33 thoughts on “GOH: Ain’t God Good?”

  1. I’m not a fan of bluegrass/hillbilly/sing-through-your-nose music but the harmony on this is fantastic. I actually did enjoy this one a lot.

  2. brandon, you just showed your igdorance…labour is spelled that way in the old english of kjv…lol..guess you are not as smart as you thought…or maybe you knew and hate king james english..

  3. If the King’s 400 year old English is so good, why dost thou not use it throughout thine entire day? Some of the Amish do, it seems to work for them! In the meantime, you can laugh at us “liberals” for using modern “perversions” that spell labor, Savior, etc. the modern way, instead of with the spelling that God inspired in the Bible that the apostle Paul used.

    Tangentially related stuff fundies like: pretending “ain’t” is a word. 🙂

  4. “Labour” vs. “Labor”, “Saviour” vs. “Savior” has nothing to do with the KJV.

    Really. It doesn’t.

    Using the extra “u” is still considered proper spelling in Britain (and Canada) today.

    So, are you going to spell like a Brit, or are you going to spell like a red-blooded, Stars and Stripes forever, AMERICAN?

    Just sayin’. ;-D

  5. This song has been performed so many times, it now sounds like an overplayed song on the radio. The harmony was good, but IMO, there aren’t very many really good christian songwriters or authors out there anymore.

  6. my point was.. i thought brandon thought they mispelled something, you know because they are dumb fundies, when in fact they were quoting a word from a particular verse in the kjb..man and i thought fundies were judgemental…ex fundies are the worst..lol

  7. @Don LOL! I genuinely LOVE the group of people looking to name a new church that comes up w/ OLD PATHS BAPTIST CHURCH. Especially for a place that appears to be in a temporary location.

  8. Ain’t God Good? We have our own steel building to worship in! And we have a tacky banner, too!

    Impressive harmony. Too bad it didn’t look like they were having much fun singing, though.

  9. @Richard Sullivan Now that’s a MAJOR FIND! Sounds like we got a good old fashioned power playt at work at ye old paths baptist church, with the potential for a church split if necessary. Good to see lots of fundie stereotypes all being worked on (simultaneously) in one congregation. That’s some serious unity of the body of Christ! 🙂

  10. On second thought I think I’d like to see a sermon railing against women wearing britches before I give them my 100% full support for SFL church of the month.

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