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  1. Hutson looks so much older than his pictures in the SOL. But then so do all the other preachers.

  2. Why does all the crazy stuff seem to happen at HAC? Who gives a standing ovation to a person who had the good fortune to marry someone who would one day become a famous (I guess) preacher?

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

      Back in 1988 I visited BJU for the Sword of the Lord conference. I was not in the loop, so I plead ignorance having even attended!

      As Jack Hyles, one of the speakers there, approached the hollowed pulpit of the Founder’s Memorial Ampitoriam, a few FBCH (HAC) folks irrupted in applause and a standing ovation. Well, nearly everyone stood up…Including BJU Jr., though he did not clap.

      I stood there somewhat perplexed. Then, out of the blue, as the people were sitting down someone yells, “THAT’S MY PREACHER!!!”

      Really? That was strange. Not at all BJU-ish. But then again, HAC is a Fundy culture of its own. Corrupt, godless, wicked, evil, man-centered, man-made, man-worshipping.



  3. I was thinking this might be a bit excessive but not too weird… until they carried the guy in on a literal throne. Who says the cult of saints is dead in Protestantism?

  4. until they carried the guy in on a literal throne.

    Yeah, that was what did it for me.

  5. I made it to the part where they were carrying him on the throne, but then couldn’t stomach it any longer. I was also starting to think that I was lucky to have escaped fundyism without seeing anything like that, but then remembered I had. Not quite to that extreme, but still. Ugh! Reminds me of the fundy youth camps I went to as a kid. Speaking of which, you should do a post on those sometime.

    And Jordan, they’re IFBs (fundies anyways), and therefore would deny your statement on the grounds that they’re not Protestant (though they are). 😉

  6. Dude… I feel ill. Why didn’t they just throw their bodies into the aisle for him to be carried over?
    Seriously, though, can you imagine what Paul would say about something like this?

  7. Wow!!! Just, WOW!!!!! I don’t know what to say….. But the more I analyze this, the more I realize that I saw this stuff all the time at the fundy church I came out of. Maybe not this extreme, but it was definitely there. Stuff like giving special gifts on Mother’s Day to the moms who had the most kids in full-time ministry, to giving plaques and accolades on stage to members for various acts (faithfulness, soul winning, etc), to “honoring” evangelists and other “soldiers of the faith” on stage, to the chairman of the deacons going before the membership and asking people to give $, lots of $, so that we could present the pastor with a $25,000 check on his 25th year of ministry (with one of those big fake checks nonetheless)!!!

  8. did I hear that guy at the end say, “I want to thank him for gettin’ me saved and all my family and giving me an opportunity to serve Christ”? You guys heard that, right?

  9. I just read in the Gospel of Luke:

    Mat 23:12 Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

  10. Contrary to what fundies believe there is only one hero in the Bible and his name starts with a J. I went to BOJO and my stomach rolled every year when we had “founders day” and paid homage to a man who was buried in the middle of the campus. The real hero is the man that was buried and then walked out of His grave!!!

  11. Surely, after this kind of thing, they wouldn’t criticize the Catholics for paying homage to the Pope, would they?

  12. My question is why in the world would you agree to participate in this? If someone wanted to do this for me, I would decline. Good grief!

  13. This show of pomp is ridiculous. But it does make me wonder. Even though evangelical churches would never do something like this (nor would all fundy churches), do the people in the congregation or the pastor feel the same way internally that these people are expressing outwardly? Say Mark Dever was present, or another famous evangelical. Would those seated be in the same awe of the person on the platform.

    Thoughts anyone?

  14. That video was taken the year before I went to HAC back in 1994. I recognized about five people in the audience!

    to answer your last question, I don’t think so. I’ve gone to three Shepherd’s Conferences, and a Ligonier Conference and I was amazed at the lack of hero worship I saw. Last Shepherd’s conference, MacArthur got a standing ovation for his 40th year of ministry celebration, but that’s just a genuine show of appreciation, not worship.

  15. I remember reading about this day in Dr. Hyles’ autobiography. Dr. Hutson was dying of cancer and I think that is the reason he was carried out the way he was. I didn’t watch the whole video but I don’t have a problem with honoring a man who had spent his life preaching The Gospel.

  16. Reforming Baptist,
    I listened to the very conference you mentioned. MacArthur’s delivery was excellent and his testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness was encouraging. And I agree, there was authentic appreciation in the crowd, and rightfully so. However, I’ve also spoken with a number of younger men who look at him or Piper (usually Piper) as some kind of an idol.
    Also, the context of the video was a college setting I think. it was at least at Hyles church where most of the students attend. These are impressionable people and although I’ve not seen another school/church do anything of this sort, I’ve heard others speak as if the speaker was on a throne in their mind.
    All I”m saying is that what they do outwardly, others may be doing inwardly. Just a thought. no more.


  17. “Seriously, though, can you imagine what Paul would say about something like this?”

    Good question Pita. I’ll echo my namesake: “For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal?”

    Not a big step from that to “I am of Piper; and another, I am of Hyles.” Another reminder of why we must test our assumptions by the Word rather than by man.

  18. “Pope Curtis I”

    Actually, I don’t think the Pope gets confetti and balloons.

    This clip made me vomit. figuratively.

  19. “Until they brought the guy in on a literal throne. ” Wow

    When will these people stop putting foolish stuff like this on tape? Till the stars fall? Till the last call?

  20. I watched part 2 of this video and Dr Hudson was very humble and very careful to give the honor to Christ. I wanted to see how he reacted to the pomp and he mentioned his cancer as well. just sayin.

  21. It was kind of a hilarious relief when the cut in the tape made it sound like they all stopped cheering in perfect unison around 4:09. 🙂

  22. Dear God in Heaven! Did they take a sample of his DNA to preserve for future Fundie propagation? Only HAC could have this sort of sick Moonie-ism on display.
    Oh and I dig the guys with short-sleeved shirts and ties. Always at the epicenter of the fashion world

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