19 thoughts on “Slippery Slope Redux”

  1. Wow. He was a little blunt about not getting paid. Guess we know why he’s “in the ministry.”


    Refile this under “just making things up”! He knows HUNDREDS of preachers? That’s a lie!

  3. @ Ron Bean

    Ha Ha! Maybe he’s just popular.

    The way I see it, it’s dozens (at least 24) and (+) scores (at least 40) of hundreds (at least 200) of preachers. Add it up:


  4. Wow. That’s definitely a textbook case of slippery slope. SFL: logical fallacies. I’m with Stephen Bean – that guy’s voice does sound familiar, though maybe it’s just because he’s using classic fundy “preaching” intonation patterns.

  5. Wow, so Calvinism leads to closed churches and being an insurance salesman. The funny thing is that all the preachers that I know of who are now insurance salesmen – all are IFB for life. Hmmm….

  6. Hah! I thought Calvinism lead “…to wearing shorts which will lead to mixed bathing which will lead to dancing in night clubs and then on to drug addiction. This will drive [him/her] straight into prostitution which will lead to to armed robbery, prison time, terrorism, mass suicide, and and finally becoming a Southern Baptist.”*

    * Shamelessly copied from Slippery Slope Arguments #1 : )

  7. This is great! Where do you find this stuff?? I showed this to my little sister (not so little anymore), and told her who authors this blog, and she said, “Wow, I like him now!”

  8. I’m a little concerned as I am a Calvinist and an insurance salesman and my church does not have Wednesday or Sunday night services. The problem is our church is growing and planting new churches and seeing all kinds of different people come to know and love a man named Jesus…is that really a problem?

  9. ROFL! Daniel, the “Trouble” song from Music man is a classic example of the slippery slope philosophy. I can her it now. “You got trouble. Right here at Temple Baptist. With a capital “T” and that rhymes with “C” and that stands for Calvinism!”

  10. You know this guy is right. Few people know this, but John Calvin’s ministry ended when he went into car insurance.,,

    The same thing happened to Spurgeon, Piper, Sproul, Mahaney, Mohler, MacArthur, Dever, Chandler, and yes even Driscoll. The good news about having Calvinists as Car Insurance reps, is that you can be sure to find a car that is “elect” and “Saved” to drive.

  11. Beware the slippery slope of Nascar Racing! You start watching and then they sneak Danica Patrick into a few races and then you start visiting GoDaddy.com and the next thing you know your morals aren’t worth a lugnut.

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