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  1. Classy. I’m not prone to motion sickness but when the cameraman was getting his tripod set at the beginning, the sight of that preacher wobbling up and down against that Sound of Music background nearly got me.

    Fundies have a thing for distracting backgrounds. I don’t know if Joshua Harris qualifies as a real fundy but we watched a video series he did in my fundy church when I was a teen. He appeared to be speaking in an industrial nightclub–brick walls, rusty metal studs in the walls, and this mesmerizing industrial fan almost directly behind him that would turn slowly clockwise, slow, stop, and reverse direction. Over. And over. And over.

    It was exactly like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPXRiaJvazE

    1. Haha I remember that one. I’ll admit I used to do that. Our old DVD player would do that with a word, and would bounce off the edges and change colors. It would hit the corners though. So that was a relief.

  2. That is hilarious. Even more funny his text is about Watching. And he keeps saying “watch!” I am I am!

  3. At least it closes with the classic sunset picture that all missionary slide shows end with.

  4. Even before it came up I knew what video it was going to be. Open Air Southern Preachers or something. They are a group of open air preachers who love shouting repent at the top of their lungs and have never heard of grace in their life.

    So I guess the green screen makes them look like they are in the open air.

    Most of them aren’t fundie baptist, but fundamentalist pentecostal (holiness pentecostal)

    Oh, awesome, they have Jed Smock on there. You should have posted one of him.

    1. Without even listening to the message or knowing who he is, I can tell he is not a IFB. No IFB would ever preach with his shirt not tucked in.

    2. Jed Smock is a heretic. I’ve met him, even read one of his books. As Pelagian as they come.

  5. “I couldn’t find the verse in Mark because I was in Matthew, AMEN???”

    Some people are really needy of verbalized support.

    1. I ended up getting a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch because McDonald’s was out of crispy chicken, amen?

      1. I don’t think he’s eaten anything grilled in 20 years, amen? Betcha he’d run up the stairs for something fried!

  6. Gosh it’s like a preacher preaching on the set of a cheesy 1960’s – 1970’s, low-budget adventure television show, where the actors would just be dropped in front of projected background scene. (Check the New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from 1968: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzapESqqt5o. I kept expecting a snowman or something to come up behind him on the screen (winter scene) and start ad libbing.

    1. 2011 donruss fundamentalist trading cards? I’ll trade a Horton rookie cards, a Ruckman, and a Baldwin for a rookie Jack Hyles, a Schaap, and some gasoline!

        1. I’ll will trade you a 1985 Dave Hyles “Future Star of Fundamentalism” Card (Mint Condition) for your Tom Neal “KJV Defender” Holograph Card.

  7. When I sit through a sermon like this one I always try to do something that keeps me intertained. Like counting the number of times the preacher asked for an AMEN. This man says AMEN 43 times after he completes a thought.
    I have noticed that Fundi pastors do this alot. If they do not get the correct respons to something they have said they ask for an AMEN. I want to tell them I will say AMEN if I am so moved not because you want me to repeat it back to you.

  8. If you’re going to go to the ‘expense’ of such sophisticated technology; Couldn’t you at least get a mic stand or lectern that doesn’t wobble constantly.

  9. I’ve sat through some long messages in my time, but never one that began in the spring and lasted through the winter! 😯

      1. That’s why I was wondering why there was so much flash photography going on… what, did they just like seeing him preaching in front of a big green drop-cloth??

  10. LOL I actually thought this was FAKE or a satirical sermon! Wow!!
    Doesn’t strike me as IFB though….


        1. So we’re admitting that Stuff Fundies Like has started the process of not even applying to Fundies anymore? Interesting…

        2. Gotchya. So anyone that calls themselves “fundamentalist” (or is so called by someone else) is worthy of Darrell’s satirical scorn. This includes (but is not limited to) Independent Baptist Fundamentalism, Pentecostal Fundamentalism, Historic Fundamentalism, Reformed Fundamentalism, Mormon Fundamentalism, Islamic Fundamentalism, etc.

          Thanks for clarifying.

        3. If you read the post, it’s clearly stated this was off topic of IFB, and unrelated to the preaching. Is just an example of a weird green screen.

        4. “clearly stated this was…unrelated to the preaching” – I see that; Darrell said “I have no idea what’s in the message.”

          “clearly stated this was off topic of IFB” – mind showing me that phrase in the post (that you claim I didn’t even read)?

  11. Would it have been too much to ask to have a camera operator at least follow him so he wouldn’t be drifting in and out of the shot?

    Jim K.

    1. I think the green screen thing was made just to size of the camera shot. When it bobbles up & down (apparently bumped), you see where the top & bottom of the green screen are (not very far up or down). I suspect they asked the speakers to not roam, but if you’ve ever tried to cover tech limitations by instructing a speaker or singer, you are aware it doesn’t really work well, and either have to pan the camera & lose the green screen or let them roam off camera.

      1. “bobbles up & down”

        Given the girth of the “speaker”, I think the term jiggles would be more appropriate 😀

  12. I had to laugh at his saying he can’t run up and down stairs like he used to…but it probably has more to do with his weight than his age. He’s not that old. Many “fit” people his age can run and down stairs still.

    I get tired of the “amen”? stuff. Real fast.

  13. I noticed he mentions his “Church” Bible. The guy that sells those came and spoke at my home church once. Without telling people that there are three King James Versions, he led people to the verses where there are differences between the three. When people raised their hands to say their Bible read differently, he would tell them they have a false King James put out by the liberals. His Bibles are just scans of a Cambridge KJV- same typeface, page #’s, etc. (after all, the “KJB” isn’t copyrighted, you know?). I guess if he was selling more of them Cambridge would sue.
    Sadly, not too many people besides me saw through this creep: there was a big line of people wanting to buy a “real” “KJB.” 🙄

  14. Yet another overweight preacher who would condemn homosexuality as an unhealthy lifestyle. At least most gay men his age can run of the stairs.

    1. LOL! That’s exactly what I thought.

      “One of these days, Alice … POW! to the moon!”

  15. Daryl,

    If I am ever having a bad day I just come to this website and my computer screen gets a good cleaning from all the times I spew my drink from cackling so hard at these posts.
    Thanks. 😀

  16. I was scared for a little bit….”yur gonna fall down the hill!” I kept shoutn’…then I realized it was jus a pitcher….

    Seriously, methinks he would have looked more “natural” if a NASCAR race would have on the screen. 😕

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