48 thoughts on “Comparing Themselves Amongst Themselves”

  1. It’s probably terribly petty of me but I find it amusing when he’s trying to yell and his voice cracks.

  2. It’s a little petty. It takes time & practice to develop the abilityto yell for an entire sermon.

    I like that they have mics setup, but presumably are just for aesthetic purposes, cause they aren’t doing anything as far as I can tell. I’m guessing they had so many feedback issues, they turned down the volume so far it doesn’t do anything. Or maybe they really are there just to look like they have a sounds system

  3. “…your family is not gonna get saved cause of you.” he went from preaching about witnessing to saying that . He seems to contradict himself.

    @Darrell: That’s the first time in a while you have posted a short video and not a 9:00-10:00 min one.

  4. I mostly post what I find. Most fundies aren’t considerate enough to make their videos short. 🙂

  5. This video was on his mom’s youtube channel. I gues he was praching after a going away party fo him.

    @Darrell: interesting youtube video on your twitter links.

  6. I just got a good parody spin Instead of I Was a Teeage Werewolf- I Was a Teenage
    Preacherb0y(at least it sounded good to me).

  7. @Phil: Unfortunately for those of us who lived that life, “I Was a Teenage Preacherboy” is a horror beyond anything Hollywood can devise. There should be other Preacherboy films also, like, “Frankenpastor” and two that doesn’t even have to be renamed “Scream” and “Puppet Master.”

  8. Sorry for the grammar I revised my post but didn’t check it thoroughly. Be pleased to forgive!

  9. To you people saying he sounds like Steven Anderson Common!, he’s not even talking about men peeing standing up being a command of God.

  10. @ Phil maybe that was before he learned how to do it himself… Then he saw the “Who’s Next” album cover and “click” …he knew what he was called to preach on….
    I wish someone would do the “Who’s Next” cover Fundy style with Steven Anderson, and some of the Usual suspects… like the “holyghost busters” pinup.

  11. Am I really the first person to post this question: What the heck happened to his hair? Did somebody pummel him with whirling eggbeaters?

    Poor kid. Nobody should prop a young person on a stage and tell him he knows what he’s talking about just by virtue of who he is.

    1. I was wondering about his hair too. But my amazement was more that he’s allowed to preach in a hyper-fundy church with “worldly” hair like that. O.o lol

  12. Gotta have that American flag stapled to the wall.

    What purpose do flags serve in worship? I’ve noticed that even when there is a “Christian” flag in a sanctuary or on a flag pole out front, it is always displayed in a position subordinate to the American flag. And if you don’t do it that way, you’ll have some veteran pointing out your error.

    The problem with this is that the church is international; it doesn’t belong to any one country or government. The church was here before the United States, it will be here after the United States, and even though we may be Americans, that is not our primary identity. What point is there, then, of displaying Caesar’s symbols in church?

    I don’t have it sorted out yet, but somehow the fundamentalists’ nationalism, sentimentalism, sectarianism and KJV-only-provincialism feed off each other as vital components of their inbred, myopic view of the world and the Scriptures.

    /former fundamentalist baptist pastor

  13. What’s even more interesting is that it looks like this church is either on or right next to sovereign Navajo lands.

    Which would make that flag even more of a statement than it would normally be somewhere in the Bible belt.

  14. unfortunately, in spite of his soulwinning efforts, he can never receive God’s blessing as long as he is sporting that fauxhawk. to quote a random verse out of context that has nothing to do with my point, “friendship with the world is enmity with God.”

  15. @Darryl I think you’re missing something important. It is imperative for all good preacher boys to have a crack in their voice, which sounds like they are about to cry. This is employed when talking about passion for God, or especially sorrow over the lost. It puts a faux-sincerity element to it, as if to say “that crack means I really expect you to think I’m passionate about this”. A guy in my present church does this in every prayer for effect, sort of like a “passion emoticon” at the end of his sentences. Brilliant.

  16. The most abhorrent American flag thing I’ve ever seen was the guy Darrell posted w/ a flag drapping down from the front his pulpit. From the sermon subject it didn’t seem to be like memorial day or 4th special day, just has it there all the time for whatever reason. Unreal.

  17. @RobM: IMO it’s just as inappropriate on Memorial Day or the 4th as it is on any other day. Displaying a national flag or singing patriotic songs is not necessarily wrong outside the church, but they do not belong in church, wherever that church may meet.

    1. rofl I was hoping the same thing.
      @Dave true but oddly enough they’ll do it when begging “Do I hear an AMEN??!!” So I was really hoping he’d lapse into immitation of that, but no such luck.

  18. “We had a 154 people saved in the jail last year – me and Loren.”

    What do you want, a cookie? You had them saved? Yeah, God didn’t have anything to do with it. Just you two.

    I hate when people say they “got someone saved.”

    @Andy – that would’ve been funny.

  19. I agree with Jim…this guy is in serious violation of fundamentalist rules of appearance by sporting a fauxhawk. WAY too worldly…I’m surprised he’s even allowed to get behind the pulpit with that ‘do!

    Where’s his IFB “high and tight”? Tsk, tsk.

    Surely God can’t bless.

  20. I feel sorry for him. You can be a good soul winner and get your merit there, but a genuine Dad and Father you don’t have to be in the IFB world. WE NEED MORE GENUINE WISE DAD’S AND FATHERS instead of soul winners.

  21. @free: I totally agree. I hate when IFB preachers speak to the crowd as if they are inferior. No one can ever top the accomplishments and spirituality of the pastor. Once in a great while, there is a “spiritual warrior” in the crowd who receives compliments from the pulpit on a regular basis, but that person has to be approximately 90 years old and was once rescued from a life of sin and heresy. All other members are simply spiritual peons who will never achieve what the pastor or that one special member is able to achieve.

  22. Jim: “to quote a random verse out of context that has nothing to do with my point, “friendship with the world is enmity with God.””

    Way to go, Jim! Beautifully put! Are we sure it’s a fauxhawk? Maybe he has a bad barber…..

    1. haha true.
      But his hair is no accident! Take it from a guy just a few years ahead of him. It’s carefully styled for sure. And he’s wearing one of the best looking suits I’ve seen on a hyper-fundy preacher in a long time. =P

  23. I just don’t understand how these fundamentalist churches aren’t busting at the seams with Christ honoring preaching like this. {said with sarcasm}

  24. ” if i was goin’ to hell… (pause for effect)….i wouldn’t want to go”…..wow…deep stuff right there david…haha

  25. I love how they all have the same actions and mannerisms. Like, when reading from the notes, they grip onto that pulpit like the mouth of hell is opening before them or something.

    The thing is, this kid completely betrays what he is saying by his mannerisms. He has been taught them, they aren’t natural. He is pointing and flailing and faking a weep here and there at the right points. Does he really believe what he is saying (ironically, I just fulfilled the “doubting others salvation” post).

    1. I don’t think so. Is it not a valid question whether or not he was being a copy cat of whatever he’s heard or been taught how to do things?

  26. I just listened again. The first 10 seconds are awful. Absolute rubbish – Me and Lauren had 150 saved, when did you even have 1 person saved.

    “Quick, run to the altar and worship me!”

  27. @exIFB
    …ever notice that the so called “altar” is at the feet of the m-o-g? I don’t think that’s no small co-inky-dink..

  28. I did notice the hair…the syncrestic American flag/KJV-beating up the crowd-preaching.

    Young preacher kid, same sermon…”It’s your fault”…the paneling looked greasy too.

  29. Not really a good idea to use yourself as the shining example when berating your audience/congregation about not doing enough. No way to do that without coming across as full of yourself.

    I’m a little confused by his point, though. He can’t seem to decide whether he’s telling them that they need to go out and “save more people” or that they can’t save anyone.

    As for the voice, cut him some slack. Teenage boys can’t really help it 😛

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