65 thoughts on “And (you guessed it!) MORE HERO WORSHIP!”

  1. And good riddance!!

    They honored their god that day fo sho!

    btw wasn’t there something in the King Jimmy version about erecting idols??? Another case of fundy selective scripture obedience I see. I was surprised that the Older guy didn’t genuflect and kiss the master’s bronzed foot. What a cult!

  2. LOL! I’m a former trombone player, and I feel sorry for the trumpet players. You can see their breath so it’s cold enough to make the mouth piece cold, not to mention it looks like it’s early enough in the morning they probably forgot to put bandaids on their nipples, and you know that affects playing performance! 🙂

    Very strange practice, but I would not be surprised to see Arlin Horton setting up some kind of bizarre memorial to himself as well.

  3. This ceremony should be reserved for someone who died while serving, this is disgusting and totally wrong way to use the firing of weapons!! He may have served but he didn’t die on the battlefield:(

  4. To Darrell. I know that this comment doesn’t fit this post but you have to check out Norris Belchers sermon to the Sword of the Lord conference called Hush (shutup) you don’t speak Greek. I think he also preached it to his congregation. Its golden. Norris Belcher is the pastor of Church of the Open Door in Westminster Maryland. The former pastor of this church is Shelton Smith, current editor of Sword of the Lord. Come to think of it my comment is relavent. My 7th grade geography teacher at Carroll Christian Schools(which is run by Church of the Open Door) went to Hyles-Anderson College. So there you go.

  5. @Beth I can only guess they got a special dispensation for this bronze edifice….

    I’m wondering if when on campus and you hear the harp, the sackbutt, cymbals, horns and such does everybody turn toward this bronze statue and pray????

  6. I’m just speechless. Honoring a pimp & circus leader like he’s some kind of war hero??? It’s a disgrace to any of our armed forces. I bet all the people he’s screwed over the years would like to do something with those guns and that statue. Who dreamed up this? Schaap? I hoped when Hyles died in 2001, things would start changing. They did…for the worse!

  7. Darrell,

    I am not sure but I think that the musicians were attempting to play “echo taps” which is not in unison but echo so the fact that they are off key with each other is by design. At Arlington or National Cemetary, or anywhere with the very experienced bugle folks, the sound is even much more off unison, again, by design.

    Jerri, fancy seeing the “queen of defamation” here. The uniforms might be ROTC.


  8. @ Richard Sullivan “I’m just speechless. Honoring a pimp & circus leader like he’s some kind of war hero??? It’s a disgrace to any of our armed forces.”

    You said exactly what I was going do say, only better.

  9. @Loren! Gotcha! You’re very very welcome, just enjoy! 🙂

    @Darrell & @Sam I was never good on the trombone, and easily could’ve played that badly when fully warmed up & ready, but the cold has a big impact both on your lip & the mouth piece, and then more adjusting as both your lip & the mouthpiece warm up. Still fun to mock, but that’s by far the likeliest explanation for that, not trying for some kind of dissonant echo style

  10. Do they really need guns? Also, I love how they portray Mrs. Hyles holding his hand, as if they were a loving couple. So, not only are they treating Jack Hyles as a hero, with faux military fanfare, but they’re alsy creating revisionist history…nice. It’s a little bit North Korea if you ask me…

  11. A lot of people like to say, “Well, that’s just at Hyles. They have their own brand of fundamentalism”. Yet, Clarence Sexton and Crown College crew have entire buildings dedicated to their past heroes such as “The Lee Roberson Christian Heritage Center”. I understand this particular building houses an entire hall dedicated to past preachers. In fact puts them up on the wall right along with past presidents. Oh yes they did!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjqrBQs7u_E They also have “The Curtis Hutson Center for Local Church Ministries”.

  12. @ Jordan P “He committed adultery??”

    My female cousin, at the time a college student in a fundy college, once had the “privilege” of introducing Jack Hyles as the guest speaker for a special function at the college she attended. As she sat on stage between Hyles and the president of the college waiting to introduce him, she had to listen to the two men talk to each other about what they would like to do to her and what they could get her to “enjoy” if they could just get her alone with them. She said that to then go up and introduce this “great man of god” (intentionally left in lower case since he didn’t serve the God I know) was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. The president of the college was caught a few years later having one of multiple of affairs with one of the students.

  13. I remember them doing that every year I was at HAC. That wasn’t the worst performance I’ve heard- one year the trumpet player started on the wrong note.

  14. OK, so these guys who never have served in the military dress up in play army clothes and honor a preacher with guns, when earth’s warfare is the least (or should be) of a preacher’s concerns, and they pay this tribute to a guy who died of a failing heart in old age. Even without the scandals, this is a farce.

  15. 1st I do know that hero worship exists among IFB and the Hyles crowd is the worst. However most all colleges Christian and secular have statues of people on campus, especially their founder. as to the 21 gun salute. What was it for? Someone said they should reserve those for people who died in line of duty, but any vet can and should be able to have a 21 gun salute at his/her funeral. BTW it was not given by US Armed Forces anyway.

    1. @trex you are correct. My grandfather who served during the Korean conflict had such a salute at his funeral.

      However, it would be a little strange to go out to his grave this year and have another such honors ceremony. It simply isn’t done.

  16. he probably had this commissioned before his death. i bet if you were to crack it open, you’d find his cryogenically preserved body, frozen in time until they find a cure for being an asshole with a bad heart.

  17. @mo–if that were the case, it would be a moral obligation for each one of us to go throw a pot of boiling water on it every day until the contents thaw. Kind of like a Wizard of Oz type of thing.

  18. @exfundy and @BASSENCO The fundy college I was referring to was in Texas, not HAC. Hyles was guest sleeping around, er, I mean guest speaking at the college my cousin attended. A few years after this incident happened, both men were outed for adultery. I would prefer to keep the name of the college to myself at this time.

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