30 thoughts on “Traveling Singing Groups Who Promote Fundy Colleges”

  1. “I did tell Lola I was Gary and a hefty Lola told the world that I was Gary and was odd.”

    Huh? Must be a PCC thing. 😉

  2. You’ve got to love how fundamentalists frequently criticize, nay, berate contemporary Praise and Worship for being too repetitive or too shallow when they frequently worship or entertain themselves with music like this. Give me Hillsong any day!

  3. Some friends and I in high school would intentionally ask the annual PCC reps the most uncomfortable questions possible, usually involving, in the most sincere, good-hearted manner possible, our deep and abiding love of the Living Bible. I regret the immaturity, but I have to admit it was funny to watch the PCC kids twitch.

  4. I’ve never understood what’s so amusing about these songs…I think most people are actually BORED by these annual visitations.
    And I totally agree with Casey. Very good point. As shown in total perspective to this song.

  5. I didn’t think I could be more upset then when I had listened to the PCC Free Will Song, but this beat it.

    “Friend you may be happy, and fully satisfied”
    “I didn’t know I was carrying a heavy load until the load that I was carrying was gone”

    No one else sees how wrong these words are? Complete Satisfaction apart from Christ? Didn’t know the burden of sin until after salvation? I can’t even calm down enough to explain just how bad this song is…

  6. The browser on my phone wouldn’t let me view the video for this post. For this, I thank God. I was able, however, to watch the Free Will video. Man, Neil Peart has really changed over the years. I did have an opportunity to tour with a group when I was an inmate at one of the Roloff homes. We kinda sucked, but it was enjoyable at the time. Once we stopped at a Church that had NKJV’s in the pews. The guest preacher preached against it. Fundies.

  7. During college, my girlfriend attended a small fundy school. She was part of the traveling choir that would go around to “supporting churches”. I probably saw them 8 different times and I can honestly tell you it was a production. There was no spontaneous worship, no leading of the Spirit. Everything was the same: the songs, the introductions, the sermons, the choir member testimonies, and yes, even the emotions and tears displayed during those testimonies. It was really pathetic. The worst thing is that those same people would talk down CCM and even Southern Gospel groups b/c they were “entertainment”.

  8. The strangest day of our 13-week tour for BJU’s ensemble (before they called them “ministry teams”) back in 1992 was in Albuquerque at Royal Blue’s church (Yes, that is the pastor’s actual name.). We were all eating at his favorite fried fish place on Saturday night when he let it slip that he had invited PCC to do the service the same Sunday AM with us. Our jaws dropped. Nervous laughter.

    But we did it. They with their all-boys group and we with our mixed ensemble. We just went back and forth with Blue preaching at the end. For *us* the difference between the groups/music/style seemed dramatic. But the audience was too buzzed on whatever Albuquerque’s city fathers pump through the water table that I don’t think they cared one iota. Complete non-event for them. Whatever.

    The next day for our rest day the PCC boys ended up at the same hotel as we did (Royal Blue recommended the same to both of us). And those pitiful, lonely boys chased our alto and pianist all. day. long. Ah . . . young “love” in fundy land.

  9. “I gave my heart to Jesus” – well, that about wrapped up this performance. Step right up for your personally signed copy of “What Love Is This?”

  10. Or better yet, step right up for your copy of what the F%^* is this.


  11. The woman on the far right looked like she has her head up a badgers butt. At least it looked that way to me.

  12. 0:34 OK thats enough. Icann’t stand PCC’s music its waaay to pepy> I donn’t necesarily like gloomy, but its pepy to the extreme. My high school english teacher had kid who went to PCC and she would play the CD’s during class only lower the volume when we were doing work. The song that burnt into my mind the most is God said it and I believe it. I always found that PCC students in singing groups so cheesy with the p;astered smile on their faces. Maybe its the music that requires them to do that. I found West Coast Baptist College singers a little bit better cause they did not have those plastered smiles on their faces whe n they presented themselves.

    1. I toured for West Coast summer 2007. We weren’t taught to have smiles plastered on our faces, but we were taught to raise our eyebrows and “have expresion” all without moving our bodies. 😈 I got in trouble for listening to “unapproved” music on my iPod after that summer though, and next year they made a rule banning headphones 🙄

    2. The PCC ensemble singers are required to sing like that, whether they want to or not (though I am aware that some actually do). It’s really quite sad. The school is… less than kind… to those students who try to leave the ensemble before their circuit (or whatever its called) is finished. Demerits at the least, and there have even been some who were kicked out. Either way, they are certainly considered “not right with God” if they dare to question their methods.

  13. @Darrell: In spite of going through all the stuff you went throght at PCC at least you did not have to be in a travelling singing group, put on a fake smile, and sing.

  14. Bible College was never for me, but I remember all the groups coming to our church and the Youth Rallies where they told us we all needed to at least spend one year at Bible College to find out what God wants us to do.. as if God is limited to a year. I felt sorry for my friends who took the bait and went. Now, years later as they get out of the fundy churches where they teach in fundy schools, they realize their degree means nothing outside of fundy circles. Non-accredited Bible colleges have ruined more people in their 30s than I can count. Want to change careers? Good, hope you’re willing to start your education over from square 1.

    And these singing groups… TERR-I-BLE

  15. My youngest child had to sit through a PCC presentation not long ago (long story, don’t ask 🙄 ) and said of the singers that they were robots.

  16. I know all of those guys on the hac video and one was even my good friend and bus captain and they all listened to southern gospel and ccm and are good guys who did not drink too much of the kool-aid.

  17. i read you guys comments all of them and even though i diod not go to all these schoos i can pretty much say you are all a buncj of luzers who cannot get a life and remain stuck hating stuff and cant get up and dust yourself off people overcame the holkocaust and hitler but you people cannot even forget a stupid college bunch of whiners

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