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  1. Wow. A Beka and Relient K together in the same video. I can definitely say I *never* thought I’d see that combination!

  2. 0:34, 0:51, 1:27, 1:46, 2:06- It’s Ms. Mclamb ! my video spanish teacher for Spanish I and II. I had a video teacher and a classroom teacher. 2:06- lol I could never roll my R’s- never. Ms. Mclamb was the only video teacher I had everything else was non- video classes.

  3. Rhonda Autrey has gray hair so those videos are sometime past 2002 — much more recent than the ones I had.

  4. Oh did this say homeschooling. Anyway I went to a Christian school and and we just watched the video and pause it for conversation time- that was fun. i can’t I always paid attention while “conversing”. One time I was not paying attention to the words i was choosing and I asked either “Do you eat birthday cake in the the bathroom? or Do you have a birthday party in the bathroom? My conversation partner and i just started cracking up. On a seperate note of Darrell’s comment- Really you mean they are finally updating the video’s/DVDs.Our teachers went down for an educators conference and our spanish teacher sat in on Ms. Mclamb’s class. She now has straight blond hair and glasses.

  5. They update them every 15 years whether they need it or not.

    And you’re right, I forgot that a lot of schools use these videos as well. That just strikes me as odd somehow, but whatever.

  6. Wow, that brings back a lot of memories. I recognized Mr. Calvert and the math teacher who looked like Radar O’Reilly. Although most of those screen shots were from later videos than the ones I had.

  7. YES! I had Miss McLamb for Spanish, and they put a recall out on the video, but our school didn’t send it back. We found out the FUN way why there was a recall. Anyone else get that blessing?

  8. I totally wanted to be in those classes goofing off and making the teachers have to restrain themselves, or edit the “correction” out.

  9. Oh and we ALWAYS rooted for the class suckup, Kimbra to fail. Rarely happened, but we rejoiced w/ the goofballs when she did.

  10. We found out the FUN way why there was a recall

    I missed all that. What was the deal?

  11. Miss McLamb lost her temper and borderline screamed @ them “what the HELL is wrong with you”. She dropped the “h” bomb on camera several times, and everyone else in my class rememers her dropping a “sh*t”, which I don’t recall, but was possible. She was out of control for sure. I remember my teacher/sit-in was MORTIFIED, and every time she dropped another one her face got more red! Best episode/class ever!

  12. Darrell, please exhaust all of your resources to find the recall video and post it. We are depending on you. I never had the videos I just did paces and the correspondence work, so I wouldn’t know what to look for.

  13. I’ll do what I can, but you’re dealing with a company that is well versed in making things go away.

  14. My schools copy was sent back immediately afterwards. It did happen, and was the highlight of high school spanish. I still razz Mrs. Miller who was in charge of the class about how she never should’ve sent it back, and how much it was worth. I wish everyone couldve esperienced that joyous day! Good luck hunting for it. Unfortunately I don’t remember many details (1 or 2, spring or fall, etc). Will put a facebook note out, and see if I get any more info.

  15. I remember watching videos for 10th grade biology class. Really did a lot for the whole class of two. We ended up doing more fooling around then paying attention. I think it was easier for the teacher to put a video and go teach the other gazillion grades he had in his class room. It was either do that, or combine several grades together and dumb it down to the lowest common denominator.

  16. Why did they not fire her if she did that and then cover it up by recalling it? She’s been aloud to teach for all these years. That would be some horrible YoUTube gold if that got out.
    @Rob: Ihad a Mrs. Miller as a spainish teacher probably not the same one though
    One more thing- Cristo- me- ama -esto -se, y -a- la- cruz -el- mismo- fue…

  17. I recognize a student in those clips! The daughter of a friend from NY who relocated to work at PCC – who then ended up babysitting for me when I moved down there. She just got married last summer. I never took an A BEKA video course, we just used all the books from them and BJU.

  18. Flash from the past. Put my 11th grader through all of this, his choice actually. However, he tried to do videos in the block method, a method he actually teaches today! No can do with video classroom!
    Daughter worked for BJ’s satellite program and I saw the French teacher all dolled up like Marie Antoinette…..truly scary! And the hightlight of public school in the “olden days” was hiding out under the desks in case of radio active fallout. Never did figure how the desk was gonna save me……

    1. I worked there for a whole summer watching and helping to make those videos. Fun times. For several weeks I literally sat and watched kindergarten on video for 8 hours a day (for quality checking).
      Because we couldn’t send our kids to actual eral live kindergarten . . that would just be evil.

      1. Mrs Baer got to me, but Mrs Wasser got to me more. My kid loved Miss Wieler (sp?).

  19. I remember seeing the LINC teachers come to lunch in the Faculty Room at BJU with perma-head-phone hair.

    Good times.

  20. Oh, good times, good times! My youngest sister is going through all the old A Beka videos now. The best times were when the camera panned over the class and we poor deprived missionary kids got to see some white kids. Seriously, it was the highlight of watching those videos.

  21. I remember having A Beka video classes in 7th and 8th grade . The highlight was looking to see if there were any “hot” girls in that particular class. Of course the videos were all done in the 80’s if I remember right and I watched them in early 90’s so most of the clothing and hair styles had already come and gone. As a side note: for the most part the teachers and material covered were usually above par.

  22. LOL I had Mrs. McLamb for Spanish I (not II, we repeated the I videos for my Spanish II class arrrgh) and Miss Stancel for biology– oh we mocked her! haha And Mrs. McLamb’s hair NEVER moves… good times.

    Wow, never saw the cussing one. haha

  23. i literally learned 0 things from years of video school… but i mastered several musical instruments over those years because i was stuck in my bedroom with nothing else to do… for which i am quite pleased.

  24. @Stephie I sure hope that video exists somewhere. I was SOO disappointed that we weren’t allowed to make a copy of it before returning. That so needed to be preserved for posterity, but as Darrell points out, they are extremely efficient @ covering up there, and it’s not like their clientele is inclined to hold onto something like that. Would be more likely to burn it, denounce Pensacola as liberal heretics & switch to another video curriculum than to preserve it for posterity. It was so amazing at the time, we forwarded to the end of the tape to see if she got suspended immediately, and checked the end of the year tape to see if she’d been fired. I always wanted to know if they did anything about it, how often it happened (you can imagine the jokes everytime there was an edit for the rest of the class), and ever since have dreamed of finding someone else who at least had seen it, even if they didn’t save it.

  25. @Rob – the students in my classes always wondered if the kids every got in trouble. A teacher at my school worked in an office for PCA (she’s working there again, currently, and her son graduates next year actually) and she said the kids were well-behaved and had strict rules or whatever. I just assumed that if a kid was talking in class the video stopped for the teacher to correct the class.

    How did the class session where Mrs. McLamb cussed at the students get published in the first place? It’s not like the tapes / DVDs were copied and sent out the next day. There was time for them to realize “oops wow this one’s a mistake” before they got out. So how did you watch it in the first place?

    I’m surprised Mrs. McLamb didn’t get fire. haha. She seemed like such a nice lady too, can’t imagine her with a temper like that. LOL It’s always the sweet, quiet ones that go crazy.

  26. @Steph. We could ALWAYS tell the kids that (admittedly not bad students), but enjoyed tweaking Senora McLamb. I believe one of them was Pablo, not positive. I know Kimbra was def a teacher fave/kiss up that we all ridiculed & derided. But especially after the incident, you could tell when they were doing something that was just angering McLamb, and you just knew who it was, and wish you could know what they were up to. It made the lessons SOOOO much more watchable. Actually I speak quite passable (if limited) spanish now, and am very greatful to the little fireball McLamb for having done a good job helping me learn it (along w/ a lot of spanish speaking friends & trips to spanish speaking countries). We really were shocked she didn’t appear to get suspended or fired. I have no idea how that got past the censors/editors. We got the recall pretty early in the school year, and if I recall it wasn’t till spring semester or at least 3 or 4 videos tapes in, so I’m assuming they found out from someone ahead of the game or found out themselves pushed the recall hard, and got back the “bad” copies before hardly anyone saw or got wind of it. I consider myself truely blessed to have witnessed/enjoyed it. I hope one day can find a copy or at least someone else not in my class who saw it too.

  27. Kimbra must be in Spanish II and I never saw those DVDs but I do remember a nerdy black guy in Spanish I (or maybe it was biology, think it was Spanish) with huuuge glasses. I’m kind of sad that Mrs. McLamb actually had such a short temper lol but at the same time that’s hilarious! If someone has a copy of that tape, definitely put it on YouTube.

    I’m learning Spanish. I took it both semesters this past year and might actually make it my second minor. I have my textbook and need to practice and study more! I’m also learning sign language.

    If I were in that class, I’d look at the teacher cross-eyed while she was teaching (used to do that in art class and it really freaks people out). Or tap my pencil. Or make faces at the camera. Or flick paper across the room. Temptation to be a total obnoxious, immature moron would be almost overwhelming in the presence of a camera… mwahaha.

  28. I’ll do what I can, but you’re dealing with a company that is well versed in making things go away.

    Concening the tape. I’m sure the ministry of truth eliminated all the tapes that were returned and since they were all destroyed and no longer exist, the event never happened. Only the revised version did. Whatever all of you saw is only in your memories and that is not proof.

  29. @Phil, it’ll always be a major highlight of my high school academic career. The ministry of truth can’t recall the smiles or laughs! 🙂

  30. I am SO disappointed that I didn’t find this post until now. Not only did I recognize a bunch of faces, but I was IN some of those classes myself. Hilarious video!

    1. You didn’t happen to get cussed out by Senora McLamb did you? I still wanna cross paths with Kimbra or someone else in that class & find out what that was like!

  31. I wasnt homeschooled but did grow up on these videos…Senora McLamb and Mr. Duby were my favorites… Least favorite was Ms. Stancil, with that high pitched nasal voice…Goodness!
    Anyway, it might be worth noting that Mr. Duby bo longer teaches at PCA-He is now Dr. Duby, Professor of Business at Jerry Falwell University…He said that He will get several students each semester who remember him from the video classes…
    It might also be worth mentioning that My Christian High School (whcih used ABeka Exclusively) sent students to several high-profile Secular Schools including Purdue, Syracuse, Cornell, Vanderbilt, and The University of Connecticut…

      1. Yeah. He always stokes me as odd. I wonder what happened to him. He must have had some learning disability but he did pretty well in his answers.

  32. After that video ended I perused the selection available and one was titled, “PCC My Strange Addiction Lady Eagles Basketball”. Bizarre for a number of reasons, not the least of which they are wearing SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!

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