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  1. Well, since we don’t have any lambs, and sacrificing cats is already taken by the Satanists, we buy our dogs in sets of ten so we only have to sacrifice one of them. Perhaps you may think this as a comprimise, but have you ever seen nine tenths of a dog try to get around? I think everyone including God is happy with the way we tithe when it comes to our pets…

    Before people get to upset, what I said above was satire. If you are old enough to enjoy this site I hope you understand my point, and that it is in agreement with Darrell.

    1. Ever cheat and use hot dogs? They do come ten to the package, all ready to be divided up as gid asks. 😛

  2. Yes!!! Sacred/secular compartmentalization now comes in visual form!

    Note how “CHALLENGE ONE?” asks you to walk away from the Group 3 activities *before* it asks you to evaluate their spiritual value.

    Clearly the “whatsoever ye do” in 1 Cor. 10:31 does NOT apply to any of those things.

  3. Darrell, you’ll have time to sleep when you get to heaven, because, of course, God never provided for rest or leisure time here on earth.

  4. Dude, BIMI’s a big deal in fundy circles, too. Never heard of their camp, though…

  5. The tract thing. I don’t recall reading about tracts in the Gospels. Must be a fundy thing.

  6. This compartmentalizing of one’s life makes me want to scream. How do they rate the time it takes to fill it out? Why the necessity of the sacred/secular division?

  7. As I read through group 3 I wondered what they would consider appropriate “leisure activity” in group 2?

  8. LOL at “shut ins”. I have never heard that term outside of Fundy circles. What constitutes a “shut in” these days?

  9. And honestly, why all the emphasis on works? Why must what you do each day count for eternity? I thought you couldn’t buy your way to heaven, or get on God’s good side. These things you should want to do, regardless of “reward”. Oh, and the buying of a box of tracts and handing them out willy-nilly, and even including them with bills…quick way to win friends, right? I wonder if some bills get rejected because they have a “foreign” object in them. Most bills say to only include the check, and the payment slip…

  10. @Ben
    When you send anything else besides a payment slip & your check, it absolutely gets tossed. That’s why the envelope says do not enclose any correspondence. If you’re still sending tracks in the mail, you’re just wasting your money. They just end up in the landfill and you’re just making Chick Tracts more money. BTW, that outfit is a for-profit business and not a non-profit as many think it is.

  11. I have the sickening feeling that less than 10% of the responses to “charts” contain the gospel.

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