1. I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE IN AN IFB COLLEGE’S “DOCTRINAL STATEMENT.” SEEMED SOMEONE GOT A little EMOTIONAL ON TITHING/GIVING…TOO BAD THEY WERE A way way BIT OUT OF context…I seriously don’t know why I followed the crowd on that one… 🙂

  2. Too many people treat caps lock like it’s some sort of cruise control for “orthodox.” Trouble is, even with cruise control, you still have to steer. 😉

  3. Lloyd Streeter’s “Seventy-five Problems with Central Baptist Seminary’s Book The Bible Version Debate” is a classic example of what Wilkinson is talking about.

  4. explain something to me, reader mo…. some fundy’s say that if something is not commanded in the bible, you must not do it (eg there is no mention of musical instruments in the new testament, so no musical instruments in some fundy churches.) is there a direct command anywhere in the bible to think or use our brains? if not, should we do it?

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