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  1. Oh boy. Haha!
    This reminds me of late. Happened to be my good ol’ IFB church’s missions conference. And we were singing Mighty to Save by Hillsong (yes, a non-fundy song). And just so happened, that during the middle of the song at the bridge, the song slides happened to have this great little hymn! And with a very cheesy alternative added onto it. And then to top it off, the choir director started to use her finger as a little candle and spin it around in the air to “Shine your light and let the whole world see!” Thankfully I was the one running the computer stuff, so I was allowed to sit back and laugh and not be seen! 🙂
    And you have to add Carry Your Candle to this! Albeit it’s not a hymn, it’s still very very classic! (insert ‘ugh’ face)

  2. Between this and “Deep and Wide” I’m not sure what children’s song is most sung without the kids even understanding the meaning of the lyrics.

  3. i once posited that i WOULD hide my light under a bushel, thus causing the bushel to catch fire, and thus have a bigger light to shine.

    also, did you guys get to do the alternate verses to deep and wide? first, you sing deep and wide as written, then you mix it up with a little “wide and deep”. then you get bleep out deep with “mmmm and wide”, then reverse and do “deep and mmmm”. lastly, you sing “mmmm and mmmm”.

    what did i learn in sunday school? i learned that there’s a fountain flowing mmmm and mmmm.

  4. Reader Mo, we went one more step and did it frontwards backwards. Deep and Wide and Wide and Deep, Deep and Wide and Wide and Deep, Theres a fountain flowing Deep and Wide and Wide and Deep…. We always tried to make everything fast.

    Did anyone go to HAC and sing this song in the teen bus church? I was amazed at how those kids from chicago would stand on their chairs and dance to the song. They we’re stiff at all like these kids!

  5. @Reader Mo, not only did we do all those variations you mentioned, we also had a verse on “M & M’s, M & M’s, there’s a fountain flowing M & M’s” – this in addition to the “mmm and mmm” verse. To this day I haven’t figured out what cheap chocolate candy has to do with anything, except maybe as a sneaky way to get us to learn our memory verses, bring visitors, etc., all in an attempt to earn some candy from it. I also find it quite odd that, on the whole, fundy music contains a mix of both the very good and the very bad theologically, while missing the message entirely in the good stuff, and, of course, skipping all the particularly good verses in the good songs.

  6. At BJU, we were not allowed to use “This Little Light”, “Deep and Wide”, or “Climb, Climb Up Sonshine Mountain” when we were on extension. We were told that the songs were theologically void, and we should be using our limited time on extension to do things with the kids that actually had some meaning to them.

    1. And for the same reason, we were not allowed to sing “You Can’t Get to Heaven on Rollerskates” at my IFB school.

      I don’t know why that’s theologically void. Everyone knows you can’t get to heaven on roller skates cuz you’ll roll right by those pearly gates!

      1. Leave it to fundies to still be talking about roller skates. No one roller skates anymore. It’s inline skating these days.

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