13 thoughts on “User Submitted Photo: Alliterated Facebok Status — With Proof Texts”

  1. It’s a double bonus, as the verses are out of context and onlymake sense if you misunderstand the English of the KJV.

  2. I’m not seeing the “Satisfaction” in Is. 30:18, not even in the KJV. (And now I’ve got the Rolling Stones “I can’t get no satisfaction” running through my head. Shows how degenerate I am, right?)

  3. The cause/effect is not there in Ps 33:20.
    Satisfaction is not in Is 30:18. It is if Blessed = Satisfaction.
    Surprise is not in Is 64:4. Note that the KJV elevates what God is doing in this passage. Other translations elevate the God that is doing something.

  4. That post does not make any sense based on the scriptures cited. Weird. Maybe there is some sort of special kool-aid that you need to drink in order to understand it.

    I also saw this gem of a Facebook status from a fundy (see below). I’m not posting this as a political statement, I just think it is a GIANT STRETCH.

    Dear President Obama: I have asked God to give you His wisdom, for you to allow Him to direct your life as only He can do and to show you clearly a straight path. Today, through the people of Massachusetts, He is showing you what “Change We Can Believe In” looks like…

  5. It makes perfect sense when you realize that a lot of preaching makes no sense at all. Does that make sense?

  6. Christopher,

    Actually I read all three verese in KJV (a.k.a. Rick James) and the only one out of context was “Satisfaction.”

  7. Christopher hit the nail on the head–when I looked these verses up in context in my ESV, I couldn’t for the life of me understand where these interpretations could come from. Rereading them in the KJV I figured it out. Point 3 is especially dubious.

  8. For more fun, read them in Hebrew:
    Ps 33:20
    Is 30:18
    Is 64:43 (The verse numbering is different in the Hebrew Bible so Isaiah 64:4 in the KJV is Isaiah 64:3)

    If you cannot read the Hebrew, try a literal translation.

    Of course, if you are doing a word study, and cannot handle the original languages, you might be a fundamentalist.

  9. Just stumbled on this one via the random blog post, and LOVE it. Glad my FB news feed isn’t the only one w/ eisegetical proof texts!

  10. fundies should seriously separate themselves and stay OFF facebook. it’s of the world. i hate how fundies pick and choose what they separate themselves from…

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