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  1. It’s great to know there are people out there still standing strong for the truth these days. 😉

    I loved the insightful articles on how the KJV’s Shakespearean English is much easier to read than modern English and the valuable warnings about the dangers of Christian rock. Don’t miss all the 666 conspiracy articles!

    I think my favorite part of this site is that I can even order tracts of these articles to pass out to all my unsaved friends. . . .I bet they’ll want to become Christians right away after reading this stuff!

    (oh, and in case anyone didn’t realize, i’m being sarcastic)

  2. Don’t these yo-yos realize that by sticking to the KJV 1611 they are contributing to Biblical illiteracy? The reason that the KJV translators labored so hard to produce a version of the Bible in 1611 was so that it could be read in the common language of the day. King James English is no longer the common language of the day. New translations promote Bible literacy by promoting the reading of the Bible in everyday language.

  3. I had to stop reading the Santa article. The blatant misuse of Scripture to support individual points passed the “Disrespectful” station and was charging full steam ahead towards “Blasphemous.”

    “Ho, ho. . . saith. . . (Zechariah 2:6)” – really?? How does “Ho, ho, come forth, and flee from the land of the north, saith the LORD: for I have spread you abroad as the four winds of the heaven, saith the LORD.” tie in to Santa? You might as well say that verse instructs people to vacate the New England states.

    If all it takes to drum up Biblical support for an idea is a few sets of ellipses…man, I’m gonna write a book on how to live the life you want and back it up with Scripture!

  4. I wonder if they’ve heard of the idea that BARNEY is the anti-Christ. I actually saw a preacher explain that one once. You take the phrase “Cute purple dinosaur,” change all the Us to Vs, then pull all the letters that are Roman numerals. They add up to 666.

    And yes, he was being serious. I saw lots of note-takers furiously scribbling down that their children would not play with other children who watched the Satanic Purple Dinosaur …

  5. I find it thrilling that most of the arguments on some pages (Washed in the Blood) seem to use songs as proof that KJV is the only way. “Well…there are all these songs that use the same phrase so…it must be right.”

  6. YAY! This FWOTW is still up! If I need a laugh or a reason to cry this is still here!

    Another FWOTW I checked out a few minutes ago had been pulled down. I was momentarily sad.

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