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  1. Wait a minute?!

    These guys are wearing no shirts! How is it a sin for ladies to see them IRL, but fine in a promotional video?

    Crazy they are…

    1. Good point! It all looks so normal and so fun until you realize . . . WAIT!!! There aren’t any girls there! THAT’S the only reason they can have their shirts off!

      Those activities look really fun – until you realize as a woman you have to do them all in CULOTTES!!!! I especially dig the girls ice-skating in culottes. Hoo boy. At least the girl rock-climbing had more short-like apparel that didn’t seem to flare out as much as a traditional culotte.

        1. Men are not allowed at women’s sporting events? Even fathers or other family members of players? Do they ban video and pictures also (well, obviously not for school promotional purposes)?

          What twisted logic.

        2. Relatives probably allowed, I m not female and wasn’t into pcc girls, so I’ve got like hearsay only. Maybe some championship games were social events, but most were not able to be attended by male students.

    2. It’s the same nakedness double-standard with The Wilds camp videos: plenty of shirtless, swimming guys whose nudity is sanctified by the video screen.

  2. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw the guy painting a picture of himself because the first thing that popped in my head was the story of Narcissus.

    1. Dude don’t pick on this kid. He was actually kicked out for being involved in a peanut butter incident.

    2. You guys need to get a life and get your facts straight. I am the painter from the video. This was part of an assignment and painting a portrait from a mirror is the most challenging project an artist can undertake. I was not kicked out and I graduated with a double major in graphic design and commercial art. Maybe if you spent your time doing something more productive rather than sitting on your butt making up comments on a webpage you might make something of yourself too.

      1. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ You’re my hereo! Way to stand up for yourself and say it how it is! Most of these bloggers don’t have a job and sit in their underwear all day, making lame comments. Like Perry Noble will say, “Just ignore the jackasses!”

        1. Most of these bloggers donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt have a job and sit in their underwear all day, making lame comments.

          And yet somehow you still care enough to show up and read the post, the comments, and then leave comments of your own.

          That’s a sad commentary on you, my friend.

  3. At 1:11, the girl in the ponytail looks like she is wearing that which pertaineth to a man or do the pinkish stripes differentiate her shirt enough from the blue and green of the men’s?

    1. Women wearing women’s tops that have similar features to men’s but are differentiated by their cut/style/colour = Acceptable.

      Women wearing women’s *pants* that have similar features to men’s but are differentiated by their cut/style/colour = Abomination.

      (I never could understand why both could wear the same polo shirt, but one *had* to wear a skirt so as to avoid wearing “men’s attire”)

      1. Exactly!

        (Can you imagine women’s fundy fashions if people thought that individual arms shouldn’t be displayed the same way they don’t like women’s legs to be clad separately? I guess we’d have all had to dress in ponchos instead of shirts. It would be hard to play sports, but easy to nurse a baby or shoplift.)

        1. lol – we had sleeve requirements… but not *specific* ones – they just had to be there.

        2. sorry – just re-read your comment – “individually”. That would be awful – top-skirts ๐Ÿ˜€

        3. lol, no I didn’t notice – that is *awful*!!! Next thing you know they will be wearing skirts that only come 1cm below the knee, then it will be board shorts for swimming, and then before you know it they will be running around in a bikini!!!!!! :O

        4. Some Holiness Pentecostal students (not sure of the exact denomination) attended the IFB school at which I taught. We were always intrigued at our different rules: they wore no jewelry or makeup, never any pants on women, girls never cut their hair, and guys wore long sweatpants and a regular t-shirt under their basketball uniforms (I was VERY happy to see GUYS having to follow clothing rules. It seemed most usually apply to the women), but they used drums and guitars in our music. We of course had no problem with haircuts on women or makeup or sleeveless shirts and, although our school was skirts or culottes only, nearly every girl wore pants at home. We however were VERY strict about music – no drums, no syncopation, nothing contemporary. We used to tease each other about who was being godly and who wasn’t!

  4. To those who doubted that PCC students didn’t know what they were in for when they applied to the school: Here’s your proof they were victims of false advertising.

    1. NO ONE goes to PCC unaware–the video is very accurate as a matter of fact, and is attested by myself and others who post here and attended there.

      (Plastic emotions etc.)

      It’s like signing up for the Marines and then complaining about having to get the hair cuts..


      1. Welcome to the Kool-Aid stand, we got all the purple stuff you can drink! You look awfully thirsty, friend. MOM, make some more Kool-Aid!

      2. I missed the subliminally embedded handbook rules, I guess. Maybe if I play it backwards . . .

        1. I did NOT fully know what I was getting into when I went to BJU. I enjoyed my time there mostly; I was from a very sheltered background so in some ways BJU was more freeing! But after a while, being treated like a child gets to you. You’re 21 and you can’t be trusted to go to a restaurant alone with your boyfriend? (What was all that Biblical training throughout our childhood by our parents even FOR if they assumed that the moment we were unsupervised we’d be jumping into bed?) You’re 21 and you have to go to your dorm and get in bed by 11:00 p.m. after play rehearsal while all the townies go to Stax Omega to hang out? Oh, the humiliation. Again, at 18, having been very sheltered by my parents, I didn’t know any better. After a year or two, I realized that this was NOT how young adults should be treated. Add to that being called in to the Dean of Women’s office to be yelled at for following another’s teacher’s instructions (and of course never being apologized to; the issue just sort of “disappeared” because I really HADN’T done anything wrong, but of course they couldn’t admit that to me), and you’re left with an uncomfortable taste in your mouth. “Wait? Is this Kool-aid? I thought it was fresh, unadulterated spring water! Hey, who switched my beverage?”

        2. @pastor’s wife:

          I had a similar experience. My family was pretty strict and the school wasn’t that much different. I didn’t have a problem my freshman year. Everything changed my sophomore year when I fell in with a group of ‘heathen’ from NJ. I had already begun to question things on my own but my new friends helped me a lot.

          Long story short, I allied myself with the free-minded people and moved to NJ after graduating instead of returning to DE. I think its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

      3. That’s why I didn’t go there for school. You could almost “feel” the fakeness.
        Of course, I went to the World’s Most Unusual University, so that’s not sayin’ too much more.
        My brother, ironically, felt the “fakeness” at BJU, went to PCC because of the beach, sports, etc., and said on his last day there that he would never step foot on that campus again.

      4. Since I never was treated like I had a mind as a teenager, I didn’t notice the difference at PCC. It was more freeing to me too. At least I could sit on a wall and talk to anyone I wanted too. An approved wall to be sure. Into my 20s, still didn’t dawn on me that maybe I could be making my own decisions. When I was 21, my parents pulled me out of PCC, bought a one way ticket and send me across the world to be a missionary. I had no say in it, God had told them, and I had to obey since I wasn’t married, I was still under their authority umbrella. I saw in that Jungle for a half a year trying to figure out what happened. Why was I so miserable if it was God’s will. Why didn’t my parents write? Or send money?? Took me that long to wake up and decide that God could talk to me too and I got out of there without my parents blessing. When you are brianwashed, it takes a long time to snap out of it sometimes. Didn’t mean to write all that. whew.

        1. escapee – that is an incredible story. We freaked out when our daughter went to Europe on her own for a week. I could not imagine “sending” a child around the world without their consent and with no contact.
          Your name is poignant in light of your story.

        2. There’s more, but that was the climax of the spiritual abuse that finally made me snap out of it. I thought it was all so normal. I had just one couple in the whole church that reached out to me, and quietly said, you don’t have to obey, if you ever want help, we’ll help you. God bless them! I thought they were crazy at the time, of course I had to obey. I took them up on it when I decided to come back and my parents turned the entire church against me.Yes I feel like an escapee, and I mourn for my siblings and friends who did not escape.

        3. Escapee, did that couple help you return? Did they get lots of abuse for doing so?

          Amazing story. So glad you are now free.

        4. they moved away and helped me from another state. They did catch grief for helping me though. I sought counsel from my pastor and Pastor Schettler. they both told me I needed to return to my parents and do what they said because God couldn’t possibly bless my life if I disobeyed my parents.

        5. I never could understand why anyone would ask Schettler for life advice. Like just based on the wretched preaching he did, not to mention his complicity with the student abuses hat go on, I wouldn’t have asked him for advice on anything, let alone major life decisions. Glad you ignored his awful advice!

        6. Thank God for using that couple to help you! Your story does remind me that there are some really decent folks within fundyland…I just hope they one day find the door too.

        7. Wait, your parents all of a sudden just decided that it was God’s will for you to be a missionary in the jungles? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ โ— No wonder you call yourself escapee.

        8. Yup I came home for the summer after my sophomore year are PCC. My parents waited a week and then told me what they had decided for me and that my plane was leaving in two weeks. They also asked me to go before the church and tell the church about my calling so the church would fund raise for me. It was humiliating. I did not want to go, and then to pretend that I did want to go in front of the church.

          I had to back out of my summer job that I had lined up. Tell the college I wasn’t coming back and try to figure out how to get my stuff out of storage at PCC and sent back to me. It would have been nice to have been brought in to the conversation a little sooner to help with the logistics of making it happen.

          The people I was sent to didn’t realize I was going against my will either.

      5. Another example of how students don’t know exactly what the rules at a college will be like before they get there: I was very excited about the many changes to be in plays at BJU without having to worry about being asked to do or say things that would compromise my Christian faith. Drama often pushes the envelope, but I knew at a Christian college, I would be safe. However, I didn’t anticipate THIS safe: the first play I was in, the director said, “If you’re not on stage, you must be in a side room, studying not talking. Girls in this room; guys in that room.” BORING!!! A lot of the fun memories of drama is hanging out with friends backstage, and she just stifled all of that. Thankfully she’s the only one who ever did that, but STILL! I just would have never expected that type of control.

        Again, I LIKED being able to walk around campus without overhearing people yelling profanities. But I never expected that after 7:00 p.m. I wouldn’t be allowed to walk alone to the practice shacks to practice piano. I liked being able to sit and talk with my date without having people nearby lying on couches with feet in the air making out all over each other. But I never expected to be reprimanded because the chaperone didn’t like the way we were holding a book we were looking at together. It just went a lot further than I ever expected.

      6. “NO ONE goes to PCC unaware”

        John, I did; I was gullible, naive, and easily swayed by people who I thought knew more about serving God than I did. I spent fourteen years of my life there, years I now deeply regret. ๐Ÿ™

        Both when I went there as a student and when I went on staff, they withheld most of the negative information until you were already heavily invested in going forward. I never saw a student handbook until my first day on Ballard South, and I never saw a staff handbook until after I had already signed the contract. That’s the way they work.

        If you’re as shrewd as they are, then perhaps you could walk into PCC with both eyes open, but I wasn’t. I was an idealistic kid who thought they represented the best of Christianity, and they took advantage of that.

    1. LOL! I so wanted to go to Cedarville instead of PCC, PCC was in my price range though. And there’s the rub.

      1. The pastor of the church I went to as a kid went to Cedarville and was after all of us kids to matriculate there as well. After reading the handbook, I figured I last about half a semester before they booted my ass. Not that I was a bad kid, quite the opposite; but the idea of being treated like a naughty 8 year old didn’t sit well with me. When I ventured this opinion to our youth pastor, I was told that I needed to go there because I could use the disipline.

        1. Hmmm…I know quite a few people that went to Cedarville, and no one was ever treated like a naughty 8-year-old, or unduly disciplined.

          I posted the video to show just how different a Christian college can be from colleges like PCC and BJU. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ooh… I have never heard of cedarville! Gonna keep it in mind for my children when they are older.

  5. It must be the power of advertising. Watching that video really got me pumped about Pensacola Christian. I wouldn’t mind chapel every day. And the cafeteria. There’s something about a hot meal that I connect with. And I would love to learn the keyboards. All the girls wear their dresses at an acceptable length. Exposing a little knee. I stopped lusting after girls knees in the mid 70’s. Too bad I’m not college age.

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the cheerleading outfits at 5:16 (especially the three in mid-air) don’t quite cover the knee. But I guess “knee-length” modesty doesn’t apply to athletic uniforms, at least not as rigidly.

  7. Wow. It’s been 15+ years since I was at PCC, the hairstyles have changed but the choreographed movements and smiles of the “hosts” are the same. Clothes aren’t much different either. The strict dress code is not very flexible to the changing fashions. I threw out all my clothes once they were out of date, maybe I should have made a little money and sold them to incoming students.

    1. 13 years out of pcc for me, and I still have the same reaction to the programmed hosts. I never knew how the could manage to to fake it that much till I stayed overnight with travelling partners with the rice family (yes that rice family). I totally got how they pulled the phony off after that. Prob not all the hosts, but some grew up in some creepy environments.

      1. Will Rice went to PCC the same time I did. It was like having our own Bob Jones descendant among us.

        1. Wil with 1 l. I altered the princess bride rule of never trust a man with 2 first names to never trust a man going with the weirdo spelling partially due to him. Very odd family.

        2. My bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

          My fav line from his dad, “Amen Brother Bill shake that Bush.”

          Just knowing the books that have come out of that family, I bet that was an akward visit.

        3. escapee,

          Wil was in my prayer group his and my freshman year on Ballard South. He was actually quite down to earth, at least when I knew him; Mr. PCC type fakery always seemed to bother him that year, and it seemed to be that he wasn’t a good fit into the “PCC Preacher Boy” mold he was being hammered into.

          We drifted apart in later years there, and I lost track of him after we graduated, so I don’t know what he’s like now.

          BTW, you didn’t happen to marry a guy from PCC who youth pastored for a while, did you? Your escape from fundamentalism reminds me a lot of the wife of a friend of mine who I knew there.

        4. My husband is a Children’s pastor. He was never a youth minister. He was a preacher boy there though.I do have a few friends with similar stories though, parent’s demanding that they marry someone of their choosing. And facing the consequences of marrying someone else.

  8. Yep, look at that dated fundy video production style. Low-budget, overly scripted, blah. This may have been an effective recruiting tool in 1980. Now, not so much.

  9. I noticed that they show engineering and sciences as a few of their degrees… but when I check around they aren’t accredited. Many engineers need grad school, GPA and school accreditations are critical at getting jobs in engineering and sciences due to the standards involved. I notice they didn’t bother to mention their lack of accreditation and I really feel sorry for students who go there to try to get science related degrees and plan to get a job within said fields.

    And for that matter, business education if you plan on getting an MBA or getting a teaching credential if you take the Education path. They make the claim that they feel like they have the tools required for their profession… except that they aren’t getting a valid degree. ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Those education degrees are really something. They teach the teachers how to read a beka curriculum verbatim, do not deviate from the propoganda we publish, and how to crowd control with children, not how to teach.

      1. *facepalm* I live in California… I’m not sure we accept teaching credentials from other states with accredited schools, let alone from something like this.

        1. I live in CA, too, and I can tell you that we might maybe accept a teaching credential from another state, but definitely NOT from a Fundy school. It’s wretched, really – six years of education wasted now, and if I want to teach, I have to start from the bottom up again. Grr.

        2. Find Jocelyn – she has a list of 35 states that won’t accept degrees from non-regionally accredited schools. CA is one of the tough ones. FL is one of the easy ones, but, don’t come to FL – there are already a lot of unemployeed teachers down here and you’ll just add to the list.

    2. In the video it says “Basic” Sciences and Engineering. Don’t want to educate people too much. They might actually be qualified then for a job in a secular field as opposed to a ministry field.

      1. What on earth can you do as a ministry job with a basic engineering or sciences degree? (other than teach basic engineering and sciences at fundyU)

        1. I don’t know about an engineering degree from PCC, but my degree in electrical engineering from BJU prepared me really well for getting my MSEE at Clemson after I graduated. I was more ready for grad school than most of my peers who had gone to Clemson for undergrad.

        2. It actually wasn’t accredited at the time, interestingly enough, that came after I had graduated. The Clemson engineering department had a really good relationship with Bob Jones grads, so it didn’t matter too much.

        3. @Poppe. Clemson takes BJU students into grad school despite their accreditation issues, mostly because they’ve done so in the past. (National accreditation is for trade schools, btw. These days, no university worth the money is nationally accredited; they are regionally accredited.) You try to get into MIT with a BJU degree… you’d better have a really high score on that GRE!

          Even BJU education grads have to take extra courses at Furman or some other properly accredited university to be able to secure SC teaching credentials. There are tons of stories of people not getting into grad school or not obtaining their licensing because of BJU lack of proper accreditation.

        4. National accreditation is not highly looked upon by real universities/employers.

          Regional accreditation is what you want if you plan on getting a real job and/or going to grad school. As far as I know, Maranatha Baptist Bible College is the only Fundy U. with regional accreditation.

        5. Clearwater is regionally accredited.

          Since I mentioned it, I may as well add that CCC is a really odd fundy bird. The head of student life is a hardcore former fundy camp admin/career preacher. The dean of men is BJU 110%. The president goes to the most conservative fundy baptist church in the Tampa area, but in conversation seems ashamed to be a fundy. The science faculty actually boasts a well-known name in “creation science” research. Then there’s the Bible faculty– it’s almost entirely made up of left-leaning Presbyterians!

  10. Actually, these folks are liberal compared to what I grew up with: no jewelry except watches, no cut hair for women, women must wear veilings, with hair arranged in a bun under the veiling. No culottes or pants for women, dresses only, no skirts or jumpers. Cape dresses only, and they must be homemade–unless someone with a similar dress code has a garage sale. No instrumental music at church or at home. No TV, and the pastor was trying to push for no radio as well.

    The up-side was beautiful 4 part (or more) acappella singing. The music in today’s churches can’t anywhere close to compete! That’s the only part I miss.

  11. I was just glad to see that the professors were all wearing suits and ties–definitely avoiding any appearance of compromise or evil!

  12. Why does this seem like a summer camp video?

    My large state college (where they were right, I dumped my fundamentalist upbringing) did not have an indoor water park. I feel like I was ripped off having to study 8 hours a night.

    1. So true. My state school actually had a 24 hour room in the library, and guess what – sometimes I needed it! Just think, no bell told me when to get up, no one told me to clean my room and I made it classes and graduated. And, while, alas, there was no daily chapel, I did go to the church of my choice and find community there. Mmm.

    2. Many,if not most college recruiting videos tell you not only how great the college is,but what the town,city,area has to offer. PCC is very subtle in that they make no references at all to the local community or anything off campus. Of course there are all those activities, why would you leave the campus?javascript:grin(‘:roll:’)

  13. woah.

    The cheerleaders actually do stunts?????

    I’m shocked.

    My society asked me to be a cheerleader but I said no because you couldn’t have more than one foot at a time off the ground.

    1. That has changed since I went there in ’92. They didn’t used to be able to do those kinds of things.

      1. I suspect it was a promotional video special dispensation, more than standard. Hopefully am wrong, but either way PCC rules. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. That’s what I’m thinking too. They generally did those kinds of things during College days demonstrations.

        2. I hate it when BJU advertising material would show students sitting on the grass together. I always wanted to say, “That happens for ONE WEEK ONCE A YEAR!!!” I just don’t like using an exception for advertising as if it were everyday behavior.

        3. @Pastors Wife – PCC does that too. They show dating outing video with couples holding hands and getting close…that only happens once a year too. Funny how FundyU needs to advertise that they’re like the world to get students.

        4. @ Loren, I think that’s SO deceptive! And it IS funny that they attract people with behavior that they don’t usually even allow!

    2. I was actually shocked that the women’s basketball and volleyball teams were wearing shorts.

      1. Really long shorts thought. . .and i bet only women were allowed to be in the gym when they were playing!

    3. that surprised me too. PCC Cheerleaders were not allowed to do pyramids when I went there. Man they must be liberal now!

  14. The young lady in the video says, “What sets PCC apart is its spiritually vibrant atmosphere.” Really? So, going to mandatory services at a “local church within a college setting” makes one spiritually vibrant? I did not see any of the young people in this video say,”Young people are encouraged to think for themselves here and are challenged to think critically.” Why did they leave that out? Also, this video has two selling points: a safe from the world “Christian” setting and an amusement park. It appeals to the “spiritual” and to the “carnal”. lol. Good marketing strategy, PCC.

    1. ,รขโ‚ฌยYoung people are encouraged to think for themselves here and are challenged to think critically.รขโ‚ฌย Why did they leave that out?

      Because to think for ones self is sin silly. Any good Christian knows that. We are to have the mind of Gid. /sarcasm

    2. The required campus church thing irks me. Yeah, that’s a “local church” – totally. You can worship with 10,000 of your closest friends. Blech. I guess we can’t have our students going to other churches – they might learn something heretical or have to share a hymnal with a member of the opposite sex.

      1. Jenni, I remember experiencing so much spiritual intimacy with these 10,000 people when I attended there. You might even say hello to a campus member from the town and get a grunt in return. The pastor did not even know my name nor did any of the “lay shepherds” know me, but boy did I experience the “localness” there! And you know how those compulsory services for the nonbeliever looking for a cheaper college tuition, how they would cause spiritual vibrancy. Catch that spirit!

      2. Idk what kind of church the campus church is, to my knowledge they have no board, deacons, elders, bishops, etc. The “pastor” ( I would argue he’s more of a staff speaker) is hired by the college, reports to the president of the college and serves at Horton’s leisure.all counseling done to/for college students is NOT confidential and subject to being demerited I suspect. And that doesn’t even begin to mention the idea of having a banned list of people (mostly former students/staff) who they will call the police on if tghey so much as show up on the premises to attend a church function.

    1. Yeah, I know. I was friends with several African Americans, and they were always being bothered to be in videos or pictures at BJ. They had to keep using the same people, because there weren’t very many.

      Shocker, considering how they were getting called into the Dean’s office to get yelled at about “dating a white girl.” And that is an actual quote.

  15. What would you call that background music? Aaron Copland meets feel-good movie meets Olympics closing ceremony? Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Back to real life now.

  16. 1,001 ways (which cost millions of dollars) to create a world that is nothing like the real world. Enjoy it while you’re there. It’s a four-year break from real life.

  17. Now if they put in an indoor shooting range and I might consider going back to school………..

    1. Most fundy places already have indoor shooting ranges—they are called classrooms or lecture halls. “Come on in and take all the shots you want at the ESV-reading, pants-wearing, worldly, TV-watching, evil-music-listening liberals!”

  18. <>

    Really? Let’s hope you don’t have issues getting into grad schools or obtaining professional licenses.


    Gee, I thought Christ did that already.

  19. hey. just because you show the same black girl over and over again in your video, that doesn’t mean you’re diverse.

    1. Yeah, but she’s the only good thing to happen to that entire video. She’s almost life-like. She’ll need to repent of that later on.

  20. OK, I was quoting the guy who said he had received the tools he needed to succeed in his profession and the tools he needed to succeed as a Christian.

  21. WOW! This does look like an exciting place to grow spiritually and meet your future Head of the Home (Or HelpMeet if you are a guy). How do people resist the calling to full-time ministry when they are so saturated with vibrant spirituality like that?!

  22. Ok – bet someone got demerits for the immodest dressing going on @ 6:16 (somebody needs a slip if headlights are shining behind you!)
    Also, when talking about how great the food is, you might want to have a clip of someone not grimacing while eating their food…@ about 6:42
    Crazy stuff…so glad I took the hits from everyone at church for NOT going here and went to state school instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. For most of my young life I attended public schools and enjoyed it. In 1976 when I was advanced to the sixth grade I was sent to a new experimental public school designed by Westinghouse. This was the time when the current educational fad was opened classrooms. I was assigned a section with 60 others students. I and my 59 classmates would travel from the language lab, to the math lab, to the history lab, etc… to learn each subject.
    Each lab had one teacher and two teacherรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs aides. We were then given assignment sheet or TLUs (Teaching and Learning Units.) In each classroom were a series of text books. The TLUs would give us directions on which text book we would use, which pages to read and then give us a series of questions to answers. The teacher or the aides would check our work. And we could not progress to the next TCU until all the students had comprehended the subject matter. The lazy or least intelligent students were setting the agenda. The TLU system was a complete disaster.
    I was looking for an alternative. Some attractive teens as my church told me about their wonderful fundamentalist Baptist school. They told me the education was superior, and since it was a Christian school, everyone was kind to each other. There were no clicks and no bullies. They would be my best friends.
    They were lying!
    Within my first week, I know I made a mistake. My attractive church mates would have nothing to do with me. I had to make new friends. And there were clicks and bullies. I got beat up in gym class and my teacher blamed me for it. Most of the classes were in a church basement that would flood after a rain storm. The school was forty miles from my house. So I would have to wake up at 6am to catch the bus at 7am and I did not get home until 5:30pm. Since my parents would not let me out after dark, I could only see my neighborhood friends on Saturday. Sunday I had to reserve for church, both morning and evening services. I could write a whole book about how bad this school was.
    I wanted to return to the public school. The TLU system was scrapped. They added walls to the open space classrooms. My neighborhood friends told me the school had improved. But people at my church told my parents that students at my old school were doing drugs and having รขโ‚ฌล“sex in the hallways.รขโ‚ฌย (No one from my church had ever visited my old school) My local public schools were some of the best and safest in the state. The public high school I would have attended sent many students to the Ivy League.
    I even asked my neighborhood friends parents to talk to my parents. But to no avail. I was stuck at my fundie school until I graduated my senior year.
    My teenage church members were then shocked when I decided to attend the local secular public community college. One girl, who would never give me the time of day, told me she was personally hurt by my decision not to follow her to BJU.
    So when I see this video, it just brings back bad memories of my old fundie school lying to me and other students.

    1. I first read that as saying that you traveled from the language lab to the meth lab. I was thinking, “Wow, that is experimental!” ๐Ÿ˜†

  24. Hey Darrell
    It says video removed by user. That was fast. It might just be my computer, but just thought I should let you know.

      1. They probably have a GA whoรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs sole task it is to watch this blog and remove what links he can, in addition to identifying any and all staff/ students who post here. ๐Ÿ™„

        I know from first hand experience that they have people doing that on the PCC Board.

        1. You should post something contrary on BJU’s wiki page. It’ll get changed in less than 5 minutes.

        2. You know, this was probably a rough draft leaked intentionally to SFL so that we could all comment and give advice. The real video will come out soon – right after they give demerits to the girl without a slip and the people grimacing over their food. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I wonder of you put some prominent links to their website if you could mind eff them into taking their website down? Even a temporary outage I would consider a major accomplishment! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. Pastor Backlow JUST preached a sermon on whining. He told the story of the children of Israel and how they were whining in the desert. He said that is just like the soft fundamentalists of today. They claim to be fundamentalists but go to movies, and eat at restaurants that have bars in them, and don’t have an American flag in front of their house. Their churches don’t have bus ministries and would rather sing Southern Gospel than the great music of the faith. Like Mac Lynch. It was a great sermon! I think you would have liked it!

      1. And that’s why Fundies only go to buffets. they are the only restaurants suitable to go to after church on Sunday that don’t have bars.

        1. Also, buffets are all you can eat, so the fundies can paid $12.95 to enter the Old Country Buffet, then try to eat $40.00 worth of food. That way they can “stick it to the man”

      2. I assume the good rev’d is exercising church discipline on any members who don’t have flags in their front yard! I adore that detail! Big lol!

    1. “Well, sports fans, it’s an exciting game today at Pensacola Christian College. PCC’s Great WHorton’s of Babylon are destroying the BJU BoJoes the Clowns …”

      Where is Dick Vitale when you need him?

    1. Your tone is accusative, your statement is absolute, and your e-mail address is @juno.com…I call FUNDY!

      1. D – having just come across the juno e-mail account post you did a while back makes this funny beyond words. Too bad Pete will never understand the irony of it all ๐Ÿ˜†

        1. Yep, me and george go way back. We used to double date Fella and Ursella (I dated Ursella… I let george date Fella, at least I think I did, they were twins, so… who knows?) ๐Ÿ˜Ž I finally moved on to Penelope Pitstop for awhile then she got her own show and it went to her head. Then Melody and I were an item (Melody from Jose’ and the Pussycats) she was cute but so-o-o blonde. But I stuck with the blondes and went out with Betty Cooper for a while but she just couldn’t get past Archie Andrews. Yep I had alot of friends in that 29 diagonal inch box on Saturday mornings….
          But I will say this much I never had impure thoughts about a striptease mouse like Jack “I’ll slap grandma” Schaap did. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    2. Actually, there is. If I were a parent of college-age person, this video would turn me off of the place. I went to college to get a degree, not to play. That doesn’t mean I didn’t play when I was at college, and I can justify a rock climbing wall. But a water park? I don’t think so.

  25. Maybe this video would have swayed me 20 years ago. The buzz at my high school was that PCC was more liberal than BJU. After spending 15 years (I started in K-3, yes 3 years old!) in a fundy school I was pretty sure I didn’t want to endure 4 more years of “Christian education”, so I went to the local community college instead.

    1. I think BJU is more “liberal” than PCC at this moment. Especially with all the rule changes as of late at BJU.

      1. I know back in the 80s, one reason I chose BJU over PCC was the rule about girls in all white gym uniforms: white tees, white culottes – ick!!! BJU at least let girls wear sweats to gym class. And I believe at PCC you couldn’t leave your room in pants, whereas at BJU you could go down the hall in sweatpants to the restroom – although didn’t PCC dorm rooms each have their own bath so they didn’t necessarily HAVE to go out of their room? (There were more serious reasons, but that WAS something I noticed!)

  26. Come to Arlin Horton’s Sports Horton Center and hear Horton preaching at the Horton Hortin Hortitoreum. Eat at the Horton Palms Horton Grille. Visit the Horton Horton Planethorton. Horton!

    1. LOL ๐Ÿ˜†
      I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
      Nothing like a little man-centeredness to go with a large and profitable ministry.

  27. If I were to advise my kids to go to a Christian university it would be Liberty which really is a good school with a great environment for 12,000 on-campus students…it’s come a long way baby!..or a Biola type college. BJ or PCC? NOT A CHANCE!

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