Important Fundamentalist Announcement


For a fee you can now see every edition of the Sword of the Lord back to 1937. Glory!

For those who are not familiar with the Sword of the Lord imagine what the National Enquirer would look like if written by Fundamentalists. Then slice in some sermons from C.H. Spurgeon (with the Calvinist stuff cleverly chopped out) and sprinkle with a bunch of ads for church bus ministries. Stir well. No need to add nuts, they’re already included.

8 thoughts on “Important Fundamentalist Announcement”

  1. You forgot the 110 church advertisements with 109 pictures pictures of pastors and two mentions of Christ. (An actual count from one issue, BTW.)

  2. So I went to the SOTL website and see that Schapp and Smith are fighting about the KJV. Schapp says that the KJV isn’t the inspired word of God…..when did this happen?

  3. Hey, it’s the Sword Scrapbook! How did church bulletins get made before that book came along? Happened to see a recent copy of the Sword a few months ago. When did they get color?

  4. I used to collect those god-forsaken publications back in the mid-80’s…along with bulletins and college & career directories.

    Too bad I can’t reclaim the years the locusts have eaten.


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