FWOTW: fundamentalbaptistsermons.com

It would be hard to list everything on this site that’s noteworthy but here are a few highlights

135 pages of audio and video sermons
The only archive I’ve ever seen of fundamentalist women preaching (to other women)
a list of sites against “wordly music”
a list of Satanic gang signs
signs of the end time
A list of search engines including those that only find fundamentalist sites. Jackpot!

…and oh, so much more!

33 thoughts on “FWOTW: fundamentalbaptistsermons.com”

  1. 135 pages of sermons? That would be a jackpot for those who feel compelled to listen to sermons all day while they work, where other people would listen to music. Somehow, being beat up and laden with guilt all day makes them “joyful.” Of course, I’ll never understand, because I’m one of those pagan non-fundamental Baptists.

  2. On “satanic” hand-signs: A rational person would assume that if that many people of that many walks of life were flashing the same hand-gesture, it would probably be 1) a meaningless but “cool” gesture or 2) just about anything other than a covert signal that they are, at that moment, praying to Satan.

    And I was going to browse the signs of the End Times section but closed the tab the moment I saw those Chick tracts.

  3. Shouldn’t they have to have some kind of at least an honor system thing where you say you are a woman before you can download the women preaching? We wouldn’t want any men accidentally listening and being mislead by improper authority being exercised over them! 🙂

  4. Just checked the hand signs thing on JMP’s comment. I had resisted earlier. I love that they take photos of poeple adjusting their jacket lapel, those using the “horns” as a “rock on” at an awards ceremony. Poeple using it as “hook ’em horns” Texas Long Horns rally, and who knows what else, all as signs of people pledging allegiance to Satan. Just wow. I guess not really even wow, but depressing that people still fall for this in the google era.

  5. ZOMG scrolled down the page, and they even post the photos IDENTIFYING the “hook ’em horns” sign, and people still think it’s a Satanic symbol! I need to go back to bed, and pretend this isn’t real!

  6. I personally like the part in the hand signs portion where they discuss “fake photos” of people doing the Satanic hand-sign. I didn’t know fundys knew what photoshop was, even that such a thing existed!

  7. Wait – “I love you” is a satanic sign?!?!? The Texas “hook em” sign is a satanic sign?!?!? (Well, I suppose if you’re from Oklahoma it may be!) Given that Texas is such a breeding ground for fundamentalism that one in particular surprises me. Yikes.

  8. I wonder if these wonder turds have ever heard of ASL (American Sign Language)?

    How many satanic signs did they find in the old “Old Time Gospel Hour” sermons broadcast from Thomas Road back in the day?

    Then there is the four links to Backward Masking….

    “OH, they could wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the flowers
    Consultin’ with the rain
    And their heads they’d be a-scratchin’
    While a thought was busy hatchin’
    If they only had a brain…”

  9. The best part is when they use freeze frame shots of televangelists who are clearly making various gestures, and hand just happens to get caught for a brief period of time w/pointer & pinky extended, and that’s the sign of satan.

    SFL: Seeing things you want to see.

  10. On the songs page, I can’t even fathom who the moron was that found CCM artist doing cover songs, and then associated w/ them the “worst possible lyrics” they could find of the artist who was being covered.

  11. if you scroll to the bottom of the satanic gang signs page, you get a great image of president bush being visited in prayer by presidents washington & lincoln. such blatant necromancy! the horror!

  12. @Susan. I suspect they have a Jesus branded web browser. If it’s a good fundy browser it will report all the browsing you do to your pastor, translate everything into 1611 English, and filter out anything your Preacher defines as liberal.

  13. @Darrell: how do these fundy-only search engines work? and, more importantly, how do get sfl to show up as the first result on every search?

  14. On Satanic Signs:
    If you look extra carefully at the extra-exploded photo with super-sized pixels, you can for surely see that his finger tips are missing. True fact! …… (Fail?)

  15. “Hells Bells”????

    After recovering from the Gothard-defined evil music movement, I can’t click on any of those links. Just the titles give me flashbacks. These people need to take a few music theory classes. And maybe a few logic classes while their at it.

  16. I couldn’t get KISS’s “God Gave Rock N’ Roll to You” out of my head all day after seeing it on the site. Hadn’t heard that song in like 10 years, and now it’s on my iPod. Am I allowed to blame it on the liberals @ SFL?

  17. So they say that Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards are great fundy preachers? Well, I guess if Jesus was a fundy preacher. . . .

  18. i’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for “hell’s bells” and other such fundy exposes of “rock music”, nobody would have ever heard of gwar.

  19. Did anyone else notice the link to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet amongst all the banners?

  20. “Rock comes in a package — it is a package deal! The listener doesn’t just get the music alone. Over time one or more of the following evil fruits will be manifest in the life of the listener:

    -Drugs & Alcohol

    Worldliness gets it’s own separate category? What is “worldliness” then?

  21. Worldliness is just a catch-all to include anything else we didn’t list but don’t like.

  22. So basically rock music is the root of all evil? Was the tree of knowledge really a rock band, and the serpent the lead singer? I wonder what would happen if you backmasked what he said to Eve…

  23. Hell’s Bells? Wasn’t that an AC/DC song? I mean, if we’re going to rip off their titles, surely “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” is a better choice. Also:

    “You’ll discover what it can do to an egg.”

    Yeah, I stopped reading after that sentence.

  24. hand signs… I can never remember which is the Italian gesture popularized by Dio, and which is American Sign Language for “I love you” – thumb in or thumb out?

  25. Thumb in Dio “devil horns” also “rock on”, “hook ’em horns” among other meanings. Thumb out supposedly means “I love you”, but I think that might’ve been made up.

    1. Replying a nearly a year later. Yes, the thumbs out is a real ASL sign for I Love You. It comes from combining the letter signs of I, L and Y. Nothing sinister about it.

  26. @Darrell ah sign language. I never was sure if that was a rumor or not, and obv don’t know sing language. My fave horns sign is still the horns down which is far more enraging to Texas fans than any “devil horns” are to fundies! 🙂

  27. So I’m browsing….

    That link to the “satanic symbols”: I remember seeing my parents scrolling through this (years ago) and gasping in horror. I thought they were photoshopped 😛

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