Grace. Yeah, Work it out baby now, twist and Shout (Hay-men!) Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on baby now work it on out.
      It is a spastic dance that leaves one so worn out all they can do is show up everytime the doors are opened to get their ration of formula at their scheduled feedings.

  6. Hey, who’s the guy in the black doctorate robe? I know he’s a famous fundy, and I think a president of some school but for the life of me, I can’t remember his name.

  7. It’s funny that this is the tune, because even when they were in the thick of fundy-ism, my parents would always sing “oh it is wonderful, to be a Christian” sarcastically when something depressing would happen (which was often).

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