12 thoughts on “Billy Sunday”

  1. I could honestly only catch one out of every five or six words he was saying. Still, bear in mind that the definition of “preaching” to some people is loose enough that one can technically squeeze in “my personal opinions that I’m going to pass off to you as fundamentals of the faith” in which case carrying a Bible is optional.

  2. There is a section where he says, “I will not” vote for someone who supports lifting prohibition. Sounds a lot like the abortion debate right now. Oh and now he is waxing elegant about the economic problems of Germany and linking it to alcohol.

    Painfully funny

  3. Preach it!! Prohibition turned out to be such a great idea. I’ll bet Capone (fellow Chicagoan) was funding his entire ministry!

    Soap box ‘preaching’ makes strange bed-fellows.

  4. Don’t tell me that Robert Preston (the music man) didn’t study the voice and mannerisms of this guy.

    “Trouble, trouble, trouble trouble…”

  5. “…they [should] leave their damndable (sic) alien ideas back to the seas they came from!” Sounds like the rhetoric of the Tea Party hasn’t changed too much since the 1920’s 😆

  6. David H, the pool table song (Oh you got trouble) is definitely a satire of revivalist meetings. And Preston is fantastic. He will forever be the quintessential Prof. Harold Hill. And I’m sure he did study revivalists.

  7. Billy Sunday preached much more against alcohol than about Jesus. Shows which issue he thought was more important.

  8. Billy Sunday’s day was a different time and place. My grandmother was raised under that kind of preaching and was a contemporary of Sunday. She was saved after a dream of hellfire scared her half out of her wits.

    I don’t think we in the 21st century can relate much to those days…regardless of our critisisms.


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