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  1. I actually think the poem is pretty good….until the end. It doesn’t really fit. I guess he had to throw that in to make it appropriate for church.

    Also, don’t you just love the “costumes” the choir is wearing behind him? Looks like something a barbershop quartet would wear!

    1. OMG OMG OMG!!! I AM IN THAT CHOIR!!!!! I remember making and wearing that special “costume” (vest) I Can’t believe it!!!! I am FAMOUS! (in a very small way)

  2. All that stuff he loves sounds very worldly. Shopping malls? Jack Hyles loves shopping malls and Disney? When did that happen? San Francisco?

  3. The first part did summarize American culture extremely well. He was a WWII vet, so it’s understandable about his wanting to defend something that he loved so much.

    But taking the “freedom” of “Big Mac”s and “Dairy Queens” to other cultures as part of the gospel? No.

    I think this goes well with the “God and Country Sundays” post.

  4. How funny! I’ve been reading through Marsden and just got to Chapter XXV: Fundamentalism as an American Phenomenon. What a vivid portrayal this is!

    If you don’t realize how much Americanism plays into Fundamentalist belief, you probably won’t see much problem in the video.

  5. Part of fundy deprogramming for me was realizing that I can still be an ultra political conservative who loves his country without also being a fundy. God bless America, and may He protect her from her commander-in-cheif 😛

  6. Here in Canada, we love our country somewhat as well. The difference is that for the most part, a reading like this would probably never happen in a church building, let alone within the context of a church service. (Maybe that’s why we identify with Greg Boyd’s The Myth of a Christian Nation so much.) For the most part we don’t have national flags (or any flags) in our church auditoriums, either; and the idea of distributing voter guides at church is equally perplexing.

    On the other hand, we’re your neighbors. We’re not completely unaware of the association between patriotism and fundamentalist Christianity that takes place south of our border. It’s trying to explain a video like this to a British Christians that would be the greater challenge; and I can’t begin to fathom how it would go over with Christians in Asia or Africa.

  7. Does anyone have a copy of Spurgeon’s poetic tribute to great Britain and Queen Victoria? Thought not.

  8. For those of you unfamiliar with this man, please follow up with this link:

    Although Jack Hyles has been dead for nine years, his son David at last report is living in Jacksonville, Florida selling financial/investment products. The story about him and his ex-wife, Paula Hyles Polanco, is most disturbing. Jack Hyles’ story is even more bizarre with accounts from Voyle Glover, Esq. & Vic Nischik. I was an ardent admirer of Jack Hyles. I met him and heard him preach on many occasions at First Baptist in Hammond and at Pastor’s School. My heart just broke after hearing some of the sordid details that went on. Initially, I didn’t believe any of it but after reading and hearing from many different sources, all just couldn’t be lies. It’s just a very sad story.

  9. Jackie really needs to work on his ridiculous rhyme scheme. Of course, IFB churches aren’t really a breeding ground for poet laureates.

  10. After reading Richards statements and links, makes me wonder what the man sitting to the left of the screen is thinking….he looks bored, so do the all ladies choir……hummmmm
    How tragic and so very sad. So many lives shipwrecked, so many wasted hours. How sad that it is looks that matter. Almost forgetting that God looks on the heart.
    An aside, the comment in the facebook link was that at BJU you don’t disagree. THat is soo true in those churches headed by BJU grads. You don’t dare or they will get you for your sin.

  11. I’ve read some of his book “Blue Denim and Lace.” A lot of it is surprisingly non-IFBish. It’s good advice but sadly overshadowed by his misdoings.

    I actually thought the part at the end was good, but not in the context of sentimentality over ice cream cones, natural wonders and McDonalds.

  12. @ Reader Mo: Part of my fundy deprogramming was realizing that I could hold relatively liberal political views and still be a Christian. Thank God for a President who cares that all Americans have access to healthcare! 🙂

  13. Thank God for a President who cares that all Americans have access to healthcare!

    this is not a political blog nor a proper venue for this discussion but I will say that I do not thank God for losing my freedoms, for the ever-increasing control of government on my life, or the destruction of what has been one of the finest health care systems in the world.

    I work in government-run healthcare. Believe me when I say that you don’t want it.

    And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  14. Don’t you think the vests and bow-ties are clothes “that pertaineth to a man”? I think they’re harming their testimony by not avoiding all appearance of evil since the women are dressing like men, albeit old-fashioned men with questionable fashion sense. (Sarcasm.)

  15. My husband and I are going through some rough times right now and today a well meaning fundy ( my dad) told me that yeah we are going through some storms right now, but to remember Jack Hyles, who went through storms in his childhood and went on to do “mighty things” for God. I was polite of course and thanked him for the reminder, but I was far from comforted. I felt ill!

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