Famous Fundies: Phil Kidd

kiddAmong the ranks of shock-jock evangelists perhaps none have aspired to the verbal exploits of “Dr.” Phil Kid. Popular with many fundamentalist churches of more militant type, Phil is the master of Hair-Raising Sermon Illustration. It’s a rare event when he manages to make it through a sermon without some apocryphal tale of tragedy and gore.

And then there are his screaming rants against all manner of other ungodly things like Nintendo video games and interracial marriage…

Here he is in fine form:


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    1. The very essence of Christianity or God himself is love. If you do not love you abide in darkness. Dr Kidd using racial slurs betrays Gods loving character and dishonor sour Lord who created and loves the world.

      1. Don’t read your Bible, It may offend you when GOD starts calling sodomites,whoremongers, liars, what they are. You are a liberal who believes in sugar coating things. Truth offends you.

  1. What a cold, heartless man. The fundy movement is all about how evil and sinful everyone who is NOT a FUNDY. They deflect their own sin by making everyone else more sinful. Did he not talk about how he broke the law by speeding down the hill? He could have caused a deadly accident just as easy as the drunk teen driver. Only difference between the two of them is he didn’t die because of his actions and the young driver, sadly did! Being drunk is no more sinful then speeding. Both actions can cause physical harm to yourself and others.
    He would be wise to stop looking under a microscope at everyone elses failures and take a good hard look in the mirror. Perhaps fundies haven’t smoked, murdered anyone, drank an alcholic bevereage etc. That DOES NOT make them any less sinful then the rest of mankind.

    “Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet”

    1. Its liberals like u that make sites like this a joke all yall do is rant and rave because a God called preacher preaches the word of God and hammers on sin if about 99.9 percent of you would get born again sites like this wouldn’t exist Bless God “fundy” what a joke what are you bless the Lord a Lostee get a clue your doing the same thing your saying he’S guilty of God in heaven help these heathens don’t bother to reply I will not respond keep wasting your time this is the first time I’ve ever responded on the net to anything somebody with a little God on em needs to do something you can’t find God in this mess with a search warrant

  2. You do realize that he isn’t all that well known, even by X’ers that I know. You have to draw the line somewhere and most of the X’ers I’m acquainted with draw it at blatant racists.

    However, if you want to go on and on about how disgusting homosexuals are, that’s okay. Even if you say you “hate homo’s and wouldn’t cross the street to witness to them except that you’re commanded to do so.”

  3. Racism (especially of the “they’re fine but I don’t want my sister to marry one” variety) is more prevalent in fundamentalism than many want to admit.

    Phil isn’t as far out of the mainstream as one might imagine.

    1. My sister did marry one. African-American, not racist. That took some getting used to for my IFB family. Even more than me becoming Anglican, and my brother marrying a Lutheran and joining her church.

  4. I’m glad he didn’t go into gory details, as promised. *rolls eyes*

    I agree, Darrell. Racism among fundies is still prevalent.

  5. I guess it depends on where you live, because I haven’t met very many racist Fundamentalists. I guess that’s because most of the churches I’ve been to were on the west coast, and nobody is really racist over there.

  6. Same here in the northeast.

    I also never heard of this guy until now. I googled his name and found his website. A lot of his itinerary for this year is in the south, though he has a handful of meetings in the midwest. I don’t think his kind make it up our way too much.

    I would also like to check out his illustration, though that would probably be difficult to do. I’ve always wondered how evangelists always happen to be in the right place at the right time…that is when it comes to illustrations.

  7. I know this post has taken a different path, but I I would be caution everyone about pawning off racism on the South. Isn’t that in itself stereotyping and discrimination? I’ve met northern, mid-western and west coast racists. Just b/c you live in a part of the country where people don’t get attached to a certain flag, doesn’t mean you live in an area free of hate and discrimination.

    Failure to see the problem is being part of it.

    1. I agree, its foolish to stereotype one particular region as being the only place where racism exists. After all, racism is a person making a judgement of another person based on their race. That means anyone, of any race, is equally capable of racism.

      It’s going to continue to be a problem in every region of the country as long as people wrongly believe that racism is confined to white people who live in the south.

  8. Right on Sandi. Speeding is one of those “white”, “pet” sins we fundamentalists don’t talk about in our lists. Oh and even divided in half 210mph is still speeding. lol

    The lack of compassion in these kinds of shouters and illustrations is staggering. Truth and Love aren’t mutually exclusive…but sadly they seem to be presented as such by these hyper-fundamentalists.

  9. Not all sins are equal. See John 19:11.

    Drunkenness is worse than speeding (unless it’s wreckless speeding). Racism is worse than drunkeness.

    Sins are only equal in the sense that they all keep us from God.

  10. Spending one minute lining up sins from acceptable to worst is a collosal waste of time and an exercise in missing the point. Better to spend all our time finding out how to draw near to the God Who will graciously embrace anyone who humbly repents: the drunk teenager in the ditch, the smug, screaming preacher, and the likes of all of us who pretend to know where each one falls in a list of sinners, great and small. We’re all on the list, but there is only one name on it: Mankind.

  11. I wish there was a site where all these Apocryphal sermon illustrations were catalogued according to their “Churchland Legend” status.

  12. Whoops, looks like the audio somehow disappeared off the server.

    I’ll try to get it back up.

  13. Was that picture phot shop or the real deal? I’ve actually seen him in person. He wears a trench coat with an American flag on the front by his heart and a confederate in the back just under the trenchcoat neck. Also when he was getting ready to preach he would act like he was getting ready to box-really. Actually it was at that church where Darrell showed the clip of Missionary Updates. Met alot of nice, friendly people while there.

  14. I’d bet you 10-1 that if you could find out when that was preached and then look at the newspaper archives for that day, there would be no accident. These guys make it up as they go.

  15. Sounds like most of you who have commented feel incredibly threatened by this preacher. If you don’t agree with him, don’t worry about it. It shouldn’t merit your attention.

    1. I think you should send him a note telling him not to preach on people he doesn’t agree with and just not worry about them.

      I mean, if you feel like that’s the best course of action in that given situation it’s best to at least be even-handed about it.

    2. So we should just turn a blind eye to error? Just give it a wink and a nod and ignore the damage being done? This junk as gone on long enough..too long! To not stand up to so-called preaching like this is to give it tacit approval, and I’m one former fundy that will no longer be silent when I have the opportunity to speak out against pulpiteers that present a corrupt, bankrupt gospel as Phil Kidd does. His ministry is built on sensationalism; emotional, mental and spiritual manipulation; and pulpit bullying. The Lord rebuke him for the way he represents Christ and Christianity.

    3. I actually couldn’t hear what was preached on this thread (It wasn’t working for me ~ Don’t worry, I have heard plenty throughout my life, I will survive) But your comment to just let it go (It doesn’t merit my attention) really bugs me. I will tell you why. Ego-driven attention whores can get up and spout all kinds of inaccurate, irrelevant garbage to whoever is deluded enough (or forced by their parents) to sit and listen. Then can’t handle ANY disagreement or ANY rational presentation of FACTS and if they WERE presented with any TRUTH or FACTS they would bring in their back up gang (the old ushers and “security” guys.) If YOU don’t like what is being presented on THIS blog, why don’t YOU just not bother with it. I am sure it isn’t worth your time anyway. At least HERE you can put up an idiotic comment like that and nobody is shutting you up or dragging you out. You probably should get back to your ministry now. Does your preacher know you are here?

    4. I’m with Don here. Jesus rebuked the pharisees and teachers of the law for acting in an oppressive way and focusing more on rules and legalism than truly following God. This is what fundy preachers do to modern day believers. Why should we not stand up to them the way Christ stood up to the pharisees?? Why should we turn a blind eye to the oppression that they are bringing about on the children of God when Jesus didn’t do that with the pharisees??

  16. I remember this guy. At the church I used to go to they had a tape ministry in the back room, with a fine assortment of phil kidd material along with the usual tapes of the pastor’s sermons. I remember one was called “A nation without a fag…er flag”, he says, and another one was “the sounds of hell” with that recording of the gaping hole in the earth leading down to hell. Anyone remember that one? He isn’t very big on subtlety. I think I still have a tape or 2 of his stuff around.

  17. “Whoops, looks like the audio somehow disappeared off the server.”

    As of 11-26-12, the clip is gone.

  18. I heard this guy a couple of time when I was in college. HE came to our church and packed it out! The only problem was he said several things that were doctrinally unsound. I remember one of the main points of one of his sermons was that if you don’t accept Jesus when he calls, He’ll save someone else in your place! Uhhh can someone give me a chapter and verse on that one? But my personal favorite was when he said that he chaperoned one of his daughter’s(who at the time were both in high school) dates. The ladies went inside, and he slammed his daughters date against the wall and demanded to know what his intentions were towards his daughter. Supposedly the guy went to the bathroom and never came back. Everyone laughed, and the sermon went on. Since I knew at the time that I was going into law enforcement, and I am now a sworn officer, admitting with pride from the pulpit that you assaulted some kid kind of doesn’t sit too well with me! Anyway, the guy is doctrinally off, and he’s FULL OF ANGER!!!! Not exactly the best way to win the lost to Christ!

  19. At my former fundy church Windsor Hills, The Vineyards swore uo and down by Phil Kidd. Kidd and the Vineyards were both mentored by Jack Hyles so that says a lot.

  20. I was looking around for so preaching to listen to and found this site. I have heard Bro Kidd preach , heard some good messages. I’m saying anything about him either way, just found it funny that a bunch of sound baptist on a public web site gossiping and spreading discord. I would hope we all could find something that would bring honer and glory to The Lord besides gossip?

    1. You mean like a vitriol and insult filled message from the great Phil Kidd? And that’s not taking into account the fact that the man is EXTREAMLY doctrinally unsound. My personal favorite is “If you don’t accept Jesus when the Holy Spirit calls, God will save someone in your place!” I grew up listening to preachers like this. Many of the friends I had growing up, turned their back on their faith when they became adults and figured out how completely full of crap guys like Phil Kidd and Ralph Sexton are. And Phil Kidd is far more concerned with being a self-aggrandizing, pulpit shock jock than he is with brining ANY glory to God!

  21. When Paul was talk about Demas he just said Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world. I hate to see Baptist spending there time fussing about others. I know The Lord gets no glory out of it. I’m sure doctrinally there are some disagreements several circles of us but Paul didn’t write the church at Corinth and say well that lossy Demas has done this, and he said that. We believe in wine, it’s the only thing that can picture the pure blood, but many don’t. What good would it do the gosple if I bash others over it? We should just mark them and advoid them that teach contrary to the doctrine we was given, that’s it, and move on compelling those in the highways and hedges.

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