Soul Winning

Tim Challies has posted scans of a book named Soul-Winning Made Easy and subtitled (The Encounter Method) by C.S. Lovett. It’s a step by step illustrated guide to getting people saved.


From the book…

The controlled conversation technique is something new in evangelism and represents a real break-through in soul-winning. Older methods, dealing with excuses, seek to convince a prospect of his needy condition and humble him. … The new method ignores excuses and completely side-steps the explosive area of religious debate. Modern soul-winners have discovered that it is unnecessary to change a person’s mind before introducing him to Jesus. If he can truly be made aware of Christ waiting at the door of his heart, his responsibility becomes most clear. This makes soul-winning a positive ministry requiring fewer skills. Actually, it is a new frontier which allows Christian obedience to become fun!

Check out all of the scans.

12 thoughts on “Soul Winning”

  1. My favorite quote:
    “As you tell him the ‘door’ is the door of his heart, reach over and tap him just above the heart…. if the prospect is a woman, a male worker can very delicately touch her forearm with one finger. Ordinarily, a man should never touch a woman, but in this case, the Holy Spirit will bless it.”

    I don’t know what kind of friendly neighborhoods they do this in, but I’ve lived in some where the next caption would be:
    “At the right moment, your first aid kit is quickly produced from its place of concealment.”

    Also, it’s nice they had special revelation from the Holy Spirit that this “sanctified touching” would certainly be blessed.

  2. “Sanctified touching” wasn’t allowed in my IFB church for any reason. 😉

  3. I like the section about bowing your head and glancing out of the corner of your eye to see if they bow their head too… very funny

  4. On a different note, the dude in the suit looks like Bill Pullman’s twin brother. I can see this guy clutching a portable PA mic and shouting, “Today, we celebrate…our Independence Day!”

    Also – “I’d like to read you…um…four? two? bah. I’d like to read you a bunch of verses and use the two-fingered point on you.”

    Seriously, though, this doesn’t take into account that when you tell him forcefully to bow his head and repeat after you he may just end up doing this to get rid of you. Unless salvation merely depends on speaking a few magic words. (Seems like there’s another major religion that does that, too…)

  5. Anyone else notice how the “soulwinner” is wearing a suit and tie and the “sinner” isn’t?

  6. Wow, skipping the part where the sinner has to come humbly before God? Yikes.

  7. Oh my goodness. Easy believe-ism made even easier!!! ‘Get your free tickets to heaven here!! Free tickets to heaven!!’

  8. “Is that a Genuine, Calfskin leather, Scofield, New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs? Why I’ll bet he is a Gold level Sword of The Lord VIP Member!” 😯

  9. My former fundy pastor wrote his own book/program about this vacuum cleaner saleman type soulwinning – and peddles it to others.

  10. A former friend of mine, and a current fundy CEO in a church in Michagan, told his mother to “go do your motherly duties” when he disagreed with her.

    He would scream at people during door-to-door evangelism and visitation when they would disagree with him and tell him to beat it. He would feign praying for them as he shook the dust off his feet.


    What a freakish movement.

    B.R.O. 😈

  11. Oh gosh…my apologetics teacher showed me this book the other day…thankfully, he doesn’t ascribe to it, and neither do I. ^^’

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