The Sound of Music

soundofmusicIt is a truth universally acknowledged that if a fundamentalist home contains a VCR it must also contain a tape of the Sound of Music. The importance of having this movie on display next to the TV may not be readily apparent to the uninitiated but to fundamentalists it’s every bit as important as keeping Grace Livingston Hill books on the living room bookshelf. Here is why…

Most important is the atmosphere that its presence creates. This is vital. For despite the movie containing Catholic nuns, guitar playing, and dancing, for some reason it is universally accepted as a ‘wholesome’ film in fundamentalist circles. Having it lying next to the TV says to any fundy visitor “We watch good movies in this house. Look, the Sound of Music is our FAVORITE!”

There may also come a time when a church member or visiting evangelist or missionary may be at your house for several hours and a the suggestion of watching a film may be proffered to pass the time. Having The Sound of Music easily accessible saves the danger of opening up the movie cabinet and laying it bare for fundamentalist scrutiny. If the tape is properly positioned, it can be unsheathed and playing in 5.8 seconds flat. On the other side of the equation, one of the joys of being a missionary is the opportunity to watch this classic musical every few weeks and learn every word by heart.

“The hills are alive….”

13 thoughts on “The Sound of Music”

  1. Ehhhh… The Sound of Music isn’t quite as ubiquitous as The Princess Bride. And the Veggie Tales series before they “became worldly” with the rap-like song in Madame Blueberry.

  2. No, The Princess Bride was definitely not an option for us since, near the end, the girl wants to commit suicide, only to be stopped by the guy commented on the perfection of her breasts [gasp!].

  3. The recent passing of Patrick Swayze made me remember that although movies were forbidden at my church growing up, when Red Dawn came out, it was almost required for the members to go and see. Of course it was because it showed the Americans beating back the “dirty commies.”

  4. Oh, I don’t think so. My grandmother refers to “The Sound of Music” as “that Catholic movie”. Although I’m sure with her the Catholic is not capitalized. I do remember being admonished to watch only g rated movies and nothing with a gay character, ever!

  5. Grace Livingston Hill?! In my ATI amd IFB circles, she was practically lumped in with Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner. I wasn’t allowed to watch The Sound of Music for a while after we went fundy, because of Maria’s attitude towards authority and the gazebo scene with Maria and Georg. And The Princess Bride was absolutely off limits.

  6. When my offspring were tiny creatures I learned several movies by heart. Not having cable back then made videos very important. This movie, as well as “Toy Story 2” and some Veggie Tales stuff are burned in my heart.

  7. My church home group went to see a stage version of the Sound of Mucus, a few years ago. Everyone joined in the songs. I enjoyed it. I doubt that many fundamentalists would have less issues with the fact that one of the characters became a Nazi, than with all the dancing and guitar playing.

  8. Had the random thought that there are a few movies I saw SO MANY TIMES growing up because of there only being so many approved movies, so I had to search SFL.

    I had forgotten Sound of Music. It’s probably as ruined as Princess Bride and Wizard of Oz.

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