16 thoughts on “Distrusting the Government”

  1. Whoa–those last couple of seconds melted my brain. Shouldn’t be surprised, though–there are only two degrees of separation from anything science or the government does from implementing the Mark of the Beast.

  2. Another example of the kind of “Bible” preaching that leaves the saints feeding on ashes.

  3. I actually agree with Dr. Schaap on this one. I think he’s a quack about most things, but he’s right on track as far as the government goes. I don’t trust Obama, and I don’t trust any government who calls us “right-wing extremists” potential terrorists.

    1. Ummm…1611girl…from your moniker and your comments you don’t really get the concept of this blog or who the butt of the joke is, do you?

  4. I too agree with much of what he said. My only problem is where he is saying it. Not much gospel being preached there.

    1611girl, did you trust Bush when he and the GOP gave us the Patriot Act?

  5. I didn’t know much about what Bush was doing when he gave us the Patriot Act, because I was still pretty young. 9/11 happened when I was 14. So I did trust him, ignorantly (not like it really mattered because this past election is the first one I was old enough to vote in).

    I do agree that Dr. Schaap should be preaching more Bible and less politics from the pulpit.

  6. Hey Darrell,
    Here’s one you can add someday…Fundies like having all their generals and leiutenants sitting on the platform at church as an extra sign of authority!

  7. I don’t follow his logic at all, but I do agree that the Patriot act is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. Not just the worst, but possibly the most dangerous. Nothing threatens our religious and personal freedoms more than this bill. His logic id dumb, but his conclusion is right.

  8. He’s right that the Patriot Act is horrible.
    But his claim that no American citizen has committed any terrorist act comes out of nowhere. MOST acts of terrorism on U.S. soil are committed by 100% Americans. Unabomber/Weather Underground/Symbionese Liberation Army/Manson Family/Aryan Nation/Tim McVeigh, anyone?

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