26 thoughts on “Friday Challenge: Make A Church Sign”

    1. From Philip. “Sadly, this sign is not a parody… My pastor occasionally brings this up as a true example of why he hates the church signs that have movable letters.”

        1. In my town, a sign like that would probably be banned. We like our pornography indoors, where it belongs. 😉

  1. So if I’m Presbyterian and amil, does that mean I’m doubly welcome? Too bad I’m lacking on creativity at the moment, or I’d come up with a sign of my own.

  2. I am pretty sure this was fake, but really funny. A while back I found a “Church Sign War” between a Presbyterian Church and a Catholic Church…

    What I would love to see is a Fundy church get into a sign war with someone, even if it was fake too…

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