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  1. Even though our apt complex has very prominant “no soliciting” signs posted, it never fails that we are woken up on Saturday mornings by the sound of knocking on our door. We live in Greenville, SC so we’ve turned it into a drinking game. If it’s a BJU student a shot of whatever liquor is on hand. If it’s a Mormon or JW then we have to chug a beer. We hope for BJU students.

  2. Thought this was a rather interesting addition to the What We Believe section:

    “SECTION 22 – Lawsuits Between Believers
    We believe that Christians are prohibited from bringing civil lawsuits against other Christians or the church to resolve personal disputes. We believe the church possesses all the resources necessary to resolve personal disputes between members.

    Ref.: 1 Corinthians 6:1-8; Ephesians 4:31-32.”

  3. In the “fundy” world the “NO SOLITICING” sign only applies to Mormons, JW’s, and vacuum cleaner salesmen. BTW, a large, vicious dog is more effective at deterring any door-knocking than any sign. On a serious note, when I lived in the Hudson Valley area of Upstate NY, the city of Greenport (outside of Hudson) passed a local ordinance making a violation to do door-to-door solicitation because the JW’s were constantly harassing people. There are signs up on the outskirts of the city letting you know of their “no door-to-door” soliciting for any reason.

  4. “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). God commanded us to go door-knocking every Saturday morning, amen? That’s what the first Christians in Jerusalem did! You’re not going to let a silly little sign like “No Trespassing” keep you from saving someone from eternal damnation, are you?

  5. Amen mounty! AMEN!
    I find it quite sad how blatant and put-forth the picture is. It’s obvious that the picture was intentionally cropped to show the “No Soliciting” sign. For whatever reason, it seems that fundies have this idea that they are “above the law.” Dang. The POTUS isn’t even above the law! Ridiculous how they are apparently “better” than everyone else and how specific laws do not apply to them.

    (Side note. Pretty obvious the photo was a set-up like most will be. No man with a “No Soliciting” sign would even open the door to a solicitor.)

  6. If I were a non-beleiver reading their website I would not see one thing that would intrest me in their church. “Old time religion”? Is that a program for senior citizens? “Soul-winning”? Is that a contest? “KJV”? Is that some sort of club? It seems like thier website does a lot of bragging about who they are and what they believe but what can they do for me as an unsaved person, if I was one?

  7. We were told by the folks who were authorized to determine right from wrong that “No Soliciting” signs didn’t apply to us. Since salvation is a free gift, we weren’t selling anything. Even when I agreed with that, I avoided those houses, because I figured whoever put up the sign wouldn’t have the same opinion.

  8. @LesDulunch That is hilarious on so many levels. 🙂

    SFL: inventing loopholes to _other people’s_ rules

  9. LesDelunch just articulated what I was told when I complained to the people who ignored our “no soliciting” sign to try to tell us about their church. I was not amused.

  10. They have a ministry group called “Faithful Ladies”. Why does that give me the heebie jeebies?

  11. They do AWANAS?!?!? What is this blasphemy?? Patch the Pirate was good enough for my great-great grandfathers, so by god, it’s good enough for me too.

  12. Yeah, the prominently displayed No Soliciting signs at my apartment complex have yet to stop anyone – IFBs, Mormon missionaries, and other businesses from knocking on doors or leaving pamphlets. Whenever someone knocks on my door and/or puts pamphlets/tracts on it, I make a mental note to NEVER step foot in that church or support that business. There is something highly ironic about people who place so much emphasis on “having a good testimony” giving their church (and, sadly, Christians in general) a very bad “testimony” (not a fan of the word, but that’s a whole other issue!) by ignoring those signs!

    @John, do you ever inform the BJU students and JWs of your little game and/or demonstrate it for them? The reactions would be interesting, to say the least.

  13. @Amanda and Jordan. Dunno if this applies, but I even know NON-IFB churches that do AWANA. (Calvinistic churches even)

  14. Why can’t the knock at the door ever be Girl Scouts when you’ve got a hankering for Thin Mints?

    For some reason it just never works out that way.

  15. Hey, at least it’s fun to look through the website on a snowy day. I noticed at least one “appearance of evil” reference in their “Belief” section.

    Moving on, I love the name for their over-55 group: “The Best Years Fellowship” Really???

    Young Married goes all the way up through 35, so I feel really YOUNG!

    I love their Bus Route Names. . Great!

    I really am reassured to see that all the pastors/staff are wearing white shirts, dark suits, and ties. Plus, it’s good to see the organ in the picture of their auditorium. Nice to know that some places are faithfully avoiding compromise, amen?

    1. If the “young married” only “go all the way” thru 35, they must have an awfully boring life. 😐

  16. Why can’t the knock at the door ever be Girl Scouts when you’ve got a hankering for Thin Mints?

    I know! When I was in high school, I participated in fundraisers selling frozen pizzas, tubs of frozen cookie dough, and the usual tins of nuts and candies. I always felt bad knocking on people’s doors, but they were very gracious. Now that I’m an adult who enjoys pizza and pecans, I would love for some nervous teen to knock on my door and ask me to help fund a trip to sing in New York.

    But someone knocking on my door selling judgmental looks and pressure to marry? I get enough of that at the family Christmas dinner table, thankyouverymuch.

  17. I loved seeing this! Having grown up under one of the pastors at this church I’m very familiar with them and several people that attend there, Old-time religion isn’t the half of it! @John from the first comment: I played that drinking game while I WAS a bju student 🙂

  18. (C) We believe that Christians should maintain a public testimony that is above reproach. Therefore, we believe that any cohabitation between men and women not related by blood that could reasonably be construed as involving sexual conduct presents an appearance of evil and should be avoided.

    “not related by blood …” so it is permissible to engage in this activity if you ARE related by blood…. That’s the Applichian way….. 🙂

    1. “Not related by blood.”
      That’s very funny.
      My wife and I are related only by marriage. I guess it wouldn’t be OK with them for us to live together.

  19. After looking at the Church website, I have a question…what’s a bus family Christmas?

  20. I must have missed this one. You can think what you like, but the US defines “soliciting” as a commercial activity. Religious proselytizing is NOT covered by a “No Soliciting” sign or any other restrictions on soliciting. This went to the US Supreme court in 2002 most recently.

    So, there is NOTHING wrong with what the people are doing in the photo… If you don’t want religious people (Mormons, IFBs, or JWs) knocking on your door, you will need a different notice.

    1. @ Guilt Ridden.
      I kinda see what you’re saying, but aren’t you splitting hairs?

      I mean, if someone hangs a ‘No Solicitors’ sign on their porch, could you not safely assume they are no more happy to have a Mormon or IFB knock on their door than they would an Avon lady?

      Must they REALLY have a “no religious folks please” sign on their door for religious types to get the hint??

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