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  1. Surprisingly, at 27 seconds he misses a great opportunity to match “synagogue” with “Son of God”. He instead pairs “synagogue” with “Savior” which doesn’t flow at all”.

    1. Mixed feelings on that movie. On one hand, I think it’s a good representation of a christian man torn between serving God and serving the flesh, and on the other, it’s… well, it’s about a Christian who is torn between serving God and the flesh.

      Disregarding the quick prayerism, which is only really evident in a short scene at the start, I think his sermon at the end is a pretty decent gospel message for a hollywood film. Haven’t seen it for a while, so maybe I’m wrong.

      1. Just watched it again – some good bits, a lot of fleshly incitement however – reminds me of the preaching scene in blues brothers lol. But I remember it goes on for longer. He picks up a child and starts weeping somewhere, about how he couldn’t sacrifice his own child. And the young man just sits there the entire time without moving and is saved at the end (surprisingly, Apostle EF didn’t make him pray a prayer earlier, but was a friend to him throughout the movie)

      2. It’s one of my favorites. And it’s considered a pretty tender representation of its subject. I think that’s why I love it — not because the tradition it represents is mine, but because it rings true for the tradition it does represent.

    1. His style.

      I would take a boring theologian rightly dividing scripture and teaching me God’s word in context than a hair raising, barn storming, snake oil salesman-of-a-preacher any day.

      Give me meat…not theatrics.

        1. Good question.

          I didn’t hear anything scripturally wrong with what he preached in this clip. Doctrinally it sounded ok. But, I wouldn’t go hear him preach. To me, he is terribly annoying. But, that is just a personal opinion. Some people like to be yelled at. More power to them.

          As someone who has been burned by fundamentalists preachers, when I see a guy in a suit with slicked hair white shirt, without a proper degree in theology, yelling to get his points across, inserting his personal opinions freely….I instinctively run away and keep a tight grip on my wallet.

        2. He said the same thing over and over again. Salvation is in Jesus. Wonderful. Truth. I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but like Mike said, doctrinally, he sounded okay. I too found the delivery annoying. Milk, delivered through “preachertainment”. The people there were unlikely to be changed by that message, but rather go away “wow, what a great preacher” and take a few quotes home for “preacher boys night”.

          I know I did when I used to listen to Greg Locke – his style of preaching is not much different to this – a bit faster and less rhyming.

    2. I only made it 3:00 in. After about 25 seconds I was already tuned out whatever the message was, and was just hearing the rhythm. Have no idea what the message was, and am not gonna re-listen and try to hear what his point is.

    3. Both:
      It is contrived in order to elicit “A-mens” and “P-I-B’s” All it amounts to is preachertainment that is designed to work up an emotional experience. That maskes it manipulation from the first syllable. I’m sure the “brown-bag Love offering” was a nice haul after that performance.

      This preachertainment idea of evangelism is rotten to the core. Amen?
      Emotional manipulation is poison to the soul. Amen?
      What he is doing is neither preaching nor teaching so why is he standing in front of people ranting and raving? Now that’ll preach brother!

  2. I would like to ask all preachers to put an end to the quote “people look at you like a calf at a new gate”

    Let’s retire that one please.

  3. Normally I can make it through most of the vidsรขโ‚ฌยฆBut I couldn’t make it past one minute โ— And I’m usually capable of listening to annoying noises.

    1. I listened as long as I could. I would guess it was than a minute. I looked at the counter and realized that the entire video lasted nine minutes. There’s no way that I could have listened that long. I’ll echo what others have said that I had no problems with what he was saying (granted that I only listened to a small portion) but his style was very annoying.

  4. I have heard him speak several times. He always manages to make fun of his wife and blondes in order to “break the ice”. Based on this alone, I cannot stand him.

    As for his preaching, he is endorsed by Smith of SoTL and Eborn of FBN. I think that says everything.

  5. I’ll give him props for having a real degree in a real field of study from a real institution of higher learning (more than most “evanglists” have), but anyone who goes into full-time “ministry” without a shred of formal Bible training is a through-and-through moron.

    1. i think most elders need formal theological training. however, some people who lack formal training are apt to teach and disciplined enough to teach themselves (e.g. C.H. Spurgeon).

  6. It puts my teeth on edge. Horrible. I wouldn’t last long enough in one of his sermons to be caught up by the rhythm of his delivery.

  7. I have an idea – let’s record this guy and play it back to the terrorists in Gitmo. That will be a new kind of torture guaranteed to give up all the secrets they know.

    Our local fundy preacher also makes “teasing” remarks about his wife in his sermons. I think that is verging on abusive.

  8. He screamed for 3 minutes and 40 seconds straight before taking a break and talking for a minute in a calm voice.

      1. yes. it does fit.

        If there were any unregenerated people there I’m curious as to how he thinks these people will come to Christ with a presentation such as that.

  9. The person who taped this is so close to the speaker, and I would not be surprised if the minister’s staff used their own video system to obtain a cross-fix. So whoever you are, you need to keep a low profile.

    1. It’s unlikely that the person who posted the video was recording it as “evidence” of idiocy. He probably thought it was great, uploaded it to the youtube, and then someone from here found it ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. http://robertscourt.blogspot.com/2009/05/mind-control-or-brainwashing-in-america.html

    This is an interesting article on mind control and things like that. I am not sure that I believe most of it, but he does mention an interesting technique known as the voice roll that is used by hypnotists. (It is about 1/3 of the way down)

    This article was fascinating because so many of the techniques that he mentioned actually were used in revivals that I went to as a fundy.

    1. Sorry!!! (stupid freaking iPhone.) this was meant for exIFB about the scrolling red at every page. I hate auto-correct and slow Internet.

  11. Man, you guys get together and have a contest about who could make it through the video the fewest amount of seconds.

    Sometimes the tongue in cheek humor here is agreeable, but attacking someone (and it is attacking) because you don’t like their style, really makes me question the readers here. I’m sure none of your put yourself out there in public preaching or otherwise, therefore unavailable to ridicule.

    Sickening really.

    1. I guess you haven’t been paying attention to the fact that I do podcasts in my very own voice with my very own speaking style.

      Feel free to critique them all you want.

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