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donaldcantrell Is your preaching powerless? Are your sermons stillborn? Do your rabid rants require rejuvenation?

Never fear! For only $150, you can attend the Alliteration Institute!
Their goal is “to offer timely resources that will benefit those looking to become better at “Alliterated Sermon Design” and hopefully you will quickly see that we diligently achieve this goal.”

These courses have been crafted by master alliterator Donald Cantrell himself who not only studied at Tennessee Temple University and Covington Theological Institute but also just recently received his “Doctorate in Expository Alliterated Preaching” from CFEBP.

It’s amazing that we live in an age where technology can make such resources so easily available.

12 thoughts on “FWOTW: donaldcantrellministries.com”

  1. This is real? I thought it was a joke.

    How can you take him seriously when his name is Donald, his wife’s name is Denise, and he blows an easy opportunity by naming his daughter Whitney? (Why not Daphne, or Dawn?) Some Alliterator he is.

  2. The Alliteration Institute is, without hyperbole, the most awesome thing that I have ever heard of in the history of everything. I need to find a way to convince the help-meat that this is a good way to spend $150.

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