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  1. No meat?? Didn’t Jesus eat fish and lamb??? This dude is sitting in Jail anyways for tax evasion b/c he didn’t think that Christians should pay taxes. (He owed millions!) He also is one of those holding a basement doctorate from some basement in Colorado.

  2. I can’t believe I ever thought this quack was telling the truth. His science is so bad, I can’t even believe it. Of course, his Biblical interpretation may be even worse than his science. And yet fundies just believe everything he says.

    Honestly, I think there should be a post on this blog for:

    Kent Hovind

    because fundies definitely like him. I would know; I was one myself.

  3. At least his health science is much better than his geology and biology. There really are such things as vitamin deficencies. There are no such things as water canopies and historical dragons.

    Peach pits are rich in the vitamins that young peach seedlings need to grow, and they also have yummy nutritious chemicals for us mammals. But if you eat six to twenty in a row, you might die. The human body is excellent at getting rid of cyanide, but once you get past its limits you’re gonna be very sick or even die.

    There’s a reason peach pits taste bad. Natural plant chemicals that taste bitter might kill you. Peach pits and some types raw almonds will kill you. Eating a few acorns will give you some sugar, but making acorns a staple will starve you by preventing absorbtion of proteins. Evolution has honed our tastes well.

    One exception is the phenols like capsaicin, menthol, thymol, and whatever it is in cloves and cinnamon. These chemicals will not really harm you, and if you can learn tolerate or even love them. you get mega cool vitamins. Same with bulbs containing irritating thiols. I eat huge amounts of garlic and shallots, probably enough to save me from incidental heavy metal ingestion, but a thiol burn accompanied by a bitter aftertaste will kill you. Don’t eat Irises.

    As far as meat, remember that meat eating may have been less frequent when our ancestors came down from the trees and scavanged the plateaus. The historical Southern US diet used meat as flavoring for what was mostly a vegiterian diet. Sunday chicken was a treat as was Easter ham, and the catfish caught by “noodling”, “doodlin” or “grabblin”. Meat rich cuisines like contemporary Southern cooking, Soul Food, Or Texas-German CFS with cream gravy were the everyday diet of the elites in the South. Only wealthy whites and urban Black Gentry ate this well in the late 19th century.

  4. James –No meat. It’s true. Read Genesis 1-11. There was no predation in Eden before sin. Sin introduced death. No animals died until God killed one to make clothes for Adam and Eve after they sinned. God gave people permission to eat meat after the Flood. Mr, Hovind may be way wrong on his political practices, but that does not mean Genesis is wrong.

  5. I actually believe his health lectures. I had cancer and under went chemo and radiation. But I read up on all organic things and vitamin deficiency topics. And I do eat 7 apricot seeds a day. But I’m no fundamentalist. *you all are going to hell if you don’t agree!* oh oops. 🙂


  6. According to the repository of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, peach pits contain cyanide. Eating a large number of them could cause you to die horribly.

    From what I have heard, peach pits do kill cancer cells. The problem is, they kill all cells, not just the cancerous ones.

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