5 thoughts on “Baptistry Murals”

  1. I think, actually, that the ceiling fan and greenery draping over the baptistry portal are my two favorite components in this scene.

  2. Oh my! I painted one when I was in Bible college!! Saw one in a church in Santa Fe a few years ago that was done by a graffiti artist with spray paint. It was really quite amazingly good!

  3. Wow, that really is a lot of flowers being used to highlight a piece of furniture that they would never, ever even consider letting a woman stand behind! ^_^

    1. Great point, Mandy. Unless a woman is singing the special. One thing I’ve noticed though, is how antsy the pastor looks during the special, as if he can’t wait to get up there and start screaming at everybody, so he wishes he could hurry along the special. I’ve even seen them start standing up halfway through the special as though they were gonna try to boot the person singing it off the podium. “Hurry up, I wanna preach!” 👿

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