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  1. Wow. As we were waiting for the video to load, my wife reminded me of the Whipporwhill song she remembered from her fundamentalist church growing up. And then we played the video and heard that song!

    So God waits at the edge of heaven with expectation, hoping, longing, wishing praying that someone will say “yes”? What about His plans? We can thwart them?

  2. I was privileged to be at “the college” at the time this was recorded. The woman doing the intro lived in the room next to me. It’s a beautiful song showing God’s might and His mercy.

    1. He didn’t blow hard enough, 🙄 I love to do that WHOONT WHOONT noise when I can get away with it.

  3. I like the part where he blows into the microphone.

    The sad part is that was carefully scripted, painfully practiced, and approved by any number of people before it went to air.

  4. I am surprised that they are allowed to hold the mic. I thought that you had to sing from behind the pulpit using just the pulpit mic. I guess I am wrong.

    1. I have heard of churches with that rule but this particular college always allows groups and soloists to hold microphones.

  5. but look out…head set microphones are starting to become a fad….preachers who use them are compromisers and worldly…the Backstreet boys use those kind of mic’s they have no business in a rootin’ tootin’ fundamental, separated, independent, sin hatin’, window rattlin’, shingle pullin’ Bap’ist church, bless God.

  6. I know Jimmy Swaggart uses a headset mike and he looks stupid with it. I wouldn’t use one of those if I had a church!

  7. Um, he used hand gestures while singing. He may be in danger of becoming Charismatic. And yes, one should sing behind the pulpit and not hold a mic.

  8. @ Les duLunch: LOL! I exercised my free will and turned it off too. I always hated when the blew into the microphone. Cheeeeeezeeeeeee. It was a fine school to go to – made lots of friends, but man, you had to sacrifice to be there. PCC: it was a love/hate situation.

  9. The church I attended wouldn’t allow soloists to hold microphones or to stand anywhere except at the pulpit. I had no idea until i read the comments here that this might be some kind of common, presumably principled practice in fundy churches. Amazing! Is there a written manual of best practices for fundamental churches somewhere? For being INDEPENDENT churches, they sure do a lot of stuff COLLECTIVELY.

  10. So I guess I should allow my daughter to play in traffic if she wants because I love her and I want her to have “free will”. Do fundys lack the ability to think syllogistically?

  11. I know the woman who did the entro. She was my floorleader and was one of the worst I had. Not for enforcing the rules, but for her self-rightous attitude. She was better than all of us “underlings” because the deans had “ordained” her as floorleader. She’s on staff now. I hope she stays there forever because she would be nothing but a terrible testimony for Christ in the real world. She’s a proud, terrible person.

    1. Had the “pleasure” of having her for my RM one year. No she isn’t there anymore. Her self-important, condescending attitude made her the most immature RM I’ve seen (which is saying something, since the RMs were mostly students right out of their undergrad degree suddenly given a lot of power).

  12. I’m way way behind on this one, but the irony of PCC singing/endorsing free will as one of God’s great gifts to humanity, as they fairly ruthlessly enforce the rules they dream up & and ammend weekly seems to be lost somewhere. I blame the humidity.

  13. PS I cringe to say it, but I like this song. It’s hard to get past the cynicism I got while there that they craft these entire performances & services around telling students that they have a responsibility to God to obey their rules. And I’ve learned since then that it’s a fairly common thing throughout fundamentalism, and standardized way of controlling people that you convince them you didn’t make the rules, and are just trying to help people/students grow closer to God by conforming to his rules. Sooooo conflicted in liking the song & high degree of irritation at the nonsense.

  14. ……choreographed much?? Also I thot moving hands in anyway was very charasmatic. Especiallially lifting hands above the waste. Or maybe that is just the rule for women:P

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