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  1. Looks like this website was made by the same guy who designed http://www.jesus-is-savior.com – the pinnacle of fundy insanity, and it’s all in one place. It’s also one of the most horribly put-together websites I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE on the internet.

    Also, gotta love how he’s got the “Untold Story of Teri Shiavo” featured prominently on a website about soul winning. Conspiratorial “news” is an absolute obsession with this guy.

    1. I’ve been through jesus-is-lord.com before; I read an “article” he posted somewhere on that site where he was ranting about website layouts and such. He failed to understand why people actually paid to have a website hosted when he was able to host his “perfectly good” site for free. He bragged about how organized his site was and said it was just as good, if not better, than other paid-host sites were (that’s the gist of it).

      That guy is so full of hate it’s astounding. He doesn’t demonstrate Christ’s love at all; oh sure, he THINKS he does. But it’s obvious that he doesn’t.

      1. Sorry; meant to say “jesus-is-savior.com”.

        I remember trying to access that site in college just to see what was on it. The college internet filter had it blocked as “hate speech”

      2. Jesus-is-lord is run by a woman – Tracy – who is an advocate of sinless perfection. It’s not immediately obvious on that site, but her other site oldlandmarks or something is basically a shrine to Finney and his sinless perfection teachings.

  2. Under Gospel Films it reads, “Whatever film you choose, make sure it is biblically accurate and presents the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.” In “Fundywood”, if a film were produced that had Jesus quoting the KJV word-for-word, that would be considered biblically accurate.

  3. I just love this site. You provide so much material for us to use in debating fundies. Too bad more fundies woulod not come here to have thiedr eyes opened!!

  4. I love the advice to leave tracts in public restrooms.

    Yeah, generally when I use a public restroom, I pick up whatever stray pieces of paper are in there, stick them in my pocket, and read them later for whatever enlightenment they may provide me.

  5. I just glanced at their attacks on John MacArthur’s comments on the blood of Jesus. So, like, do they have special vials of Jesus’ blood hidden away somewhere?

  6. From John R Rice’s “Personal Soul Winning” a shout out to Hyles little book, “HOW TO BOOST YOUR CHURCH ATTENDANCE”
    and i quote, “One of the most damaging things in soul winning is the effect of halitosis. By all means, a soul winner should watch this carefully.”

  7. Laughing about the tracts in public restrooms! 🙂 Got to make sure to pick up that tract off the floor by the toilet. . .

  8. As one whose sweat pumps shifted to FAST SPEED each time I heard a pastor or evangelist ask that awful question (WILL YOU BE ONE WHO WILL STAND BEFORE THE SAVIOUR AND ADMIT THAT YOU DID NOT WIN ONE SOUL FOR THE KINGDOM?), this topic brings back lots of awful memories.

  9. Yes Sister Marie! Very awful memories. So many of these FWOTW sites just make me SICK.

  10. I like how under the “Gospel Films” header he has a picture of Charlton Heston as Moses in “The Ten Commandments.” It’s a great old film, but it doesn’t meet the criteria of being “biblically accurate.”

    I also got a little sick to my stomach to see street-preaching presented as a “rewarding and confidence building experience.” I’m sorry, but where is the emphasis on the Gospel or on reaching the lost in that statement? It sounds to me like it’s all what’s in it for the preacher.

  11. HAHA…. and at the top of the “sounds from Hell” page, he quotes Bill Grady making fun of people who cry “hoax” on that particular anecdote. The worst part? Those Italians from Manhattan make an excellent point.

  12. @Morgan: you must realize that fundies, like Mormons, reserve the right to convert anybody to their religion posthumously. thus, Terri Schiavo, Thomas Jefferson, The Pilgrims, Martin Luther, St. Patrick, St. John the Baptist, Lao Tzu, and Lucy the Australopithicus were all Independent Fundamentalist Baptists

  13. i just noticed that my Church is listed as an “Enemy of Soul-Winning”. Amen and AMEN!

  14. did anyone catch this tidbit in small print?

    “All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech of the First Amendment.”

  15. Austin, in all fairness, you probably didn’t notice the next sentence in the street preaching section which states, “Most of all, it is a very Biblical means of proclaiming the Gospel.” That same paragraph also starts with, “Men-this is a great way to share your faith.” I respect different opinions, which is why I’m reading these, but please be fair. It makes you more credible. I’m still undecided and trying to figure all this out for myself. I would think it is possible to tell people about Jesus AND build confidence in the area of public speaking. I didn’t see anything selfish in that paragraph.

  16. “Hyles helps halt halitosis from hindering hope for hundreds headed for hell”

    In Rice’s Soulwinning pamplet he give a shout out to Hyles’ pamplet, “HOW TO BOOST YOUR CHURCH ATTENDANCE. In it there is a passage: “If a person is going to be a soul winner he must not be offensive to the people with whom he talks. It is a definite asset for a soul winner to be careful to bathe often, to avoid body odor. Teeth should be brushed, and breath should be tested. Carry mints in your pockets or some good flavored chewing gum which will help keep the breath from being offensive. One of the most damaging things in soul winning is the effect of halitosis. By all means, a soul winner should watch this carefully.”
    I’m sorry Darrell I know you have seen me post this elsewhere but it is just too farcical not to bring attention to it.

  17. “Bring out the Holy Breath Tester!”
    “Thy breath be minty fresh go thou and winneth souls” “next!”
    Thy breath be most foul and couldst knock a buzzard off a week old corpse at 50 paces. Go thou and brushest thy teeth seven times. Wash they mouth with Scope after each brushing. Then come back here and present yourself for the administering of the Holy breath spray. Then, if thou breath be clean, thou mayest be counted worthy to go forth and winneth souls.”

  18. I hear those breath mints make greeting each other with a holy kiss much more bearable as well! 🙂

  19. @Matt: Is that site the real deal? Or is it just someone trying to discredit him because they don’t like him?

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