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  1. Well being raised in a fundalmentilist Pentecostal church I always felt peculiar. Just thought it was normal for people to make fun of me cause I was a christian. Took me years to get over it too.

  2. Remember “in the world, but not of it.” The famous fundy verse from which fundies got their favorite word: “worldliness.”

  3. Now doesn’t that just make you want to say the sinner’s prayer all over again? Amen? That is just soooo compelling and relevant to the multitudes of passersby… can’t they see themselves heading for the precipice? Get the Picture?
    Wait a minute… is that Waldo in the lower lefthand corner?

  4. LOL. . .so funny. . .and I really needed a laugh this morning. And @Don. . your sarcastic comments were hysterical. Thanks!

  5. I must’ve heard this preached out of Dueteronomy sometime in my life, I usually associate it w/ 1 Peter. It’s genuinely troubling to have poeple use that to justify any kind of anti-social behavior, antiquated fashion, offensive techniques, counterproductive strategy. It’s all peculiar so it must be Holy!

  6. Fundesians 6:14-16
    14 And when thou goest amongst the heathen thou shalt make with thine hands a board to wear about thine neck
    15 Upon this board thou shalt bind graven images of mine judgement of all the earth
    16 Then shalt thy say to the heathen choose this day what seemeth good to you and know that I the Lord thy God love you with an everlasting love.

  7. I saw a fundy car driving down the freeway last week… wish I had my camera with me because it was classically peculiar. Every edifying. Especially when I blew by at 60 mph on the freeway as he was going 45… giving people time to read it, I guess.

  8. a fundy car driving down the freeway last week

    Our local favorite is one of those 3/4 size trucks.

    Greenville is, however, peculiarly peculiar.

  9. this guy looks like richard belzer.

    i think this is what bob dylan meant by “twenty pounds of headlines stapled to his chest”.

  10. Even when I was still a Christian, I would look at people at this with a confused look and just think, “Really? This is what God had in mind when he told us to tell the world?”

  11. You know what’s peculiar about fundies? They don’t like the word “Christian” very much as anything but an adjective. Oh, they love Christian Music and Christian Movies and Christian Granola Bars, but you won’t often find them using it as a noun. No, they aren’t Christians – they’re (fanfare) *BELIEVERS*. Best I can figure is “Christian” is a term used by most of those liberal compromisers who pretend to follow Jesus, so they (fundies) need a separate term to set them off (peculiarly, of course), as the REAL Christians. Believers, you know – as in they actually believe, as opposed to the papists and liberals who have form of godliness but deny the power thereof.

    I’m thinking this would make a great post subject. If it hasn’t already been done, of course. 🙂

  12. @Bob: brilliant!

    if they do call themselves “Christians”, it has to have “bible-believing” on the front end. That distinguishes them from all the koran-believing Christians, new-york-times-believing Christians, & n.i.v.-believing Christians.

  13. @ Mo and somewhere in the mix you have to squeeze in – Sin hatin’– and to be 100% FC (Fundy Correct) you have to wedge in “King James 1611” if you want ta’ be rite with gawd!

  14. I’m sure he’s armed to the teeth with Chick tracts. Don’t leave home without them!

  15. Reader Mo’s comments always make me laugh out loud.
    “New-york-times-believing Christians” could be a whole ‘nother topic. Most fundies don’t like NPR, either.

  16. I listen to NPR almost every day. It’s good to know what the enemy is up to. 😉

  17. In all likelihood, this guy is a “closet” fundy. He most likely told the wife he was going bowling with the boys but in actuality, it was his “coming out” party. Notice how he wears his fundy propaganda sign with pride. Maybe this was a “fundy” pride day celebration?

  18. @Richard
    I don’t think so. This guy is an old pro at this… notice the towel around the neck to keep the sandwich board strap from chaffing. No… this is one dispensational, decision gittin’, sin hatin’, 1611 King James lovin’, devil fightin’, combat ready, fundy action figure fer shur.

  19. You know, no matter what you believe, two things will always be true. 1) someone will try to communicate that same belief in an offensively ridiculous way and 2) someone else will twist those beliefs into a mockery and paint every “believer” with the same ridiculous “paint.”

  20. Driving up to PA this afternoon, I wish there was someone else in the car to take a picture. Guy flew past me and his license plate was “KJV-9861.” At first I thought it was funny that the first three letters of his plate were “KJV.” Then it hit me…9861=1689 backwards. I facepalmed.

  21. @ Don:

    LOL! I love it. Possibly a Fundy War veteran? (No offense to our real vets.)

    1. Lol. He looks more together and normal thann the group of preacher boys that would congregate behind the cheerleaders @ pcc!

  22. I have been known to use the occasional prohibited word or phrase for effect but I would not make a habit of it. I find a constant stream of obscenity to be both irritating and depressing
    In one of the jobs l had a couple of my colleques used the F-word in practically every sentence that had more than four words. I tried to tell them to tone it down but that only made them worse. In the two years I was in that job I heard enough obscenities to last me for all eternity.

    1. Sorry my head must be up an awkward place. That waseamt for a completely different post. Sorry !

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