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  1. *facepalm*

    The entire clip is just one grotesque train wreck of hyperbole and misassessment. You can’t even pick it apart, it just… Fails.

    Also, Stuff Fundies Like: Having no clue how evolution works.

  2. I agree with his calling the TV and idiot box, but judging from everything else he says in this clip, apparently he’s getting his idiocy from somewhere else.

  3. I’m assuming in his “misassessment” of how dumb kids are he’s only talking about boys. Surely, as a strict fundie, he believes in gender roles and jobs in the home. So girls would never use hammars or saw wood. I didn’t hear any rants about girls not knowing how to sew or cook.


  4. A few random thoughts from while I was listening:

    Excuse me, we don’t have manufacturing because we decided to become a service economy. How well is that working?

    I don’t know if he can swim, but I bet he can float.

    What a dweeb.

  5. This sounds like a stream of consciousness rant against modernism. It goes back to my theory that to fundies, the good ol’ days were somewhere in the 19th century when men were men and women knew their place.

  6. Who *IS* this guy?

    How did throwing a ball become a morally positive action?

    Gosh, this is one string of cause and randomly-picked-ideas-chosen-as-effect, one after another.

  7. The *guy* is a dweeb. How does faith in Christ help you live? How does your faith make your life better? What is heck is this *guy* doing? What bothers me most is there an audience out there for this dribble.

  8. Grice is a “Ruckmanite”, a follower of Peter Ruckman. Ruckman believes that the supposed perfection of the KJV supercedes the original Hebrew and Greek in all matters. Lighthouse’s “Why KJV” page on their website has many of Ruckman’s and Riplinger’s books on their “for further reading” list. When today’s Postmoderns point to the “intolerance” of Christianity, in their diatribes meant to strip us of our religious freedoms, they always point to the bombastic wolves in sheep’s clothing such as Ruckman, Phelps, Steve Anderson, and, if he keeps blathering loud enough and long enough, David Grice.

  9. I bet he can’t ride a bike or climb a tree now. I’d like to see this bum try to cut the grass.
    He has gone through his own personal devolution.

    1. I’d like to see this guy ride a bike that isn’t reinforced… You probably need some major sophisticated extraction equipment to remove the saddle out of his ar….. er, from the end that is not capable of facial expression…

  10. What decade is this guy living in? Doesn’t he realise that it’s video games that are “devolving” the kids today, not TV? Sheez, at least keep up with the most current excuse fads!

  11. Best part is at 3:00: “we have to be level-headed” hahahaha….
    This got me thinking: the good ol’ days really weren’t that good. We were kids and weren’t aware of organized crime, and genocide, and political scandal…

    You know who was probably a good mother but had a murderer for a son?
    -Eve. If only he had avoided society’s many vices…oh wait.

    You know which generation was pretty sick? The Israelites who burnt their children alive in the name of (false) religion. But man, our kids don’t play outside anymore-The Horror!

    Man, the forties were great! We stopped Hitler and ended oppression, but we also blasted the hell out of civilian Japan and thousands of servicemen cheated on their wives with foreign women! The best-of-the-best!

    Now, I actually agree with him in a couple places, like that watching crap on t.v. can affect you, and has contributed to laziness and obesity and lack of certain skill knowledge.
    However, the belief in a “devolving society” immediately crumbles if you use your brain. Unfortunately it’s a fundie favorite, and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

    1. Sometimes even Grice can get things kind of right. Even a broken clock can tell the correct time twice a day.

  12. I bet he also won a few fried food eating contests as a kid.

    I think he just needs a hug, he always seems to be mad about something.

  13. I particularly liked the parts where he supported his claims with the Bible.

  14. @Ron

    Excellent! My thoughts exactly. One of the things I miss the least since leaving fundamentalism is the pulpit diatribes without Scriptural backing.

  15. Ah yes…Thank you Darrell for partly making my day with Grice yet again.

    “I don’t see no manufacturing!”
    Um, I’m pretty sure I do…seeing it’s my current full-time job. (Buy Coastal Pet products!)

    And wow…I’m not sure how he went from druggies to lazy bums…

    So, he was a bad kid, but he could think!?!? WAIT a second…he had critical thinking skil……NNooo…

  16. As one of the “few” who “sets up computers and automated devices” I have no idea how to change a tyre. That’s why I gratefully pay a little extra to my auto insurer for roadside assistance. Specialisation of labour is a wonderful thing.

    Heaven forbid that a kid have a hobby involving art, music, science, electronics, maths, software (and many other examples). If they can’t “swing a hammer” or “climb a tree” they’re useless!

  17. “I particularly liked the parts where he supported his claims with the Bible.”
    @Ron -Torward the end there I was expecting him to begin preaching out of “The Republic”.

    “Beating up kids” is creativity??? I thought “beating up kids” = thug.

  18. Oh I love a good train wreck. He gives latitude all the way to the 50’s…and what comes out of there was great, but boy from the 70’s on we all just went to hell. It so fits with the fundy idea that everything that is good and right happened somewhere around the 50’s and before. And after that all culture be damned as it is directly from the pit of hell.

    Oh well, I don’t expect them to understand culture or have some sense of reality outside of their narrow existence any more than I’d expect them to understand evolution beyond the simple phrase, “We come from monkeys.” I guess it is asking too much for them to actually think.

    My theory of devolution is that the longer Fundys remain fundys their minds begin to think less and less and less. Proclaiming themselves to be wise they became fools.

  19. LOL, oh so many things wrong with his rant. First of all, isn’t he a product of the generations that are “devolving”? What, he miraculously escaped that by beating up on the neighborhood kids and throwing rocks through windows?? Great things to instill in little boys, right? Hey, at least he admits he was a bad kid…sheesh! He goes on a rant about thugs, and was/is one himself.

    Second, if he’s ok with “de-evolution”, then he must accept evolution right? Why is it ok if it works one way, but not the other? Oh, you mean it’s just a cute analogy and shouldn’t be taken for his endorsing evolution…aw, nuts! Still, with the way he’s going, he is devolving right before our eyes.

    Third…what, exactly, does this have to do with scriptures? Any old geezer can sit on the front porch and pine for the good old days. Why this is being preached from the pulpit is beyond me. I love how one guy says “amen” when he mentions swinging a hammer though…

  20. Beating up kids on the next block, throwing rocks through windows, and “manufacturing guns” is his idea of creativity for kids.

  21. Well, in the first minute or so, and the last 30 seconds or so, he at least makes some good points. But what was that rant in between?? lol!

  22. This guy sounded a bit thuggish as a kid, but I bet he didn’t look like one!

  23. haha wow.
    @Jenny – exactly what I thought when he got to the part about the whole country being full of lazy bums. heh…I’d say he’s at least a lazy bum & a half there.

  24. David Grice operates in my former neck of the woods (the Dallas area), but somehow I never heard of him while I was living there.

    Based on his accent, though, I’d say he’s originally from somewhere in the deep woods of East Texas or Northern Louisiana. Dallas people don’t speak that way.

  25. He conveniently forgot the “roaring twenties.” Probably wouldn’t fit his pattern too well.

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