Missionary Updates

A fundamentalist missionary to England gives his church a report complete with prayer cards, jokes about gluttony, exaggerated statistics, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and a diatribe on politics.

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  1. A.) Preaching is inspired from God’s Word. I didn’t hear the Bible quoted very often in that sermon. Correct me if I’m wrong : )
    B.) Rule 101 of speaking & debating: If you give a statistic, give the source.
    C.) Stop using the pulpit as a soapbox! Politics, current events, popular literature = no-go.
    D.) At least TRY to sound educated. You aren’t going to be very successful at witnessing if you sound like a redneck from Cheboygan. God can lead souls to Him, but He also expects some common sense from His preachers.

    The End

  2. One thing I am picking up on when reading this blog is a trend of putting down the South. Is there a particular reason that Southern Christians should have to conform to a Northen approach to church? I believe that because we have the tendacy to mix our faith in all asspects of private and public life, people get nervous. But should not a Christian’s faith be evident in all phases of life?

    1. I like the south. But the problem is the IFB culture seems centered in the south. Also many southern fundies seem to think that in order to be a good Christian you must adopt southern Christian culture.

  3. Wow. Trigger alert much? If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was satire. It’s just so perfectly typical.

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