Guitar Lessons

Although some fundy churches only use instruments approved by the Apostle Paul (namely the piano, organ, and occasional brass solo), some do concede that a fundamentalist may in good conscience play the guitar…as long as he takes care not to play it as the world playeth. Here “pastor” Steven Anderson demonstrates the approved strum, strum, strum method otherwise known as the “hammering out hymns technique.”

57 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons”

  1. If some one tells you not to play those evil power chords, just ask them if you can play octaves with a fifth :)… and the key of G is by far the easiest to play worship songs in (G, C, Em, A7, D) ; it also sounds even better if you play D,G in the top two strings while playing those chords. By the way, those are the chords used for the song wonderwall by those demon posses brits 🙂

    And this guy thinks that you can play all hymns using 3 major chords only? Do fundies think minor chords are of the devil?

    The reason why this guy sucks is because he has no real music that he can learn, and no real guitar teacher. My youth pastor started off playing metal (and still does) and therefore he doesn’t suck (like most do) when he goes up on sundays. And i go to a brethren church. Idk why everyone considers them so fundie. Mine is pretty laid back.

  2. Is this guy tone-deaf? Those aren’t even the right chords. Yes, some are correct. However, he is missing a lot of chords and making some classic hymns sound like utter rubbish. Being a pastor doesn’t give free license to teach music lessons. I’m just saying…

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