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  1. Waiting to see one on “Baby Dedications” . . . completely against infant baptisms but let’s substitute it with a dedication of the baby-to what?? Isnt’ that baby going to grow up to have a “free will”? 🙂

    1. A baby dedication is when a parent brings their baby before the church and recognises the responsibility raising a child brings, and promises publicly to raise their child to have a knowledge of God.

      I’m not IFB anymore, and I’ve actually just started attending a denomination that practices baby baptisms, but I really don’t like straw man arguments.

  2. That’s interesting Marcus. I read the letters our missionaries send out. The posted letters are always up to date and provide the information I need to better pray for these brothers and sisters around the world. If a missionary comes to your church are you telling them you don’t bother reading their letters? I’m sure that would be very encouraging.

  3. Better than the letters… the gold, metallic maps and words stuck on the walls. Can’t have a “missions-minded” church without those. Just a silly ole’ map won’t do! You have to have these monstrosities forged out of semi-precious metals and then hung high for all to see!!

  4. Yep – definitely seen a lot of maps, pins and missionary letters. But this was one aspect that I enjoyed while growing up and still do. I love reading the letters from other places and being able to see where on the map the missionaries were.

  5. At our church, there is a missionary letter on the back of the weekly bulletin. I try to read it every week, and I think it works pretty well for being able to keep up with the various missionaries’ ministries.

  6. Oh my. The wall bling cracks me up. I don’t know though, a flashy display like this might catch people’s attention… and adding rhinestones to the missionaries’ locations could only help. 😉

  7. I think they’re a great idea. When you get to church earlier than everyone else, it gives you something to do, and it’s fun to read different random missionary letters.

  8. we had a corkboard with a map and pushpins where every missionary was (with a little paper flag with the missionary’s name). in addition, we had another corkboard with all their prayer cards on there too, some with letters attached.

  9. I grew up in a church that would not be considered fundamentalist. At east that is what I was told at he fundamentalist college I went to. We had one of these walls. Our map actually had little lights that stuck out of the map where they were located. I like the letters. Since I am personal friends with some of the missionaries it is nice to see their letters.

  10. I remember ours had all the missionaries as one push pin and they were tied back to our church with a piece of yarn. Finally had to give that up when the mid-west of the United States was too crowded to see who was where…
    Too many were sent from the Church of Perpetual Deputation as well.

  11. I always read them. I enjoyed them. This looks like the wall at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN, but it has been 12 years since I last saw it, so can’t be sure.

  12. We post letters at our church, but I never see anyone read them. Some missionaries aren’t that diligent with their letters anyways. Most younger missionaries communicate through FB, Twitter, or blogs, so I wonder if the letters won’t become obsolete.

  13. Just caught the 14 years comment. We used to have trouble keeping ours updated, too.

  14. As a former MK, it’s so encouraging to read that so many people actually read the letters! It was extremely disheartening when we discovered how many prayer letters go from the pastor’s desk to the trash – unopened. After we moved back to the States we’d go to visit churches that supported us and have them ask if we were still living on the field – even though we sent letters explaining how we moved back. It was very discouraging. Anyway, glad to hear that many people do! You don’t know how much that means to missionaries.

  15. The church I attended had the map lit up with different small Christmas tree style lights for each location . Pretty clever

    1. I love this display! It’s clean and simple and easy for people to read. Is the map metal? Where did you get it?

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