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  1. I’m proud to say I don’t have the faintest clue who Larry Brown or Dough Fisher is, (and don’t want to know), and also I do know most of the slang terms from the previous post, (and glad to say I do).

    1. Either way, HE was the one who “blew the devil out of that crowd”…not God, not the Word of God.

  2. I love how he refers to kids that don’t go to church as “it.” That just tells me that to him, they’re just a number on a form.

    1. According to this, he thinks they are unsaved. So, the gospel he preaches to them is “modesty”.

      So the pentecostals preach a “prosperity” gospel.
      The legalists preach a “works” gospel
      The “liberals” preach a “social” gospel
      The IFB’s preach a “modesty” gospel

    2. My thoughts exactly, beth. He thinks very little of Sunday visitors. What a pompous windbag.

  3. I am so glad I don’t attend church anymore. There are better things to do on Sunday morning then listen to this crap.

    1. My wife and I attend a Brethren Assembly. I enjoy the worship time, but they don’t have a preacher. Sometimes a guy gets up and shares something for 10 minutes which is nice.

      Then we come home and listen to Andrew Farley’s weekly broadcast. Absolute opposite to this – quiet, meek, honest, open, humble, and preaches the truth from the scripture. I love it.

  4. Trying to control what people wear is very dehumanizing. It’s none of their g-dam business. But that how you keep the little people down. Its not “modesty”, its control.

    How do fundie men function in the real world?

    1. “How do fundie men function in the real world?”

      I have heard ultra-fundie men comment on how much sin there is in the world. It must be a real struggle.
      Walk into a nonfundy institution and what do you see – women in pants, women that are managers, men with hair that touches the ear and beyond, women that may wear tight clothing, people who think kjv is a new cable channnel etc. etc.
      Since sin is in everything and is everywhere, their heads must be ready to explode.

      1. My thoughts exactly…HOW do they live? Paranoia can only carry you so far before you eventually go “postal”. πŸ‘Ώ

      2. I’d love to see one of them apply at my Barnes & Noble, where the only male on the management staff is gay (that would be me), and our store manager is lesbian. I’m guessing spontaneous combustion might occur. πŸ˜€

      3. Ò€œHow do fundie men function in the real world?Ò€

        My answer: The interact as little as possible.

        At my fundy church they kept everyone so busy with church program duties and activities that it was very hard to develop outside relationships – even with extended family. It was expected that the church be the center of our universe. Note: the church, not Christ…There is indeed a difference.

    2. If they are hypocrites, they act like everyone else and then complain about everyone else on Sunday.


      If they are the honest type, then they confess their sins every 5 seconds to keep short accounts with God (apparently the Old Account wasn’t settled long ago, but only 5 minutes, and then 5 minutes after that), and then complain about it on Sunday.

      1. I know a guy like that. This was his status on Facebook a few days ago

        “Grr. So frustrated with sin in my Heart, my Home, my Church, my State, my Nation, and my World.”

        I makes me so sad to see Fundies spend so much time focused on sin instead of enjoying life and the fact that before God, we are sinless.

      1. Old McBride,jump in the fire,fire too hot,jump in the pot,
        pot too black,jump in the crack,crack too wide,jump in the sky,sky too blue,jump in a canoe,
        canoe too shallow,jump in the
        tallow,tallow too soft,jump in the loft,
        loft too rotten,jump in the cotton,cotton so white gonna stay there all night,HEY.

        1. I loves you Charlene. You are the woman for me. Of course, I’m a little mean but I make up for it by being real healthy.

    1. That is too funny! I was listening to this and my wife walked by and asked me why I was listening to Ernest T Bass

  5. “We had a time, we had a TIME”.

    Lots of watches and clocks in the building. Good to know.

    Preachin’ about preachin’ – I hate this.

  6. I’m really confused. What were all those people cheering about? Was it really about a guy lambasting a bunch of teenage girls about the length of their skirts?

    Not the incredible love of Father?

    Not a grace that overwhelms reason?

    Not the transformation from death to life?

    No, we’re gonna cheer about some guy ripping a bunch of teenage girls about the way they dress. Lord have mercy, and I mean that literally.

      1. So do we all, RobM

        “…considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted” (Yes, I still think in King James)

    1. All I could think after hearing the roar of the crowd is that someone just hit a home run or made a touchdown! Good grief! 😯

    2. The topic of his sermon was what a great preacher Larry Brown is, and what seems to be one of his proudest moments? Picking on a bunch of pubescent kids about their clothes and hair. Yeah, it takes a real man to do that.

    3. I found it rather unsettling that he focused so much attention on the legs of underage girls.

  7. A couple years ago when I was at HAC, I remember Larry Brown preaching at FBC. He told how he moniters the cell phone calls and texts of his adult daughter, who is within a year or two of my age. I was 21 or 22 at the time, and couldn’t imagine staying in a house where they did that. I don’t think it occured to me that I was living at a college where they did similar.

  8. “Say amen right there!” *silence* πŸ˜›

    At the end of the clip he talks about how preachers ought to open the King James Bible and preach out of it, but I don’t remember hearing a single reference to Scripture in the whole clip until then. He just creates a mental image in every man’s head about those little teen girls in their miniskirts.

  9. Wow. Nothing like knowing the guest speaker is going to be checking out your 13 year old daughter’s legs.

  10. Has anyone else noticed how much he sounds like the Beverley Leslie character from “Will & Grace”?

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